Nathan Young

Formerly 'ceh559'
Jul 8, 2017
I like stories. So when a girl in the game has a good story I care about her. I am judging them about their personalities and their stories. I am not there like "oh this girl is pretty nice to MC and she looks awesome this must be the best girl". From what we have seen so far this is My thoughts for each girl:

Could be the best girl in the end. We just don't really know about her except that she likes to read, does yoga and plays piano. I need more insight for her.
She is interesting.I can't really understand her motives yet. What is she going to do when she finds out about Chad's lover? Maybe she is planning to humiliate both Chad and his lover (which is obviously Dawe come on guys open your eyes). My theory is that she will fall for MC eventually.
She obviously needs money and the fact that everytime when Mc is in her room, he just takes her money from the clipboard doesn't make her job any easier. She is falling for Mc too (duh) but she seems like she got other priorities. But I feel like I will love her backstory.
She is cold yet she is warm. If she likes you she will care about you. And I love that side of her. She needs more backstory. Love her.
She is a female in the game.
All around interesting character. She is the wildcard of Being a DIK which makes her more than just a female in the game.
best girl
Her design is pretty hot. I wish that she has a good story but let's face it she is just a slut which is sad.
Why not.
Her renders looks good. I think Quinn will kick her and Mc will end up helping her (that arc is good for business DPC listen to me. Huge fan btw)

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