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[VN] - [Ren'Py] - [Completed] Goes Around, Cums Around [v1.0] [OrbOrigin]

  1. 1.00 star(s)


    Silly game. Not hard to get love outcome, but the premise was stupid. Former girlfriend comes over mad b/c her boyfriend slept with her roommate. Her revenge is to MAYBE have sex with you--if you say the right things. But, why did boyfriend cheat? She hadn't had sex with him for a year. What the fuck am I missing here? She gets revenge by engaging in the very thing she's been denying her boyfriend for a year . . . and then, if you don't play your cards right, she goes back to the boyfriend . . . What?? Makes zero sense.
  2. 4.00 star(s)


    nice and short game. i liked it actually. nowadays all af the games are so huge, you need to wait 4 months to see something. this game is like a quick snack rather than a full blown dinner. i think it deserves a try
  3. 4.00 star(s)


    The game is short so I will make my review short too.

    The game a good renders with a simple story of a broken heart of a friend who loved you for the longest period of time.

    There are a few choices which will lead you to a ending but it is straight forward. So download and enjoy this short game.
  4. 4.00 star(s)


    Can be better, but that game is good enough to get 4 star. Too bad its too small. Wana more to play. With sounds and more animation and smoother, more time to play it will be great. Waiting for next work of this developer.
  5. 4.00 star(s)


    Renders are great.
    The story is OK all things considered.
    This game shouldn't have been rated as low as it was. Granted, the other guy was incoherent and his ramblings reflected that of a borderline incel.
  6. 1.00 star(s)

    jack brisen

    nice graphics
    nice renders
    terrible plot , looks like the dev doesnt know nothing about relationships ...
    no way , in IRL a girl if she had been cheated on with her roomate , she would go back to her boyfriend in the next day.