[VN] [Ren'Py] Cuntswell Academy [Ch. 7] [Virtual Indecency]

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Aug 16, 2016

CA continues the further adventures of the main character from Sister, Sister, Sister, named and controlled by you, as he attends college and interacts with his professors as well as his fellow classmates and their friends and family.​

Thread Updated: 2019-07-12
Release Date: 2019-07-06
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 7
OS: Win / Mac / Linux
Language: English
Milf, School Setting, 3dcg, Incest, Small Breasts

1. Extract and run Game.exe

Win/Linux: - - - - -
*The Compressed version is not made by the developers, use at your own risk.

bg_car_gwen.png bg_ch3_maggiecaught1.png sc_ch2_night1-10.png sc_ch2_night2-9.png sc_ch2_night3-5.png sc_dumondeclass2.png sc_electrabj6.png sc_maggiespy1.png sc_momphone2.png
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Feb 20, 2018
Holy crap, someone dared to re-use the WORST model from that game Sisterx3 ? Or is it the same dev team ?

I will investigate further before coming back...

EDIT - its the same Dev !! Ok that makes it more excusable... I think... that said why the little sister ? why not further devlopment of the twins ? they were the ones that got screwed over by the ending of SisterX3... Regardless will give this one a couple of versions before checking it out.... SisterX3 was one my favorite games up till the last two releases as the game ending was Mass Effect 3 levels of bad I think...


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Sep 28, 2017
Uh... why the fuck would he/they downgrade to this particular shitty shitty engine? Why would they make the text in an unbelievably ugly font? Why... just why, for most of this. I don't get it. Same dev, markedly inferior everything so far.

Ok, I mean, the renders are still good, but it looks like crap to me. The whole "notebook and handwriting" GUI is bad.


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Feb 24, 2018
the girl from the last pic, and third to last pic, i recognize her too from some other game.


I can agree that the font, SUCKS!!!!
It takes more effort to read it, also the transparencies make it very hard at times to see some of the words.
Not real thrilled with the game engine, either.
No back button, means no dice. I won't play a game that does not allow me to make corrections if I accidentally click the wrong thing, or change my mind.
I do not think that I will be following this game, even though I really enjoyed sister, sister, sister.
And that bullshit urban legend about everyone having a little gay in them is just that, BULLSHIT, so I am deleting this game, and not coming back to it.
I was a supporter for SSS, but I will not be with this.


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Feb 8, 2018
Gotta agree with others here worse engine and that text box and font together please let us change it if you really want it as an option. Don't have an issue with the sister her story was fine just personally preferred the othergirls in terms of there stories so I hope they get some interaction and it isnt just the sister. also there seems to be a bit of a consistence issue in images some are just as good as sisterX3 while some look like the model are stickers just put on picture background and it feels like you can see the outline

personally probably gonna give it a miss till update 5 if this is what to expected and then make my final opinion of following this after that


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Sep 7, 2017

The girls from the first and last picture are from the authors other game called sister sister sister.


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Jun 14, 2018
Edit: Good news everyone... It seems he's swapped back to RenPy for Chapter 3 onwards. Huzzah.

-------- ========= --------​

I can sort of excuse the change of engine. It's clear the author got a little overwhelmed by RenPy as SSS went on. I'm guessing the change of engine is a reaction to that. So far, the engine's restrictions seem to be working out better for him. I guess only time will tell.
Which isn't to say I haven't spend an hour or so trying to google for a VNM unpacking tool to see if it's possible to get at the underlying scripting. Then wondering if the RPGMaker MV unpack tools might work, since it's by the same company.
Edit: @xj47 was kind enough to effectively write one for me. Huzzah!

The UI needs a lot of tweaking. The dialogue window only shows about 2 lines and it's obvious that a lot of the dialogue is a lot longer than 2 lines. The end result is a lot
of broken
sentences across
multiple pages. Sometimes
in some really awful mid
sentence splits.

The font isn't helping. Though again... artistic licence... it's his game... he can make his own choices. I've seen worse and it plays into his "school setting" motif.

The dialogue box transparency setting is too low in my opinion... or too high... or something. I've come across a few occasions where I'm already struggling to read some of the text because it's too heavily obscured/merged with the image behind it.

The current character name box is also really difficult to see most of the time. Though a change of font color might fix that.

Leigh would like to remind people that...
Uhhhh...no! She's eighteen and a half, fuckface!
... and she is hoping people will stop treating her like a fucking baby now she's in college!

I actually thought the rendering quality had improved... at least to some degree. Although the lighting of overlaid character images is often inconsistent. Again, I've seen worse... and overall, I still think it's an improvement over SSS's images sometimes. If he can keep on top of the story, I think I can forgive the odd bit of shadowing or white background showing through from time to time.

All that said, a lot of my enjoyment of a game is looking under the hood. The new engine makes that impossible for me so far. The lack of a [back] button is going to irk me too. Having played and messed with SSS a lot, I know a lot of choices by this author can take a long time to figure out (if they are working as intended at all)... not knowing either might mean I end up avoiding this game in the same way I avoid the majority of RPGM and HTML games.

But since I'm not actually a Patreon supporter... bugger me if I can't take a joke. My zero financial support entitles me to zero percent of his attention. If I don't like it... I'll find another game. It's not like there's a shortage.
I'm already struggling to play through the introduction. Though I'll try to give it a couple of chapters before I make my mind up one way or the other.


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Aug 28, 2018
I am a Patreon supporter of this artist, and I echo most of the sentiments listed here. For a novel that has to be read, font legibility must be a priority. The font needs to at least be changeble, and if not, changed to a more legible one. Cutesy theme aside, since VNs must be read, that means that anything that makes it harder to read is going against what the intent is. To put it in musical terms, it's like "producing" a track with vocals where all the levels are the same you can barely hear the singer over the instruments. I hope I made my point.

Also, not a huge fan of the new engine. At all. You have to click on a particular icon to advance each scene? Please research if there is a way to enable the space bar to do the same as in Ren'Py. I'm happy to see Gwen and Addison brought forward with the MC, and only hope that the story advances with Gwen and of course the rest of the harem I can see getting developed down the line. I too am mystified as to why the dev chose a new engine, but I am sure he has his reasons.


Mar 3, 2017
Gwen was best in SSS, glad there is going to be more content with her.
And on top of that a girl that is even more petite than Addison is just the icing on the cake.
Just hope it doesn't take 14 chapters like last time for some Gwen action :cautious:


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Dec 1, 2017
Honestly while I hate the game engine switch like everyone else, the biggest problem it will cause is that this dev's last game required continuous community effort to fix his repeated, numerous scripting errors in every single release. Now that it is no longer RenPy and the script can no longer be easily accessed, the dev's horrendous lack of proof reading and QA efforts are likely to really stand out. Maybe they have learned from past mistakes, but given that EVERY SINGLE VERSION of SSS required community edits (thanks @79flavors) I don't have a lot of hope for this one turning out well. Oh, and that fucking font... argh.


Jan 11, 2018
I can not get this to load a save and continue. The readability of the text is OK on my screen but I don't know what (if any) commands hide the text box. I think it was made with , I wish he had stuck with Renpy.
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Jun 14, 2018
I can not get this to load a save and continue. The readability of the text is OK on my screen but I don't know what (if any) commands hide the text box. I think it was made with , I wish he had stuck with Renpy.
A couple of things...
  • You need to click the icon NEXT to the word "Load" for load to work.
  • I've had at least one load bug out.
The load screen is kinda funky. You get the confirmation window saying "Are you sure?" [Yes] / [No]. I've no idea why, but clicking on [Yes] doesn't work. But when you mouse over the word [Yes] a little icon looking like two triangles appear next to the word Yes. Clicking on the icon works.
Yeah. I've no clue either. I honestly can't see that being an author problem. Seems more like a VNMaker or template bug.

However... on top of that... I've had at least one save that bugged out too. When I loaded the save, it didn't continue. It loaded to the right place... but clicking did nothing. It didn't hang. It just didn't do anything. The menu options still worked though.

Each time i load a save the text wont go further anymore :/.
Yup. That's the one. Looks like it's not just me.
For me, it broke when I saved when a menu was displayed.

Again... I blame the engine... not the author.
The steam forums are full of people talking about bugs and saying stuff about how it will be great once all the bugs are fixed. They do seem confident that fixes are expected though.


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Oct 23, 2016
Wow. I liked the first game, despite the buggy mess it was and I'm actually looking forward to this continuation, but the dev managed to use an engine that is already worse than his buggy ren'py work.

Slow, bad to read, annoying controls. All stuff that should be in no visual novel/game in general.


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Jan 18, 2018
I see no mention of a male protagonist- or any for that matter. Is there a male protagonist (or anywhere in the game) or is it just "Taco Tuesday"? :)
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