[VN] - [Ren'Py] Dating My Daughter [Ch. 1-2 v0.21 Extras] [Mrdots Games]

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    For me it's the best porn game ever.
    It's a bit ankward sometimes when characters seems to be underage and not only physically but in it's behaviour and life style (Goes to school and lives with parents by the law OR Elena or D and u cannot be seen in public, why if you are legal aged u can do it, no one know D is ur daughter after all appart of Elena and Jennifer when you are in your country) too, but the perfect plot makes me forget about this thing.
    A thing i see almost trashy are the love or friendly points given at least for now. It was only of use at the begining of the game in 2 or 3 options but it becomes useless when everything you do (of some importance) with D is obbligatory if u dont do it, it turns into a game over. And the relations with other characters u can do wharever u what and there is any bad way to do anything that mess the things and makes the girl and u to split.
    Something that is fixed in Melody game.

    I don't know what developer will add in the future but i don't care as long as he don't mess up the story try to force things.
    For example if the lawyer goes after D and dev includes NTR he has to do it so ggod because D promises u love forever and don't seems to be interesed in other thing than haviing a relationship with you, no matter what she has to do. And i don't see D fooling around with random people so suddenly (because she had chances before and didn't go further ). [I think dev will include this after two or mor updates]
    But i have faith that the dev will do it good.
    Sad we have to wait more than two months to see the next part
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    Rico Caramba

    I played both chapters to the end, so if I would say I did not enjoy any of it, this would make me either a masochist or a hypocrite. I like to think I am neither. So yes, I did like this game quite a lot, so far.

    So, what is bothering me? It can’t be the fact that it is about a father-daughter relation, because that was clear before I even started playing it. I don’t mind a controversial story, if it is told in an entertaining and appealing way. And that is the problem. Although still very much entertaining, the story is rapidly losing its appeal to me, for three reasons:

    1. I lost all sympathy for the main character, the father. In spite of a lot of blah blah about him giving his daughter courage and self-confidence, he is not showing any love or concern for her wellbeing at all. He is just doing whatever his dick commands him to do, and fucks not only his own child, but everything he comes across with a hole in it. OK, some holes are avoidable if you choose.
    2. I cannot believe how the daughter keeps falling for the silly talks of her father. How blind can someone be? Does she really think that this relation is equal and has any future? Her understandable escape from a selfish, controlling mother does not explain, let alone justify, her falling in the hands of an equally selfish and manipulating father. She can’t be that stupid, can she?
    3. At this point several friends, who so far seemed nice and sensible people, are aware of what’s going on between father and daughter. And to my regret, nobody intervenes, or even thinks it is wrong.
    But my largest concern is that the writer seems to be heading to a conclusion of the story, where father and daughter are living together happily ever after. Surrounded by their ever-loving friends. In my opinion, this would really suck.

    I don’t mind the sexual corruption of the daughter, getting annoyed as I am by her disgustingly cheerful attitude and her spotless make-up. As far as I am concerned, she may end up as the beaming centre of a gangbang, which is not unlikely at all given the development of the story. (Swingers ahead!) My hope is that, if that would happen, she does it voluntarily, she enjoys it, and that her father is not in it.

    Letting it end in a bad way for the father, that would make this a good story. But all the signs are there that this is not likely to happen. This makes playing Dating my Daughter to me like drinking a lot of beer. Very nice when doing it, but it makes me feel sick afterwards.

    So, although the quality of the story writing so far and the sheer size of the game should justify a high rating, the aforementioned concerns unfortunately, for me, cause a deduction of points.

    Therefore, to my regret, I can’t give it more than three stars at the moment. I really hope it won’t get even more disappointing, because that would be a shame for all the excellent work put into it by Mrdots.
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    I had high expectations for this game, but it was a big waste of time.

    Story - 1/5
    - A simple story on MC who finally met his daughter and he wants to fuck her.

    Characters - 1/5
    - The character's bodies are basically children. I don't understand how people would feel comfortable playing this.
    - Every character is a slut. I couldn't even give a damn on any of the characters, not even MC's daughter.
    - MC's daughter has unrealistic big boobs.
    - Lack of character development for a romance game.

    Animations - 1/5
    - Noisy animation

    Dialog - 2/5
    - The dialog was great at the beginning and got me hooked, but it became trash after a couple of mins.

    The game is basically a result of what a 12 year old russian boy would have made.
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    junior X

    Best game i ever played of my life . (for real !)

    I can't say more of this ....

    Story line is rich , graphics are good , characters are cool , slow corruption and continuity are perfect .

    This game is more than a porn or incest basic game ,
    it takes us to reflect on a situation without judgement , real reflection on how people lives their life and what they do with it .

    Thank Mrdots for the EPIC moment

    I'll never forget that adventure with my Daughter^^ ............
    Likes: saffe
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    This is my first review i write for a game in F95Zone and i decided to write especially for this game , because i hadn't played for some years a adult game , but i begin another time 3 months ago and i was really lucky to download DmD1 like first one . Actually i played completely both episodes till last update Dmd2 0.21 and my personal response it's absolutely 5 Stars .

    In my opinion one of the first three games that actually you can find in this site with format Vn and with predominant Incest Genre. The developing of this game begun more than 2 years ago and it set a milestone in the way of writing , developing and showing a incest story . Before Dmd1 and 2 there was a standard for Porn games , after the standard was another , completely greater and different.
    About the Graphics and animations , everything it's perfect ; the models are well-rendered and animations smooth .
    Every update are punctual and with so much content , like ad example last one.
    I don't want to annoy with other words ; this game it's absolutely a must of it's kind , to play ; in every case one of the first 5 in general we can find In F95Zone .
    Without any doubt a this is a game worth to play
    Likes: saffe
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    It's been a couple of weeks since I finished the current buil (v0.20 Extras), don't know why I didn't rate it sooner.

    The story is amazing, there are so many places to see, some really nice characters and awesome relationships. Elena and Jen might not be for everyone (certainly aren't for me, even though I love Elena's attitude) but that's no reason to take off stars. I can certainly see why some would the Devs BlueBallsStudios, but with all those sex scenes intermixed before getting to the Big Bang, I don't know why it would be blue-balling. All characters and models look superb, even the evil mom.

    Also thanks to MaimLain for his awesome WT Mod, certainly helped a ton and warms my completionist heart every time :D
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    Okay, here goes nothing, as would from time to time say our beloved characters.

    So, I come to play this VN immediately after finishing Melody - it's from the same creator and I loved Melody so much, it was plain incredible.

    So to say, lots of great strengths from Melody are very much there. The pace of the game is nice. Relationships are interesting. The MC is a very good guy, and I liked playing him a lot... If not for a few details.

    In all, a very good and enjoyable game, but there are a few points that were being a real problem for me for most of the game, them fading a little by the end. Still, a very nice and touching love story. I would have loved for it to have an alternative path where you fight for your girl to bloom into an awesome young woman, to free her from her mom grip, and that's all... But I was probably asking for too much as the game is called DMD ! I still recommend very much to try it.
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    I have to say so far I'm extremely satisfied and I've loved almost every minute of it.

    I love the quality of the script. It's not "horny-writing". No sex scenes every minute, thus they have more meaning when they do happen. (Though having 3-4 orgasms within half an hour is still funny sometimes, but that's just nitpicking, and doesn't bother me that much.) The events are creative, and sometimes quite unpredictable. The world isn't without problems, and the setbacks don't feel that forced, like plot-devices to make things harder. They are real-life struggles to get through.
    The characters have personality, they're not just shells with some minor add-ons to make them feel less empty.
    D is absolutely adorable from the beginning, and you can connect with her really fast. She grows as a person, and the more you learn about her the more you're able to understand her. She's a gift you really want to protect.

    Some of the side characters are less interesting for me, but that's just personal preference, and I grew to love Elena, especially after she learns about your affair.
    The branching storyline is really nice. I only finished one playthru, but even now I know there'd be much more to explore.
    The renders are absolutely gorgeous most of the time, and the visual appearance of the whole game is pleasing. Minor tweaks to lighting, and so on make even the same room appear different, so it rarely becomes a strain on the eye.

    Some negatives: Well, Ren'py has it's weaknesses as usual. Sometimes lines get repeated due to the branching story. I found it weird that D has her makeup on right after showering. I have to say the different outfit every character has is absolutely magnificent, but sometimes I'd like to see a bit more uhm... Realism? Like blushing, sweating, wet, let-down hair after bathing or swimming, so on. Also I'd prefer if I had the chance to sometimes turn down quickies with the side-characters, but as those are treated as side-relationships as well, I understand it'd be complicated to add even more branching.

    In short: I was looking for a journey, an experience, and I've absolutely found it. If you're looking for a quickie-like story, this isn't it. But if you're interested in growing into the story, learning to love the characters, and being invested in what's happening with their lives, give it a go.

    Honestly I can't wait for the updates, and to see even more. Even now, it feels like a full experience, but it can be expanded upon much more, and after what I've seen so far, I'm confident I'll be pleased with what's coming.
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    What about this game? I have to admit that I discovered it really late when it had arrived to the current version but I have to say that I immediately fell in love with it. A game that has been able to make me cry twice. I cried when the daughter sees her father again after her mother took her away, I cried when her daughter discovered her mother's betrayal with her "boyfriend" and I am not ashamed for saying it ... I really appreciated the story of the whole game, especially the relationship between father and daughter (and I'm not referring to sex), Elena who has never pulled back in helping her best friend. My god Elena, how I wish you were real .... I do not want to go on any more than I would write a hundred pages ... Thanks for everything MrDots, continues to give us similar emotions because a person like me who in real life suffers a lot has really need ;)
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    I usually do not prefer linear games because I like to go back to characters and view scenes again, but this game is an exception for me. Maybe its the great animation and the amount of good scenes. There is a LOT of dialogue but thank goodness for the skip button and walkthroughs. Regardless there will be some parts where you will enjoy taking the time to read what characters say.
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    Technically a very good quality production.
    It appears a lot of care, effort and attention to detail have been put into the graphics, and the text. This always makes a game much more enjoyable to play when you're looking at great quality renders and reading well proof-read text.

    The story is paced just right for a romance, and thankfully this developer has a good mature understanding of sex and relationships. There's nothing worse than trying to play a so-called "romance" that's been written by someone with the emotional maturity of a 14 year old virgin porn addict.

    The only real criticism I have of this game is the over-exaggerated height/size difference between father & daughter made this game very off-putting.
    The daughter and her friends are supposed to be over 18, yet apart from the daughter's well developed boobs, they look more like 14-15 year olds, which unfortunately gives this game a bit of a kiddie-porn vibe.
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    Very interesting and touching story. Good pacing of events as the story unfolds. Many interesting choices to make which play a role later on. Multiple characters to romance in between the main story of MC and daughter.
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    Because of its presence in the popular games section, this was one of the first games I played from this site, and I was captivated by it from the beginning.

    Being a fan of visual novels, I enjoyed playing through its incest-themed romance plot (which was the first I played from the perspective of the father character), and had fun trying to go through different paths and witnessing the consequences of my choices.

    The fact that the main character can pursue other female love interests besides the daughter character, further increased my interest and immersion, as I love a good drama that comes from the characters engaging in multiple relations. Plus, all characters have gorgeous models and different body types, which increases the probability of satisfying more players.

    The lack of background music is the only thing I can signal as a weak point, but we can simply play with other music in the background.

    Recommended to all daughter-incest setting fans as well as those who simply enjoy an erotic story with gorgeous young girl models.
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    I thoroughly enjoyed this game, great story progression, very hard to stop playing! Very much enjoyed that were were many girls in which to persue relations. I have been playing the game for several days and still not finished. I highly recommend it, wish there was more like this. Thanks for the share!
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    This game is good i loved play this game i already played all game and i'm waiting for chapter 3 the programmer is really good and have nice ideas and he is good making games of this type i already played a bunch of hes games and i love them all they can entertain easily one person and they have got a good story and good images.
    Keep doing the great job! :D

    Cumpz Scrot
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    This is one of the top visual novels out there.
    The story is great and belivable altough i´ve gone the faithful route so i dont know if its weaker in other ways.
    D is the high point and the relatioship with her is built in a slow and belivable way, be it from a guy/girl point of view or the taboo one. It is clear the writers went trough something like it or made their research.
    There are some minor flaws here and there If the story ended now i think it would be good enough but lets see if they can push the taboo a litle further without losing its belivability.
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    1 - Star
    - Good quality in Images and background
    2 - Star
    - Story progression Good no loop holes or anything
    3 - Star
    - Animation in Sex scene's are great
    4 - Star
    - 1st chapter was 5 Star excellent and 2nd chapter is much detailed and accurate in the story
    5 - Star
    - Continue the Story as it is so don't change it xD.
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    This game should truly be marked as one thing and one thing only.
    This is where the bar has been set. This is best game currently out there.

    It's up to everyone else, all the other devs, to aspire to this level or beyond it. With all the broken english and badly written stories out there, the horrible artwork and interfaces, here lies the shining jewel of the world.
  19. 5.00 star(s)


    This is, bar none, the BEST game currently on this site. If you are on the fence about playing it, I would suggest that you jump that fence and play it.

    While the lead up to the sex scene between the F & D is a little slow (as there are A LOT of different choices you have to make in Chapters 1 & 2 in order to make sure everything is perfect), once you get to that magical scene, all that build up make it well worth the wait. It is a beautiful scene and actually brought tears to my eyes and made me feel like I was the one making love to D.

    I don't know where the story will go after this, but I honestly don't care. This game is one of the most epic games I have ever played and I honestly don't want it to end. I know that, someday, it will, but it will certainly be one hell of a ride when it does.
  20. 5.00 star(s)


    I loved it, a bit slow, but it kept me on my toes and wanting more and more and kept me up at night. And where it stands, I wasn't disappointed. Great fantasy sexcapade with a character to die for. Thanks and keep it up!