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Oct 9, 2018
So I got Unren to work and I used sports_cpu_hp=0 and also know about the sports_pc_hp=100.

Are there other lines of code to change the DIK score and other variables? Where do I find out this info?

Also, any chance someone could post a 100% episode 1 save?

Thanks :)
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Feb 20, 2019
If you got unren to work, just look through the resulting unpacked files, they'll tell you variable names in context. From there it will be easy for you to do whatever you want - within reason. (y)

So I got Unren to work and I used sports_cpu_hp=0 and also know about the sports_pc_hp=100.

Are there other lines of code to change the DIK score and other variables? Where do I find out this info?

Also, any chance someone could post a 100% episode 1 save?

Thanks :)


Jan 30, 2019
Haha, I must admit, good game.

But this is a pinkcake-type game, so I purposely chose all the chick-path options to see if I would accept this new game.

To be honest, I didn't play Pinkcake's last work, because I knew he had a reputation for barbecuing beautiful girls.But the game feels good to me right now, and even though the MC has been a chick, it doesn't make me uncomfortable, and I can't help but admire the hard and excellence work of the dev, it's going to be a pretty amazing game, when it's fully developed.

But to be honest, I feel a little worried from the first Episode that behind every major character there seems to be a secret that could seriously hurt someone (including/especially the MC).

Isabella: what was her past like?No ice queen is born, is it because of some bad event?Or family?Her heart was clearly not as cold as she usually appeared.

Jill: an eccentric, beautiful, wealthy lady. Would she be another character like the main character's mother?Or is she just bored with her constant affluence life and looking to have some fun with the main character?Why was Isabella so protective of her?Lesbian?

Sage: with all due respect, that sorority looks more like a brothel, which explains why they can afford to live there.But I think it's fine. When I was in college,I don't say I don't see those expensive cars parked outside the Art Institute.But Sage as President of hots, I don't think she couldn't have found someone better suited to investigate her boyfriend's cheating than the protagonist.Is that the story needs to be told, or does she think the MC, a new student without friends, will be easy to "use"?Why did her dorky boyfriend call the MC a tattletale the second time they met, when Sage was also there?Plot?Haha, maybe I'm a little paranoid.

Josy: good, kind girl.I don't have to guess, but the relationship she talks about is anything but simple.

Riona: what happened last year was definitely not a happy event for her.

Those two teachers: relationships between teachers and students are always like playing with fire.

In any case, a very good game, thanks again for the dev, (≧∇≦)ノfrom I say so much should also can show how much I love this game, whatever I said above is right or wrong, I hope, just hope that when dev next time wants to barbecue a girl maybe can provide an option so that we can choose to pay the price of MC's life to save her, it should also be a way of ending, I think, ha ha

One last word,a picture for the dev devil.jpeg
Jul 17, 2017

Special render preview #2: Cathy series
View attachment 262613

Those scars/bruises on her ass are sexy af! :love::love::love: "Might as well be a bullseye" :devilish::devilish::devilish:

Isn't that Sally (minus the glasses) from the "Nerd" fraternity?

*quick playthrough of the Library scene*

Sally & Magnar.PNG

Looks like Sally is hiding some sweet curves under that nerdy outfit...


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Dec 1, 2017
Ok so finding all the scenes is not that hard just change up your choices. Ie play through being a dik on one save and a woman on the other and you should get them all. Fairly easy :).


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May 26, 2017
Its hard to explain how eagerly I am waiting for the next update of this game.
Dunno, there is some info that author might do some insane drama shit in the future. You know, i liked first chapter, but i really dont want to happen something like "HOT girls all used as hookers forcefully, that way they get money for scholarship". I do not want that to happen to that blondy girl. She is nice. I want this game to be like American Pie, like EuroTrip movie. Not some insane drama. There should be a lot of humor, lot of parties and lot of sex. And as we saw in disclaimer, there are gonna be some insane shit, as you should not play that game if you have some tough times.
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Sep 8, 2018
This game is certainly a step up from , and that game was already really good.
I like the mini-games and that you can only get certain actions if you meet the needed score. The girls are varied but pretty interesting.


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Feb 17, 2018
So, impatient or patient? Either way, you know you're eager to see what Pink has up his creative sleeve(s). Here's a little something to tide you over...

Status update Episode 2

Status update

It's almost scary how fast each week goes by.

I had a lot to do at my IRL work this week, too, but I stayed up later than usual to squeeze out some more dev time.

I would love to work with BADIK full time, but this week it's been evident that it's sadly just my hobby.

I worked hard on the script and posing static renders. Animation wise, I think I have about a handful left to pose, but the render queue has never before been this full of animations.

All I can say is that Episode 2 will have more animations than Episode 1.

For static renders the current count is 553, and honestly it just feels like I got started. Which is pretty funny, because 500 renders is actually a lot.

In terms of completion, I estimate that I'm about the 50% done, but it's so difficult to estimate this. The binary size is currently 1.47 GB after image compression.

I know many of you are anxious for a release date and your enthusiasm really makes me happy, but also stressed at the same time.

I've promised myself to not rush this, as I'm developing my dream game right now. I want to enjoy every second of this.

So, even if I can't promise release dates, I intend to see this through until the end of the game.

Poll results

This week, patrons voted for which main girl who will be featured in the special renders in Episode 2.
As Josy won for Episode 1, she wasn't included in this poll.

The winner by a mere 7 votes is Jill.
Jill 31%
Isabella 30%
Sage 20%
Maya 19%
I will post a preview of Jill's special renders next week.


While you wait for the new update, perhaps there are some other games that you've missed out on.
For instance, , which will have an update very soon.

Or maybe you missed out on the recent release of .

You can get both of these games on their Patreon pages.

What I like about these developers is that they also love making their games and they put so much passion and effort into them!

Have a nice weekend!

Dr PinkCake

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