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May 18, 2017

Bell Master is a game about a man using Ivan Pavlov's classical conditioning to train his bitchy wife into a submissive slut. It features sexual training, corruption, and misunderstood psychology.

Art commissioned from Sowilo, Chris Bryer and BDOne.
Thread Updated: 2019-03-14
Release Date: 2019-03-14
Developer/Publisher: Mip
Censored: None
Version: 0.10.0
OS: Windows (x64), Android, Mac (experimental), Linux (experimental).
Language: English
2DCG, Mind control, Corruption, Training, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Groping, Voyeurism

1. Extract and run.
If the game fails to run
, Go to the terminal and type :
chmod +x (location of game) /BellMaster_0.10.0_Mac.app/Contents/MacOS/BellMaster_0.10.0_mac

  • Orgasm Strength training event for level 3.
  • New date: the pub.
  • New animated BJ option - hold her down.
  • New action - use wand vibrator.
  • 2 New outfits - schoolgirl and cowgirl.
  • Additional cum options during blowjobs.
  • Minor rewrites and various bug fixes.
  • Orgasm Strength training events for levels 1 and 2.
  • New date: the fancy dinner.
  • 2 new animated tease options (unlocked after learning to train orgasm strength).
  • New action - text: Available when the wife is at work.
  • New order - be ready: Available after finishing all arousal training, reversible.
  • Main menu redesigned and credits page added.
  • Training orgasm strength now depends on having stress and arousal trained.
  • Minor rewrites and various bug fixes. (Thanks Awolfe)
  • Fixed bug: max ap limit break. (Thanks docclox).
  • Fixed bug: bath relax image displaying but not unlocking in gallery (Thanks Awolfe).
  • Fixed bug: save file content duplications and related loading slowdown (Thanks Awolfe).
  • Implications of bath action should now be clearer (Thanks Awolfe).
  • Various minor fixes. (Thanks everyone who reported issues).
  • Linux support (experimental).
  • Master conversation now triggers on devotion 7 training.
  • Stress reduction added to bath action.
  • Fixed bug: failed to load game on windows (Thanks shikipt).
  • Fixed bug: orgasm strength training lockout.
  • Fixed bug: zero AP date selection freeze.
  • Basic Mac support (experimental).
  • Smoother loading.
  • Bug fixes (thanks for the reports js0688).
  • Basic Android support.
  • Bug fixes.
  • New night date, the fair.
  • Fucking is now animated (3 speeds).
  • Anal is now animated (3 speeds).
  • 3 minor WIPs implemented, beginning the orgasm strength route.
  • Minor change in how orgasm strength training is unlocked.
  • Minor holiday themed random event.
  • 2 new orders, available from devotion level 4.
  • 2 new holiday themed outfits.
  • Wife can now choose from a larger pool of basic outfits.
  • Old man no longer uses placeholder art.
Under the hood:
  • Hats are now a clothing category.
  • Loading times improved.
  • Slightly improved animation support.
  • Many, many bugs fixed.


- New progression event finalizing the arousal track.
- New day date – the beach.
- 2 New outfits.
- More minor WIPs implemented.
- Bug fixes.
- Full screen images rendering quality improved. This will be applied to all images in the future.
- Saves and gallery unlock data are now placed in a persistent path. That means that any NEW saves will no longer need to be transferred between install folders when the game is updated. Please note, you will still need to copy over your saves and gallery file from the last install folder to this version. Overwriting old saves using version 0.7 will apply this change to them as well. alpha:

- Added a gallery with some hints.
- New day date.
- New progression event in the arousal track.
- Sent wife out to buy some new lingerie.
- Minor WIPs implemented.
- Typo and bug fixes. alpha:

- First night date.
- Continued story, stress 3 training.
- Basic shopping system.
- Buy and use butt plugs.
- Sexuality cap raised to 9.
- A few new actions (mostly late game).
- Bug fixes. alpha:

- Complete devotion arc implemented, from total bitch to docile slave.
- Many new devotion and sexuality related options have been added.
- Second stress training event added.
- Café date: the first of several planned "date" events. Dates will test your skill as a trainer, rewarding you with a unique sexy event if you play your cards right.
- New art by BDOne and Chris Bryer.
- Rebalanced, changed and streamlined many of the existing actions.
- Devotion and sexuality now require bell training to increase. This should give you more control over the speed and direction of training and allow you to explore each stage fully before moving on to the next.
- No more invisible limits, the effect of every action should be constant and clear. You can use any action you like as much as you like to advance your training. Repeating some actions can yield different reactions, but always the same stats.
- Managing stress and arousal is now required to advance training in the main stats.
- Probably a whole bunch of minor bugs.
- You can fuck the wife. (Stills only, for now). alpha:

- Bell training changed, training a stat now makes it easier to advance it but no longer forces a high minimum.
- Random events system with 3 minor random events.
- Changed the UI a bit, added some color and increased options scrolling speed.
- New bj variant with animation.
- Masturbation option with minor animation(s)
- New bath sub location added with related content.
- Idle and meaningful talk options expanded.
- Old man dialogs expanded (most of it still WIP, arousal completed).
- Choosing the same option multiple times can now result in different reactions. This has been applied to the masturbation, idle talk and meaningful talk options.
- Some improvement in loading time, still too long.
- Engine work, bug fixes, balancing and typo removal. alpha:

Bug fix version
- Fixed bug that stopped players on certain systems from running the game.
- Added missing AP on work and exercise.
- Removed redundant AP on outfit changes.
- Minor change to salary, now dependent on available AP.
- Wife no longer changes clothes mid day.
- Arousal training event now behaves correctly when started at night.
- Wife can no longer wear dresses over shirts and pants.
- Wife no longer naked for first event.

0.0.2 alpha:

- Real art! Wife body, poses, and clothes have all been upgraded.
- Reworked bell training mechanic.
- Training event for arousal stage 1
- New romance actions.
- Balance and progression: Most actions now belong to one dominant stat, and color coded accordingly.
- New Actions are revealed as you progress. Marked with an *.
- BJ experience matters.
- A whole bunch of under the hood stuff. (CG overlay system, dialog system, animation system, edging and more).
- New bugs!

0.0.1 alpha:
- Training system.
- Dynamic outfits system (characters may choose sluttier clothes the more you advance them).
- Super basic mod support (change, remove, and add dialogs, events and even whole locations and characters without rebuilding the game).
- Really bad placeholder art.
- Really basic dialogs.
- Simple animations.
- Cheating menu (hit "c" to open and close it).

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Hints and tips:
- Actions can behave differently in different situations. Is the wife dressed or not? Aroused or not? Devoted enough? Try out different combinations to see what works.
- Some actions are only available at certain times. You can only work during the day. You can only go online shopping at noon.
- Remember to exercise.
- You can grind your way through the game. But you don't have to. Every stage has enough unique actions to progress to the next (some may not be implemented yet).
- Not all stats are visible.
- Cheating may cause events to be out of order.

Win (x64): - - -
Mac: - - -
Linux: - - -
Android: - - -

dress.PNG lick.PNG master2.PNG oldman.PNG gallery reference.PNG


Bell Master is a game about a man using Ivan Pavlovs classical conditioning to train his bitchy wife into a submissive slut. It will feature sexual training, corruption, and misunderstood psychology. Sounds exciting? Well, hold on one more minute.
The game is currently in pre alpha, which means it has little content, bad dialogs and horrible placeholder art. Oh, and probably a lot of bugs.

So why even showi it to you? Simple, I'm a programmer, not an artist. But I've been around long enough to know that some of you are artists, good ones. I'm hoping someone with some art skills sees the potential I see in this game and wants to collaborate on it. I'd also like a salty pile of feedback if at all possible. So I've implemented a feedback screen into the game (use it!).

Updated: 27 sept 2017
Developer/Publisher: Mip
Censorship: None
Version: 0.0.1 alpha
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Corruption, Training, Male protagonist.

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "BellMaster.exe" to start playing.

Initial release:
- Training system.
- Dynamic outfits system (characters may choose slutier clothes the more you advance them).
- Super basic mod support (change, remove, and add dialogs, events and even whole locations and charachters without rebuilding the game).
- feedback screen, insult the developer from inside the game!
- Really bad placeholder art.
- Really basic dialogs.
- Simple animations.
- Cheating menu (hit "c" to open and close it).


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May 18, 2017
Hi guys, thanks for the heads up, link should be fixed now.

EDIT: Pssst hey, you, yeah, you, person browsing this thread for the first time and considering if it's worth a download. Listen, the next few pages of comments are going to be talking a lot about the poor quality of placeholder art in this game. Those comments are referring to art from the very first version, before I got actual artists involved. These have been replaced since version 0.0.2 well over a year ago. If you're wondering what the game looks like now, all you need to do is check out the screenshots in the OP and judge for yourself.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy the game :)
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