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Sep 12, 2016

Thrust yourself to the front of the line of Amorous, a bustling furry night club that invites you to explore it's neon lights and eccentric characters. Immerse yourself with a fleshed out character creator and treat yourself to a varied cast of potential dates to explore!​

Thread Updated: 2019-06-12
Release Date: 2018-05-15
Developer: Team Amorous -
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, Animated, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Straight, Character creation, Dating sim, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Gay, Sandbox, Furry, Futa/trans

  • On Windows, extract to an empty folder and launch Amorous.Game.Windows.exe. Keep in mind you need to have installed, as well as depending on your architecture.
  • On Linux, extract to an empty folder and launch Amorous.Game.Unix.
  • On Mac, extract somewhere and launch the resulting Amorous-app. If you want to, you can even move it to your Applications.

v1.0.3 vs Steam
  • NSFW-mode enabled by default, pervs.
  • Steam-integration disabled, but you will still get native in-game achievements.
  • Mac-version is a native app, which can be installed like any other app.
  • Added instructions on how to close debug overlay
  • Added support for a .txt-extension on a certain file
  • Fixed textspeed dropdown not always having a value selected
  • Fixed DJ achievement
  • Fullscreen no longer stretches the game, but centers it correctly.
  • Exit button on dialogue now exits to main menu
  • Debug overlay now retains information of the last cutscene
  • Added "-disablesound" command-line argument as a workaround to prevent a rare crash on startup
  • Fixed issue where switching scene too fast would cause an StackOverflowException
  • Fixed crash when you switch to fullscreen through the main menu
  • Fixed crash by a DllNotFoundException even though all dependencies are correctly installed (Windows)
  • Fixed various other crashes
Steam specific
  • Fixed Steam integration on Linux 64-bit
  • Native screenshots are now handed to Steam when available
  • Fixed saves from being locked in invalid scenes
  • Fixed loading during a cutscene not properly resetting everything
  • All saves that are made during a dialogue will cancel the dialogue and go back to the club.
  • Corrected an issue with the Gender questionnaire, this will only affect new saves.
Player Customization
  • Added ability to close colorpicker
  • Added better responsiveness to the color spectrum of the colorpicker
  • Added more feedback to the character customization
  • Fixed layer order issues when customization your character
  • Fixed templates giving a player boobs when going from a SFW-save to a NSFW-save
  • Added all NPC specific extras to contacts
  • Added ability to change character at any time during the game
  • Added ability to delete a contact in order to reset the associated dates
  • Fixed phone from allowing to click the scene behind it in certain cases
  • DJ can now be used in any club scene
  • Changed phone message when you try to call the date you are having sex with
  • Right-click can now be used to go back on the phone
  • Fixed all instances where two NPCs can overlap
  • Fixed issue where game could start lagging when using Alt+tab
  • Fixed issues with dates that were forever locked in a fail-state
  • Fixed issues in Skye's second date
  • Fixed various other dialogue related issues

Developer Notes:
Amorous is a furry dating simulator which aims to provide a high quality graphic novel experience for free. Shake up the formula with animated NPCs, sandbox environments, real choices and interactive mini-games to keep you engaged. Avoid the normal pitfalls of dating games with an incredibly varied roster. Ranging from foxes to felines, male to female and everything in-between.

  • 9 fully datable characters
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue with branching trees for replayability
  • Several mini-games and novelties
  • Fursona Maker / Character Creator with content for all gender, body-type and personality preferences.

Win: - -
Linux: - -
Mac: - -

ss_3c9a96dc98287481ee3f44a818f42f99ccd4cd10.1920x1080.jpg ss_21d8755d371aaeee213b41ea8991667e8dd9e60d.1920x1080.jpg ss_4121cf26b932903808bc3adb8a3a062007f8a441.1920x1080.jpg ss_e94b0afe7c409f0656771096aa8ffc81bb0874e9.1920x1080.jpg ss_e173aafcca7ca189dd78e5b504186af8a7eb22b6.1920x1080.jpg
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Apr 19, 2019
Looks interesting. I do with there were one or two images showing the sex scenes, though. I've seen several games this weeks that looked nice but severely messed up on the positioning. Not to mention when the penis looks like it was hand drawn while sleepy.
Is the animation already in the game? Its in the dev notes, but not the tags.

Edit: I like furry well enough to try it. Not to the 'fursona' level like it calls it in your first image, but enough to enjoy myself. Grabbing it now, hope its good.
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Feb 3, 2018
seriously , this game wasn't already here ??
it's old ...
but a great game , just too bad it was rushed at the end , if I remember right the devs wanted to do a lot more thing , a lot more character and route , but they give up and decide to release the game with what they had already created ..
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Mar 10, 2018
I remember playing it ages ago, but it was incompatible with female PCs. Hopefully, you can play the game as a female and not be still treated as male PC like before.


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Dec 23, 2017
um it has female protagonist tag yet it wont let me make a female also i can only get the steam version to work...


Oct 1, 2017
lol thought this was already posted here. Worth a few faps. Not worth keeping in the wank bank tho.

I'm not saying this game is bad. I'm just saying the steam reviews were really funny to read.
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Jan 22, 2018
lol thought this was already posted here. Worth a few faps. Not worth keeping in the wank bank tho.

I'm not saying this game is bad. I'm just saying the steam reviews were really funny to read.
i do believe it was at one point


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Jun 21, 2017
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