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Jul 8, 2018

The game is completely disconnected from the Internet (except for the radio).
The mailbox is entered only in order to identify the local user (whether it is real or such: 1@1.1), and the password does not matter at all.
This is only an offline version of the game, but you are still able to play with bots ~(characters made by you) and to have alot of fun!
These so called bots could be found at your friends list.​

Thread Updated: 27-01-2019
Release Date: 20-01-2019
Mod Version: 004
Game Version: 2.6 Build 387
Language: English

Left-Click on a spot on the floor to move your character there.
CTRL+Left-Click on a spot on the floor to move your bot there.
Right-Click (Holding) moves the camera and the view point.
1 - Makes the character moan, not only in sex mode
CTRL+1 - Makes the selected bot moan, not only in sex mode
2 - Makes the character ejaculate / squirt (cum), only active in sex mode
CTRL+2 - Makes the selected bot ejaculate / squirt (cum), only active in sex mode
ESC - Open/close Menu
F1 - Settings
F5 - Free Camera
F6 - 3rd person camera view
F7 - 1st person camera view (good for VR)
SHIFT+O - Oculus Rift mode on/off
SHIFT+Z - Hide/show user interface
SHIFT+C - Hide/show mousepointer

If you have struggles with more stuff of the game, I attached a file for you :) View attachment 3DXChat Basic Manual_EN.pdf (Notice* Some of the stuff might not work as described, because the game is shutted down from the internet)

2 Ways to have more characters (or bots) to play with:
Character is the first selected character you choosed, the rest you put into the world are bots (already maded characters).

Way 1:
1*Go to the folder saying "SPD25".
2*Go to the folder saying "Characters".
3*Copy a file and rename it with another name but keep in mind, that it should look like something like that => f-bella.character (NOTICE* "f" is for female and "m" for male and there should be always an "-" between the gender and name).
4*(IMPORTANT*)The new characters can be find in the friend list but cannot be selected in the character menu.
Way 2:
1*Make another account.
2*Create new characters there, but do not forget your others account email and password! :)
3*(IMPORTANT*)The new characters can be find in the friend list but cannot be selected in the character menu.



All created characters by you (first you start with 0) are in the list of friends, they can be added to the location. (You need to have more than 1 already created characters to work).
On the profile page, buttons to add or remove a friend and it translates to ~ add or delete a bot (which is the character you made) to the scene.
To control the bot, you need to choose it as a partner and hold down the Left Ctrl key, when you want to use the bot. Sit, lie down, dance, posture, etc., also work through the Left Ctrl. If you use the Left Ctrl + Left Shift key combination and click on a dance for example, then your character and all the bots (which you have as partners) do the selected action simultaneously (but you need to have already 3 maded characters and to add them and to make them do what you want).
The bots wardrobe management has been adjusted; to do this, with the Left Ctrl key held down, click on the Clothes button (right below) to open the wardrobe of the selected bot.
In the character menu, buttons to dance, hug and kiss (Slowdance, Cuddle, Kiss cheek) for bots also work (all through the same Ctrl).

You can use VR by going in the options.
bandicam 2019-01-23 14-29-04-934.jpg

If you want to delete or change the name or the gender of your character, press that button.
bandicam 2019-01-27 22-54-44-900.jpg

If you want different skin color, press that button.
bandicam 2019-01-27 19-28-36-224.jpg

If you feel bored of the look of your house, here is a link with different buildings made by the community of 3DXChat ( ).
- I am not advertising their site, because of the lack of content. I am just showing a way to change your home. :cool:

The most important features are listed. :)

Mod installed only on the version of the game 3DXChat 2.6 build 387!
1*Extract to desired location.
2*Start the game from 3DXChat.

Correction for some buttons.
Solved the problem with the guitar.

Lifted restrictions on clothing (during sex).
In the character editor added the ability to choose any skin color.

Download 3DXChat - Offline Mod:
~ ~

01.jpg 02.jpg 04.jpg 06.jpg 07.jpg 09.jpg 12.jpg 16.jpg 17.jpg 20.jpg 21.jpg 24.jpg 18.jpg

*The game is virus free!*

This thread is made by LYUDIII thanks to UserSPD25 and seeing the same thread on other sites, means that they stole it from LYUDIII.
Jul 8, 2018
You need to create your own character right at the beginning then you have two options:
a) you go to the house of that created character and as you can see at the top left corner there is a purple pink button which says from sort of add bot, click on it, then menu should pop up with Bob and Betty
b) press F1, press select character, create new one and when you for example go to the Beach, press on the friends selection, a button bottom right and menu with you created characters as friends will pop up, then press on the created character in friends and press the button add friend.You can see your created character at the spawn area, press him and press add as a partner.
Important* you can have sex by selecting a pose right side you shold see it or by pressing on a furniture.

Glad if I could answer your question :)
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May 19, 2017
Thx for the up, but for some reason I can't dl the Client file. I press the dl button but nothing happens. I even logged into my google account. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
Hey Inf3rno, try this link:

Or try on another web browser it might work .
Jul 8, 2018
Hey Inf3rno, try this link:

Or try on another web browser it might work .
Thanks for the comments, I updated the links so they take you direct to the file except the mod link
I updated the 2 links so they both take you direct to the files :) enjoy !
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Dec 30, 2017
Well I use Mozilla Firefox for one but the mod link download worked so I don't know. Thanks again.

Like I said before I press the dl button but nada.
Jul 8, 2018
I know I know I am downloading my used and already modded version to DropBox and Googledrive so you can download it again, I never knew that this thread will get so popular :) or looking for some other links I am kinda lost ahahah :D

I might later upload the already modded version ready installed, for now manual install is required :)
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