[VN] - [Ren'Py] - [Completed] Dreams of Desire [v1.0.3] [Lewdlab]

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    Well, I'll make this very quickly... The game is very good on starting plot. Following the story, things get even more interesting, intriguing and hot. Then, in a certain part, the story becomes predictable with a "weak" plot twist. Story aside, the sex scenes are hot (even without animations), with a great variation and well written. The renders and menu are greatly polished, which make this game very good and famous for that time and even today. I recommend the game anyway, but don't expect too much.

    3.5 / 5.0
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    This was the game that got me into adult gaming and for good reasons.

    The story is good with nice twists and some unpredictable turnouts. In order to achieve this the game creates characters with realistic personalities which makes it easy for the player to care about them. Let's be honest for a second however, a story and good characters are great but we want sex in all its form. Thankfully the game delivers quality even on those parts with a variety of nicely rendered sex scene with different characters.

    The only part that's "bad" with this game is that if you play it nowadays you might disappointed the sex scenes aren't animated (like similar newer games). Apart from that, the game is flawless in my opinion and totally deserves the recognition it has received.
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    This was the first lewd game I ever played so I have a special soft spot for it, but it does have some shortcomings. The characters, relationship progression, and the beginning of the plot are fantastic. However, I think it kind of loses itself towards the end and I found the conclusion to be entirely anti-climactic and disappointing. The scenes are all great, but the plot (which was one of the main reasons I was drawn into the game) simply fell short. Certainly still worth playing, but also certainly not perfect.
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    Great game, the story is very beautiful and intriguing the game is full of choices, the graphics are very nice sounds are ok, there are also 4 or 5 endings. The only negative thing is the difficulty to unlock all the endings (I couldn't find any complete guide to help you unlock all the possible endings) luckily there are cheats that warn you to save at the last choice of the game and allow you to see all the endings. Anyway, in the end it's a great game.
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    Easily one of the best games on this site, pretty classic theme (smashing the fam) with a few twists of hidden plots/schemes going on in the background to add in flavor - great renders, good and straight-forward story, hot scenes, and great characters.

    Easy 5/5
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    Dreams of Desire [v1.0.3] [Lewdlab]

    A good history, one of the best footjob scenes i have ever seen, great game overall.

    Story - Well, the history of the game is good, the ending is a little disappointing, but overall is a good history, with a good amount of choices.
    Renders - Realy good renders, there is a lot of variety, i just miss a chubby girl.
    Sound - Yes, we have music and sound, not the best but is not boring, and the best there is not orgasm scream.
    Animations - Yes, we have a good animation, but the game don't show the cumshot a lot of times, the mc cum and the scene end, no cumshot on the girl, most of times.
    Amount of content - The game is complete, so there is a good amount of the history and content, there is multiple paths, and two endings, both of endings is a little boring (look like was made really fast, just to end the game, without care or love) but there is a really good amound of content and scenes.

    Overall, the game is good, there is a good history, great renders, amazing scenes (the footjobs are one of the best that i have ever seen in one game) and there is a good array of fetishes, the ending is not that great (both). I really wish that they made a Dreams of Desire 2, with the continuity of the history, If you like some good milf, footjobs, anal, titjobs and a good history, play it
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    Das Ras

    what an acid trip of a Ren'py game. I felt like the ending was rushed but goddamn did I have a fun time playing it. Classic style you'd expect from this kind of game and these kind of models, and a story that's pretty fun to follow.
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    the 3d modeling is absolutely on point featuring some of the hottest girls you will ever come across. the story is pretty fun. slight replay-ability. plenty of milfs. great scenes. selectable clothing at the start of each chapter.
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    I have mixed feelings about this one.

    Let me start with the good.

    The game has a hot premise with some very hot characters and situations. it is most definitely fappable. While the animations are not the best, I find them tolerable. Models and pictures are alright, I guess. If what you're looking for is a quick wank and don't mind everything else, play this.

    But if not...

    The plot is weak and hangs on by a thread (so we are the only people to be able to use the magic in a while, but others are resistant to magic and use magic themselves if they have magic dildos, but our sister isn't magic resistant despite also having a magic dildo? So the Apparitions don't want their magic dildo to get out into the real world, but then they just... Give it to us so that now there are stakes? So we have these Apparitions that can interact with the human world, can act like tentacle monsters, and wanna help us, but we don't just use them as an army to help our sister and get our other magical dildos and end this whole problem when we have the opportunity? So this secret society has some insanely powerful people and wants our magic dildos but doesn't just like, eliminate the whole problem and capture us? And why can't everyone just come to a peaceful solution where MC works for the secret society, why this whole conflict in the first place?). The game tries to lean into its writing a lot, but it just not its strongest suit and doesn't support it very well at all.

    The male sidekick is the definition of horrible, annoying male sidekicks, cause if you want a perfect ending you need him and he locks you out of some pretty hot scenes and kinda forces you into NTR-y content, so a point went off just for that. Like seriously, I consider that fucker the antagonist, not the secret society.

    On the topic of the ending guides, by God are the endings complex. I'm kind of a perfectionist, and I prefer to play these games with a walkthrough in hand, so that I can see ALL of the content and get the route I like most, and to view all of the endings, you have to play through the entire game several times. At least in other, similar games, it's simpler to do. There's a cheat mod, but that's just not the same.

    I really love what the game was trying to do here, and it would be incredible if it succeeded, and it was so very close, but in all of its aspirations it fell flat on its face for me.
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    It was my first game so I liked it so much. But even looking back it was above avg. In story and scenes were top notch. And you have a great twist also in the end so overall a great game. The character development was also good. Although the lack of choices is a downturn, If you like the VISUAL NOVEL genre games then this one's a must check out.
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    Rating: 7/10

    DoD is a very solid game. It has an interesting story and certainly has a clear and obvious direction. That being said the ending left me less than satisfied as far as conclusions go. The music while timed well is pretty par for the course. The same few royalty free tracks you hear in every game. As far as progression with each character goes it is done fairly well for the main 4. You slowly move along with relationships and the lewd scenes you engage in continually build on one another. It is even perhaps too much at times. Most of the character have some level of personality, but it isn't some ground breaking stuff. Overall, really solid game if not at times very cliche.
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    This is the crème de la crème of Incest games on this website.

    The story is incredibly engaging, the sex is frequent, and the corruption actually makes sense.

    Lewdlad made a masterpiece and if this is your first time finding it, I cannot recommend it enough.
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    It's been a long time since I've played this game but had to come back and rate it simply because it was the first great adult VN I ever played. I remember thinking "wow, so this is what a AAA adult game must be like". The render quality was unprecedented for me, and the story was good. I just wish the Dev (great guy btw) retained a similar sort of style in his latest game.
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    The OG, the first Ren'py VN I played back then and it's such a great game.

    Very interesting plot and the women all look great. I didn't like the MC a few times though with all the peeping and using spells on sleeping women, but that was a minor problem and I still enjoyed the game a lot.

    Many good sex scenes and the game has a lot of content, makes for a long play time. One of the best games here for sure.
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    It's a great game with great characters and great sex scenes. It has aged badly, though. Most character tropes have been improved in other games that have used similar tropes and the 3D models are not as sharp as ones you see in other games. It's worth playing, though.
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    There isn't much to say that hasn't been said alredy. The game is one of the best there is out there. The story, the scenes, the characters. It all adds up to this masterpiece of a VN. The gameplay is not tedious it fits the game perfectly.
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    Quiet average game. The plot wasn't very interesting. It hit cringe levels that shouldn't even be possible. Also the animations were really bad, is it still 2010 on the streets? Two pictures merged and you are watching a slideshow of two pictures...very cool...very impressive (NO)
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    This game is amazing, Great Storytelling, and Very Good Narrative.
    Starts off a little rocky, but slowly develops into something of a grander tale, and the characters are interesting and different enough to have your own favorites. Love that there are alternate outfits too, Want to see what comes next out of this studio!
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    Good story, good artwork, dirty girls...perfect! What else could a gamer ask for? But seriously...designer did a great job with this one. Way better than most that I've played lately and I've played a lot.