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Mar 15, 2018
Personally i am looking forward to the update after 0.08, which means playable day 10 which means July/August :p . Let look at the scenes

Day 17 (playable day 10):


1) "Sophia/Ellie" - Event

2) "Teacher storyline" - Event

3) "After lessons" - Event


1) Event which has to do with the new casino character.

2.1) "Sophia/Dylan" - Event

2.2) Or: "Sophia/Amber/Dylan/Sam" - Event


1) "Sophia/Dylan/Sam" - Event


1) Sophia goes to a tanning salon because she had too little time for natural sunbathing


1) "Sophia/Mr. Bennett (Dylan's teacher)" - Event

2) "Sophia/Ellie" - Event

Hate to say it but I think the update would be divided into at least 3. Cuz there are some major events here. I am kinda bummed that no exclusive Sophia/Sam event. But I am very curious about the 2.1 and 2.2 variants here. Also the afternoon Sophia/Dylan/Sam. I really hope its a good one. Wouldnt mind a repeat of the basketball game where sophia initiates the naughty touching or who knows. Maybe performs a striptease for the boys (a man can dream :p).

Also I wished that L&P would have made the blackmail mandatory since I am afraid he would have to create two variants of every scene, where Sophia wears a bra and where she doesnt. Hope it doesnt cause further delays. I am really looking forward to the morning events. The no bra teacher in a classroom with her nips poking out. Maybe she bends and flashes her students. Possibilities are endless.
I have always been a fan of teacher/classroom/students setting in porn games where the hot teacher is the corrupt one. Humbling Experience hammered that into me :p
What does the OR before 2.2 mean? Does it mean that there will be just 1 event after the casino?
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3.40 star(s) 106 Votes