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Sep 21, 2017

Female Agent is the story of a Western intelligence officer sent undercover into Bangkok's red light district. There she has to strip, suck and fuck her way towards catching a dangerous international terrorist.
Thread Updated: 2019-03-13
Release Date: 2019-03-11
Censorship: No
Version: 1.4.6
OS: Win, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Language: English
Secret Agent, Undercover, Sex, Brothel.

Version 1.4.6 – 11 March 2019
Miscellaneous improvements and bug fixes.
Slave Leia costume – Added the Cosplay University hobby, for geek girls with free time.
Travel to Scotland – contributor Lara updated the travel sequence to Scotland for better accuracy and improved travel photography.
Sexual partners – Fixed a bug that didn't track your first boyfriend as a sexual partner (thanks FoundAndLost). Added code to add sexual partners from the main mission to the character sheet (thanks SuperMaxo).
Relationship Tables – Fixed a bug that caused a dialog box error when creating some US & Canadian partners (thanks F).

Version 1.4.5 – 5 March 2019
Relationship table improvements.
Relationship Tables – Fixed a bug generating the wrong range of partners for most Relationship Tables. Fixed red errors in the Swiss finishing school Relationship Table. Fixed a bug where partners in Lagos would stalk you all the way to your next posting in Ankara.
Relationship Tables – Added new partners to all Relationship Tables.

Version 1.4.4 – 28 February 2019
Bug fixes.
Oceana onstage interview – Fixed a bug preventing non-Promiscuous agents from answering Connor's question about the naughtiest place they've had sex. (Thanks Morome & Former User.)
Once is a misfortune, twice is carelessness – Fixed a bug that allowed an agent who lost her dad in 9/11 to go on to lose her dad again in her teens, and get bonuses based on the relationship later in the game when asking for an allowance. (Thanks Ripe.)

Version 1.4.3 – 26 February 2019
Bug fixes by the walrus.
Red errors in Swiss relationship table – No more red errors (at the moment :)) in the Swiss relationship table. Cause: missing $ in descriptions special object. (Thanks Paweł K for reporting this.)
Number of partners in Relationship tables – Made sure the correct number of partners was selectable in the relationship tables.
Unlimited XP in Donetsk, Ukraine – Fixed a bug that would give you unlimited XP for the Russian Language, Writing and Intelligence skills. Cause: skill increases inside the header. Resolved using visited(). (Thank you Paweł K)

Version 1.4.2 – 26 February 2019
Bug fixes while hung over.
African American names – these will now display in the relationship tables, instead of the word "africanAmerican".
MI6 Officer "C" – Fixed bug in MH17 Crash Investigator background that displayed a note reminding me to do something instead of a public mention of your agent by her first initial (thanks Paweł K).
Red error (Lifepath Analyst 2016) – Fixed a bug that prevented you from continuing from this passage (thanks Former User).
Emotional graduation – Added facial expressions for surprisingly good or bad results in the final graduation scene.
Missing link – Fixed a bug that prevented you from continuing after successfully persuading the final exam professor to revise your grade without resorting to sex (thanks Former User).
Cathouse red error – Fixed a red text error when a certain song played in Cathouse nightclub (thanks Breadloaf).
Premature ageing – Fixed a bug where creating new relationship partners in Panama, Timor-Leste, Argentina, Nigeria or Turkey increased the agent's age by 1 year (thanks Iain and Falloutbabe).
You can't stop progress – Replaced my pleasingly archaic spelling of "coördination" with the modern and soulless "coordination". You win, Diss.

Version 1.4.1 – 26 February 2019
Bug fix.
Bug fix – Fixed critical bug preventing progress in Glasgow Safe House. Again.

Version 1.4 – 25 February 2019
Stable version of 1.4 Beta.
Bug fixes – Fixed critical bugs preventing progress in Glasgow Safe House and during the Oceana backstage casting scene. Fixed bug preventing men from approaching the agent in nightclubs. Fixed lots of other bugs.
Prettier tables – Improved the layout of relationship tables.
Universities – Improved the university choice, differentiated the universities more.
Avatar wardrobe – Added lots of new avatar clothes. Added makeup to appropriate Lifepath scenes.
Loads of other improvements – Too many to list. Play it already!

Version 1.4 Beta – 27 January 2019
Beta test version of the new character creation system, released to $5+ Patrons only.
Major update – Added the Lifepath, an absurdly detailed interactive character generator that's been described as "a game within the game" by dev testers. Play through your agent's unique backstory from childhood, through university, to their agency career before being selected for the mission.
Major update – Implemented S.U.R.P.S., the RPG ruleset that will provide randomness, replayability and character improvement for all future versions. Stats, skills, experience points and dice-based task resolution all added.

Version (P) – 21 September 2018
Critical bug fix. Thanks to Miky, Lulu, Rep ent! and others for the reports.
Backstage casting couch scene – Fixed a problem where both options were greyed out, making it impossible to continue the game.
New agent names – added the following Patron-submitted names to all 5 name generators: Diana Prince, Sabrina Jackson, Cassandra Grant, Sarah Belding, Callie Travers, Jill McBain, Hannie Caulder, and the surname Cockburn (which tends to be pronounced coe-burn for some reason).

Version (P) – 27 August 2018
Bug fixes and minor clubbing improvement. Thanks to J H Bang for the bug reports.
Approaching men in clubs – Improved the logic, so this option isn't presented right after you turn down a guy.
Character creation – Improved the drop-down menus, so you no longer need to click UPDATE after picking an option.
Bi Curious – Changed the name of this kink to "Bisexual" to better reflect the fact that the agent has had past sexual experiences with other women. (Thanks Breadloaf)
Miss Wet T-Shirt – Fixed a bug that prevented the agent from dancing with Connor onstage.
Hanging out with a guy forever – Fixed some weird logic that could prevent the nightclub seduction scenes from progressing.
New agent names – added the following Patron-submitted names to all 5 name generators: Kiki Longford, Eliza Grand, Emiko DeVries.

Version (P) – 17 July 2018
Hotfix of bug introduced in previous version (sorry). Thanks to HSandy for the bug report.
Agent customisation – Fixed a red error that broke the boob size changer.
University of Otago – Corrected a mis-spelling of this institution's name. Go Scarfies!

Version (P) – 17 July 2018
Bug fixes. Thanks to Breadloaf, Ben R, Falloutbabe, Tuko and others for the bug reports.
Nightclub last chance guy – Added the option for the agent to make the first move with the last guy generated in each nightclub, to prevent the agent having to wait indefinitely for him to summon up the courage to kiss her.
Operation LIONESS night 1 – Fixed a red error message in the safe house that displayed after sex with a man who nearly made the agent come.
Glasgow groundhog day, again – Cleaned up internal links in clubs to eliminate this bug once and for all.
Dubai – Fixed a small graphics glitch in the black lace up sandals you can buy in Dubai.
Kissing – Fixed a formatting error that made the full stop after some kisses appear on the next line

Version (P) – 16 July 2018
Bug fixes. Thanks to Falloutbabe, Noctrune, Maurice C, Ben R, Dogdogdogdogdog and others for the bug reports.
Glasgow groundhog day – Fixed a couple of broken links that could send you back in time to a previous club.
Oceana dance floor – Fixed a broken link to the Oceana dance floor.
Max date – Fixed some missing words in one of Max's dialogue options for English agents.

Version 1.3.6 & 1.3.6 P - 15 July 2018
A few nightclub improvements. Thanks to RinA, Tuko, Falloutbabe and Nilth for the bug reports.
"Three measures of Gordon's, one of vodka, half a measure of kina lillet..." – implemented a new bar interface allowing you to choose your drinks (instead the game picking one for you at random).
Agent Gone Wild – allowed agents who are drunk to select some actions that were previously limited to Exhibitionist and Promiscuous agents. Now your demure CIA desk analyst can surprise everyone with how wild she is after a few alcopops.
Dance floor – added some more interactivity to the dance floors in the Corinthian, Cathouse and Oceana nightclubs.
UI – changed the colours of the forward/back (Patreon version only) and save/load buttons to make it clear they're clickable.
Likes Older Men – added some short flavour text snippets for agents who Like Older Men in various scenes.
Glock 19 – corrected some text that referred to the external safety catch (a feature not present on this weapon).
Vanilla Agent – fixed a bug that allowed you to start the game with no Kinks.
Warp speed to Myanmar – fixed a bug that could let you jump from a sex scene in Scotland to an airport in South East Asia in one click.
Wet t-shirt contest – fixed a bug that allowed non-Promiscuous agents to pick a Promiscuous option.

Version 1.3.6.B.4 Beta - 11 July 2018
13 more bug fixes today. Thanks to Noctrune, Nilth, nakedtuna, Dogdogdogdogdog, Falloutbabe, Breadloaf, Tuko and others for reporting them. As of right now the game has no reported bugs. :)
Corinthian last chance – fixed a critical bug preventing progress when hanging out with the last chance NPC in Corinthian.
Random encounters – fixed a bug preventing random encounters firing in Corinthian for British agents. (Special thanks to ultimate_elephant for providing a vital clue as to the cause!)
Cover surname – stopped Levy Sloan's computer from offering you a cover surname more than once.
LIONESS briefing – corrected a dialogue link that went to the wrong destination.
BJ red error – fixed a red error that displayed when giving a BJ on nights 2 & 3 of LIONESS.
Casting couch scene – fixed a red error that could display when stripping for the camera.
Oceana debriefing – fixed a red error that could occur when giving Clark all the details about the steamy taxi ride.
Safe house shoes – fixed a bug in the safe house where an agent's shoes could reappear on her feet after she took them off.
Dance floor red errors – fixed a red error when dancing intimately with a guy, and a different red error when dancing with Jake or Gus from the casino encounter.
Everybody sounds Australian – fixed a bug in the casino encounter where American, English and Canadian agents are mistaken for Australians. (Kiwi agents still get it, but they get that a lot.)
Missing cock restored – fixed a passage describing an erect cock as just "an erect".
Yes doctor – replaced misleading links in final hypnosis scene with Dr Campbell with greyed out options, to make it more clear that the agent is compelled to answer positively.
End of content screen – corrected the date in this unwelcome final screen.

Version 1.3.6.B.3 Beta - 10 July 2018
Hotfix of critical bug (introduced in the last version) that prevented casting couch sex scene from firing. Thanks Falloutbabe and John Bigbooty for reporting it.
Casting couch – fixed a critical JavaScript bug that crashed this scene.

Version 1.3.6.B.2 Beta - 10 July 2018
12 more bug fixes today. Thanks to Alex P for fixing some of these for us, and to Breadloaf, Tuko, Dogdogdogdogdog, Noctrune, Green Man, Falloutbabe, hornguy6, bos, William Lewis, Jaime Alonso, Austin Eric Smith, ddntes, Nilth and others for reporting them.
Corinthian safehouse – fixed a critical Sex Engine bug that could cause the game not to present any options to progress once a sex scene had started, and a second that could cause a red error message instead of the guy you were with taking his action.
Jake and Gus – fixed red errors in the hanging out scenes after the casino encounter, if you chose to leave with Jake or Gus. Fixed an error in Jake's character sheet that could lead to him being described as "in his early sixties".
Nightclub flirting – fixed red error messages caused when hanging out with men.
Debriefings – fixed an error that prevented the agent from bringing up the fake casting audition in her final debriefing.
Sex Engine – fixed a red error that could display during BJs.
Sex Engine – fixed a red error that could display on the dance floor.
$male1.firstname just had a little more stamina – fixed this dialogue option to actually show the name of this impressive chap.
Really premature ejaculation – fixed a bug where a guy you took home from Oceana could orgasm as soon as the sex scene started.
Corinthian Mac short encounter – fixed a red error at the end of the short Mac dancefloor encounter.
Aborting the mission – fixed a JavaScript popup error caused when clicking an "abort mission" link within the game.

Version 1.3.6.B.1 Beta - 9 July 2018
10 bug fixes. Thanks to Breadloaf, Falloutbabe, OrenjiJusu, Noctrune, nakedtuna, DogDogDogDogDog, Droliath Estolah, Lena, hornguy6 and others for reporting these bugs.
Casting Couch scene – fixed a bug greying out all choices towards the end of the casting couch scene, preventing further progress. Fixed red error message caused by the agent removing her bra. Fixed a bug where busty agents are described as "a pretty with big tits" instead of "a pretty blonde/brunette/redhead with big tits".
Out, damned spot – fixed a bug where cum shots would persist on the agent's clothes for days at a time.
Tan lines – fixed a bug causing bikini top tanlines to appear on agents who sunbathe topless in Dubai.
Oceana NPC mixup – fixed a bug where the traits of the guy you met before the wet t-shirt contest can be merged with those of Clive the bouncer, leading to some weirdness (like describing him as a 52-year old boy).
Sex Engine red errors – fixed red errors that can display when being fingerbanged by any male partner, or giving any male partner a BJ.
Oceana debriefing – fixed red error when choosing to give Clark all the details of the taxi ride.
Oceana debriefing – fixed red error during the dancefloor hot chick random encounter in Corinthian.
Queueing at the bar – fixed red errors when ordering a drink at the bar after a guy is attracted to you, but gets too scared to talk to you.

Version 1.3.6.B Beta – 8 July 2018
This release introduced new mechanics and many improvements to existing story content.
New avatar – Big updates to the avatar based on artwork by our new illustrator Victoria. Added 16 new haircuts.
Oceana casting couch scene – Added the option for the agent to accept Connor's request to do some modelling backstage, after the wet t-shirt contest. To trigger this scene, win the contest.
Random encounters – Added random encounter engine, which can trigger unique scripted encounters and side quests.
Corinthian Casino – Added a short side quest in Corinthian nightclub, in which your agent can be invited to play dice in the club's casino. To trigger this encounter, hang out unaccompanied in Corinthian.
Corinthian club photographer – Added a short random encounter in Corinthian nightclub, where your agent can pose for a club promo photo. To trigger this scene, hang out unaccompanied in Corinthian.
Mac from Corinthian – Added a short dancefloor encounter in Corinthian nightclub, where your agent can dance with an unattractive guy.
Corinthian dancing girl – Added a short random encounter in Corinthian nightclub, featuring a hot blonde on the dancefloor.
Avatar skin tones – Added three skin tones (fair, pale, olive).
Cumshot engine – Added 13 "money shot" artworks to the avatar, which can activate at the end of a sex scene. Collect them all!
Cover surname – you can now enter your cover surname directly, rather than have the computer pick it for you. To unlock this option just refuse the surname you're offered a few times. (Thanks Alleykatt.)
Player hair logic – Where the head goes, the body follows, so getting hold of a girl's hair is a great way to move her around during a sex scene. Added a new feature to each haircut that allows partners to pull the agent's hair during sex scenes.
UI – improved the start page (this page!) to make it more attractive and readable.
UI – upgraded the Arousal meters in the Sex Engine from plain text numbers to animated bars.
UI – the game clock now pulses when it changes, to draw your attention to the passing of time. If you find this annoying, you can turn it off at the bottom of the Stats screen. (We'll implement a proper Settings screen later.)
Restarting the game – fixed a problem that could prevent some story variables being reset correctly on game restart.

Version – 14 June 2018
This update made hypno fetish content optional.
JTF Neptune HQ – hypnosis is no longer mandatory. To unlock the option to refuse it, ask Dr Campbell if it's optional.
Dubai – fixed a bug that caused the desert road scene to display red errors.
Glasgow – fixed a bug that could stop you progressing in the nightclubs after closing time.

Version – 14 June 2018
Bug fixes.
Stats screen – the stats screen now opens in a new window, to prevent bugs reported when returning from this screen. (Thanks Supermaxo.)
Glasgow – Fixed a bug that allowed you to stay in a nightclub long past closing time.

Version – 14 June 2018
Bug fixes.
Glasgow – Fixed a bug where selecting a certain sex option in Scotland could jump the game forward to a post-sex scene in Dubai. (Thanks Tice.)
Glasgow – Fixed a bug where visiting the Stats screen, then returning to the post-hypnosis scene, would give you an extra Kink. (Thanks CrazyPerson.)
Dubai – Fixed a bug that caused red errors during the drive to Al Hadheerah restaurant if Max tried to touch the agent's knee. (Thanks RinA.)
Glasgow – Fixed a bug that could result in you hanging out in a Scottish nightclub forever, like something out of Dante's Inferno.
Glasgow – Fixed a typo causing an extra comma while being chatted up in Glasgow. (Thanks anonymous.)

Version – date
This release fixed a problem that prevented every single image in the game from displaying. Fun times.
Images – Migrated around 450 avatar & clothing images to a private secure server, to avoid relying on a third party for image hosting.
Dubai date with Max – Guest writer Dracis3D wrote some improvements to the Max scenes.
All the kinks – (Patron version only) you can now choose multiple Kinks at startup. Promiscuous, bi-curious exhibitionists who like older men and rough sex are now possible!
Stats page – the agent's Stats page now displays her Kink(s).
New agent names – added the following Patron-submitted names to all 5 name generators: Jinx Finch, Lizzie Borden, Annabelle Waldorf, Amarysse van Halden, Mercedes van Houten, Kate Daniels.

Version 1.3.5 – date
Bug fixes.
Oceana nightclub – Fixed some bugs that prevented the clothing state of your fellow Miss Wet T-Shirt contestants displaying correctly in their info boxes.
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug that prevented the agent from telling a partner where she'd like him to come. (Thanks hornguy6.)
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug that caused the game to refer to leg wraps as stockings during sex scenes.
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug that caused the game to refer to some clothing items as _topDesc and _bottomsDesc. (Thanks Tuko.)
Atlantis Hotel – Fixed a bug that could cause a red error message in Max's hotel room.
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug that could cause text to display incorrectly when receiving oral sex. (Thanks Hyneman.)
Ops Room – Fixed a bug that caused the first guy the agent sleeps with in Operation LIONESS to be referred to later as $scene.male1. (Thanks Tuko.)
Sex Engine – Fixed a red error that appeared when a man tried to kiss you roughly.
Uber ride – Fixed a red error upon clicking an info box while returning to the safehouse.
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug that prevented agents from asking for rough sex. (Thanks Sameer, Kurt Wagner, and Maurice C.)

Version 1.3.4 – date
Emergency bug fix.
Glasgow – Fixed a critical bug that crashed the game on night 2 of Operation Lioness. (Thanks Tuko.)

Version 1.3.3 – date
Bug fixes.
Hypnosis – Fixed a bug where flashing images in the hypnosis scenes could block the underlying links. (Thanks Kurt Wagner, Alex P, Imthatguy9924.)
Hypnosis – Fixed a bug where flashing images in the hypnosis scenes could block the underlying links. (Thanks Kurt Wagner, Alex P, Imthatguy9924, lilly 221983, and Atar.)
Sex Engine – Fixed a red error message that could appear when asking men to be rougher during a sex scene, (Thanks Alex P.)
Glasgow Safe House, night 2 – Fixed a bug that made it impossible for the agent to take off her bodystocking during the sex scene after Cathouse (although everybody knows it's hotter to leave it on). (Thanks Alex P.)
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug in which an agent who Likes Rough Sex couldn't ask partners to be rough with her. (Thanks Alex P.)

Version 1.3.2 – date
Bug fixes.
Oceana nightclub – Fixed a critical bug that could stop the agent hooking up with a guy after Oceana's Miss Wet T-Shirt contest – again! Hopefully it's properly fixed this time. (Thanks Zachary Spear, Tuko and RDudesome.)
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug that displayed inconsistent descriptions during sex (e.g. text describes the agent on top, when she should be on her back).
Cathouse nightclub – Fixed a bug where the fishnet bodystocking wouldn’t display for D cup agents.
Ops Room – Fixed a bug where agents who are Promiscuous from the start can’t pick the “Promiscuous from start” dialogue option in the final debriefing at Kinloss. (Thanks Ripe.)
Sex Engine – Fixed a bug where male cumshot text doesn’t display. (Thanks Nilth and Jerilyn Watson.)
Glasgow safe house – Added first draft of (minor) new content in the first safe house scene, drawing out the experience of the agent stripping on surveillance camera for the first time.

Version 1.3.1 – date
Emergency bug fix.
Oceana nightclub – Fixed a critical bug that could stop the agent hooking up with a guy after Oceana's Miss Wet T-Shirt contest. (Thanks Zachary Spear.)

Version 1.3 – date
Stable version of 1.3 Beta.
Bug fixes – Fixed more than 45 bugs reported in the Beta. (Thanks Hyneman & Goblin Steve.)
New content – Added new Operation LIONESS content that didn't make the Beta.

Version 1.3 Beta – date
Beta test version of the new story content, released to $5+ Patrons only.
Major story update – Added a three day training mission in Scotland, codenamed Operation LIONESS. Seduce a series of random civilians to prepare yourself for Bangkok!
Hypnosis/Mind control fetish content – Your agency psychologist has arrived, and he's got an idea that can help you psychologically adapt to your mission. Enjoy a new hypno/MC subplot.
New agent names – added the following Patron-submitted names to all 5 name generators:: Holly Whitney, Czilla Kori, Amy McCrow, Emily McCoy, Sadie Cartwright, Keeley Knight, Jerilyn Watson.

Version 1.2.2 – date
Minor scene tweak.
Hacking Max's phone – rewrote the scene where Max catches you hacking his phone to rely on choices instead of a dice roll (this is because the "sexy" lie leads to a popular scene, so I wanted you to always have the option to reach it). To get caught with the phone, hesitate before putting it down.
Character creation – added University of Colorado to U.S. universities list, as requested by an alumni. Go Buffaloes!

Version 1.2.1 – date
Bug fixes.
Bug fixes – Fixed 5 bugs and 2 spelling errors reported by users. Added an option to initiate sex from the BJ position, to avoid the heroine getting stuck giving an endless blow job, just like my girlfriend on a Friday night. (Thanks Hyneman, esclavage, Das Flute & Christen.)

Version 1.2 – date
This update added sex to the game.
Sex Engine – Added version 1 of the Sex Engine, which will power all future sex scenes in the game. Many positions and descriptions still need to be added, but you can experiment with the foundation for now.
Character customisation – upgraded the character customisation screen to allow you to directly type in your character name instead of being limited to the name lists, and pick customisation options from drop down menus instead of randomly shuffling through them (thanks Banshee534, LadyDeath1138, Flamewind11, RayvenSixx, DarkeCourage, J-Helterbrand and others).
Avatar code – rewrote the avatar system to support future planned features like nipple piercings, different facial features, and on-the-fly hairstyle changes.
Wardrobe code – rewrote the wardrobe system to make clothing more interactive during sex scenes and during certain clothing combinations (e.g. wearing thin tops with no bra now = pokies!)
Clothing improvements – redrew many avatar and clothing items to look better.
Dubai date – you can now go on your date with Max, and attempt to hack his phone. Don't get caught!
Reload avatar button – added a "reload avatar" link (below the avatar's feet) that you can use should any avatar graphics fail to load.
Heartbreaker – rewrote some dialogue options that referred to Tom Petty, to reflect the fact that he has died.
Character creation – raised maximum agent starting age to 30 (thanks mackaie).
UI – recoloured the SAVE & RESTART dialogue boxes to improve readability.
Writing – general writing and dialogue improvements.
New agent names – added the following Patron-submitted names to all 5 name generators: Eva Sanchez, Forfelyn De La Tex, Lizzy Holmes, Kimberlyn Stoddard, Alexis Hunter.

Version 1.1 – date
This update introduced the ability to customise your agent.
Agent customiser – added the ability to customise your agent during character creation (thanks Josef Kurz, OrangeJuice, Nephilim_Annunaki, vRAY, MySecondaryUsername, SpellsOfErotica, BuridansAsshole, esclavage, mackaie, and others).
Dubai date – fixed a bug that let you go barefoot to your date with Max.
Writing – general writing and dialogue improvements.

Version 1.0.1 – date
Changes made based on feedback from the first public release.
Avatar face – redrew the avatar so she has a face (thanks OralObsession, esclavage, mackaie and others).
UI – improved header font readability on all platforms (thanks NoSneksFourWeeks).
Avatar – redrew avatar so nudity displays under clothes while loading (thanks FightHerTightHer) and added shading.
Avatar – added new hairstyles.
Avatar – added makeup system.
Avatar – added facial expressions system.
Wardrobe – Redrew starting outfit and added some new black underwear to the Dubai wardrobe.
Writing – general writing and dialogue improvements.
New agent names – added the following Patron-submitted names to all 5 name generators: Evelyn Walker, Ramona Flowers, Luna Abelli, Ruth Haliwell, Jessica Jones.

All: - - -
Thanks @tid for the link.

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May 11, 2017
It's really short. However so far I like the creators style. I like the storyline, the customization, and the various options you are given. Hopefully this game goes far, an it's not a flop. Not counting my chickens before they hatch though.
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Sep 16, 2017
Brand new game, barely anything there atm. But the author has a great pitch game in their reddit posts that i've seen.
If they come through at all (and i think that should be more likely with a HTLM game like this), it should be a lot of fun.
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4.80 star(s) 16 Votes