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Sep 21, 2017

Female Agent
is a text-based RPG. It stars a Western intelligence officer, sent undercover into Bangkok's red-light district. She'll have to navigate her way through a sex-fuelled urban underbelly to take down a dangerous international terrorist.

Will she succeed or become trapped in Bangkok's criminal underworld?
Thread Updated: 2019-09-06
Release Date: 2019-08-24
Developer: Crushstation - | | |
Censorship: No
Version: v1.5.1.03
OS: Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Language: English
2dcg, Text-based, Female protagonist, Character creation, Adventure, RPG, Simulator, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Lesbian, Creampie, Cheating, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Stripping,

Offline version (image folder + HTML file)
1. Extract
2. Make sure the imagePack folder and the Female Agent v1.x html file are situated in the same folder.
3. Run HTML file
Online version (HTML file)
1. Extract & run.
Only the last 5 versions are shown here. The entire changelog is provided at the start of the game.

Version – 24 August 2019
Hot fix of a bug introduced yesterday.
  • Fixed red error introduced during Mike Novak's LIONESS briefing (thanks Fluffah).
  • Fixed a bug with eyes losing their tan in Dubai.
  • Corrected error that conflated the Canadian Army with the whole CAF in the scene where two soldiers hit on the agent during a student party (thanks Mano2).
Version – 23 August 2019
Mostly bug fixes.
  • My Shepard would never say that – added a new dialogue option to the LIONESS briefing with Mike Novak. This was based on a request from a player who didn't feel that any of the available choices fit their vision of their agent – get in touch if you have similar requests.
  • I have no mouth, and I must scream – fixed a bug where a suntan caused the agent's mouth to disappear. Cause: missing art files.
  • That escalated quickly – fixed a bug where, during at the table during dinner in Dubai, an amorous Max could take the agent's dress off instead of just tugging the hemline up a bit. Cause: misnamed art files.
  • Those aren't my hot pants – fixed the "ass pinch" scene in Oceana so it no longer refers to the agent wearing hot pants if she isn't (thanks Tanzie).
  • How time flies by - fixed a bug with the game calendar not reflecting the time flow in LRS KV.
  • Say "Cheese!" - fixed the missing facial art at the end of Oceana casting scene.
  • A slight typo - fixed typo suggesting that the Canadian Armed Forces joined the war in Afghanistan in 2012, not 2002. Sorry CAF.
Version – 20 August 2019
New avatar face.
  • Agent Johansson - added new facial features (face 6) to the character creator.
  • Natural blonde – recoloured eyebrows and bushes for blonde agents.
Version – 19 August 2019
Hotfix of a bug by Tommygun.
  • Fixed a critical bug in Norway (which was a result of a bug fixed in v1.5.1.01). Thanks Richard Kent, Baita and Fallen Angel Creations for the reports.
  • Fixed a small bug with the eye color at Oceana interview.
Version – 18 August 2019
Bug fixes.

Fixed missing images in local image pack version. (Thanks Skyline PJ, Tanzie, Jeremy Johnson, Donavon Clark, Jax, TSPCFS and others)
  • Fixed ab muscles overlapping onto the breasts of strong, busty agents. (Thanks Toadsith, Mano2 and others)
  • Fixed error where an agent who took her knickers off after Miss Wet T-shirt was wearing them in the next scene.
  • Fixed text referring to an agent's high heels even when the agent was wearing sneakers. (Thanks Katie)
  • Fixed some instances of the agent's clothes not supporting her boobs properly.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't remove the "pokies" hard nipples layer when the agent's top gets lifted up in or after Oceana.
  • Fixed a bug that made a busty Operations Officer's boobs look weird when she gets handcuffed during the training exercise in Norway.
  • Agents who wore glasses to Miss Wet T-shirt will now put them back on after the contest. (Thanks Arsenal Jacob)
  • Fixed some dialogue appearing twice in Norway.
  • Fixed several instances of white space appearing in the text.

Developer Notes:
Multiple members of the dev team, as well as the creator, lurk in this thread. Feel free to ask/give your opinions. We don't bite.

We don't condone sharing of our Patron only content, the links to which are added by the F95 Uploader Team. However, we have chosen to take an active role in the community despite the content shared.​ Please support the project if you enjoy the content.

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May 11, 2017
It's really short. However so far I like the creators style. I like the storyline, the customization, and the various options you are given. Hopefully this game goes far, an it's not a flop. Not counting my chickens before they hatch though.
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Sep 16, 2017
Brand new game, barely anything there atm. But the author has a great pitch game in their reddit posts that i've seen.
If they come through at all (and i think that should be more likely with a HTLM game like this), it should be a lot of fun.
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