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Apr 5, 2017

+$10 patrons have been voting on two polls this week and here are the winners.
HOTtest girl poll


1. won in all polls. The exact numbers won't be tallied.

Animation poll: Cathy
This poll was close at times and the winners were decided later than usual.
Blowjob 34% (Winner)
Cunnilingus 19% (Winner)

Rimjob 15%
Assjob 13%
Fingering 8%
Thighjob 7%
Footjob 4%

Upcoming poll: Special renders for main girl in Episode 2
Starting today, +$10 patrons will decide which main girl gets featured in the special renders in Episode 2. The special renders aren't necessarily canon to the story and with time and episode count they will get more and more lewd.
Josy won for Episode 1, so she can't win again.
+$10 patrons will be voting on Sage, Jill, Isabella and Maya. There will only be one winner.
Jun 9, 2017
Passed on this one when it was first posted. Discovering now that I made a mistake! Wow, the renders and story are excellent and the models are damn near perfect! If I had one complaint it would be the Brawl mini-game. I have been a martial artist since I was 6 years old, I have competed a lot (before I got old fat and slow ;)) and been in my fair share of fights. If the MC's father had taught him anything like we were shown in the introduction, then it logically follows that he would already have a significantly higher stat sheet for the Brawl mini-game; otherwise he is just like every other pasty, weak MC in nearly every game I have seen. I realize the mini-games are placed to make some things more of a challenge...the English, Math, Gender Studies, etc. all makes sense - they rely on the players abilities (intelligence, critical thinking, etc.) fighting? If I want that I can get my training partners to take shots at me. Make the game's "win-ability" match the players training from the introduction. Just my two cents, of course I am bias when it comes to an MC that trains to fight, but can't fight :unsure:

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