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Oct 23, 2017
If you wanted a game like Harem Hotel, but didn't like the anime style - this game is for you!

I might try it when more content is out.
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Sep 18, 2018
If you wanted a game like Harem Hotel, but didn't like the anime style - this game is for you!

I might try it when more content is out.
Its really not! Harem hotell's navigation is not the total aids that this one is.
Didnt get far enough in to comment on writing or story, because... you know... aids!
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Feb 15, 2018
totally agree i cant let a guy shag me when I play female protag gotta be lesbo or I play entire game without ever getting shag 2 examples Fashion Business/Bright Past I'd puke to let a guy touch them it makes me feel like a fag no disrespect we don't fug with you you lil dum axe $%^ I aint fugn wit U
Ironic since you're advocating for the gay route just as a girl not a guy.

I'm not really into the guys either though as protagonist or interest, since most of them in these games are massive creeps/scumbags. I hear you, with no lesbian options at some point you realize you're playing the reject every advance route. Worst is if at some point later down the line, where you're invested in the character and they take your ability to reject who you're not interested in away. Either because your lust is too high or rejecting them gets you a bad ending screen, makes me quit...
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Nov 16, 2017
I thought I would give this game a go and see what it claims to be offering and to determine if it shows any potential... It is just getting started in it's development, so of course it needs some polish, as some things feel a bit rough around the edges... Visuals are crisp and clear, but you can see several models (some extremely similar) are not very unique and I've seen then used before in other VN/Games... I think either a tutorial is needed, or the UI needs some mouse hover text to clue you in sometimes with what button does what... Among some other game play stuff that needs some work... You can tell, almost, straight away that story telling and believable characters, are not going to be this games strong suit... It is pretty much an erotic Hotel Management game with a few story elements here and there, and perhaps the tiniest of relationship building... It is not a sandbox as the description claims... Sure you can go different places and choose to talk to characters as you see fit, but that does not make it a sandbox... A majority of the time, characters just give you the same repeating text, regardless where they are or what time of the day it is... And do not expect any hand holding, as the main story doesn't really give you clues as to how or where to go, in order to get the next step accomplished... Sometimes it's so vague, you end up wasting a lot of time going here and there, trying to talk to all sorts of characters, trying to see if something is clickable, only to end up wasting game days left and right... It's got a small bit of potential for what the game is really intended to be... And you can tell the developers are trying... I went ahead and posted my review...

2.80 star(s) 4 Votes