[Wolf RPG Editor] [Full Translation][WIP] RJ171667 - Goddess of Memorier v1.20


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Dec 31, 2017
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Title: Goddess of Memorier

Developed By: Studioニュクス ( )

Release Date: 01.08.2016

RJ Number: RJ171667

Game Version: 1.20

Game Synopsis

Princess Affiseria of Laurick Kingdom was sentenced for treason to death by beheading by her own brother, Prince Surrovith. While awaiting her execution in a prison cell, the former king's advisor Kaduma came to see the princess. He told her that after the death of the king, the prince that was soon to become the king was possessed by a being from the abyss. To save her brother Surrovith and the whole Kingdom of Laurick, the princess with the help of Kaduma escaped the prison and went to find the Fruit of Yggdrasil. The Fruit of Yggdrasil is a mythical fruit said to be able to cure and reveal anything. To accompany her on this hard journey, Kaduma arranged for her maidservant Rhita to join her. The two joined together and headed north to the Airlant Kingdom in search of the Fruit of Yggdrasil.

Game Systems

Crafting system: armors, items, and potions.
Cylopedia: filled with information about the said systems, the world, people, town, etc.
Monster Book: filled with information about enemies. Things like their stats, look, what they're weak to, what items they drop, etc.

Translation Progress

Database: ~10%
Story: 0,5%
Pictures: ~76% (~140/182)

There's no real way for me to track the progress so the numbers are just my crude judgment. There's a lot of stuff to translate in this game. From texts about the world itself, places, people, plants, to items, weapons, skills, etc... It seems like walls of text and it's going to take time to translate properly all. Right now I'm focused on translating all the pictures of which there are probably more than 182. I've already translated and edited a bunch of them but there are still quite a few pictures left that I need to translate and edit. I almost gave up translating the game due to problems I've had with Wolf RPG Engine crashing all the time when I would edit an event on the map but I've found a bypass so everything is working now and I hope it stays that way. I'll edit the first post each month with the latest estimates about the progress.

I've made a little video to show how the game looks for people that never played it before.
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