Feb 14, 2018
Avira found a Trojaner.
I guess it was a false alarm


sry for my bad englisch


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Jul 29, 2017
Can someone please tell me how I get to the second scene of Momoko. With the Walkthrough I do not reach this, later. All other scenes I have unlocked.


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Aug 10, 2018
F-secure keeps removing exe and saying that it contains trojan virus.
I also got a virus detection using avira, btw I'm downloading from mediafire, not sure if other site is also affected.
Avira found a Trojaner.
I guess it was a false alarm


sry for my bad englisch
I downloaded form WORKUPLOAD so i would say that its's same for all links.
Avira and in its bases, viruses are found.
That's a false positive all exes have been checked aside from the embedded icon the file is the same as you would get from the ren'py sdk -


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Jun 7, 2017
Is anyone else getting errors when you try to save?

Never mind, fixed it.... I had to copy saves from v0.5.0 to my saves folder to V0.6.0B saves, then i was able to save again. 5.1 only had and auto-save noting else.

PS: you might want to save as soon as you run the newest release.
Jan 11, 2019
Hey. Sorry for my bad english its not my native language. Ive startet a new Game and have a "Loop"-Bug at Day 2.

I haved visited the Witch, going to sleep, dream szene with Mom and Sis, suddenly in sisters room with Kimiko where i became Kimikos Letter in my Inventory, Living Room !!.... Going to sleep, dream szene...and so on and again and again.

I hope you understand what i mean :)

Edit: Ok, i have deleted the complete Game an unziped it new . Now i see the new Intro and the "bug" is gone.

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