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[VN] - [Ren'Py] - [Completed] Good Girl Gone Bad [v1.2 Jasmin DLC] [EvaKiss]

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    Hard for me to say something that hasn't already been said. This is an absolutely amazing game, well written in a sense that very few games on this site come close to. The characters are well developed and the story allows for so many various posibillities I have yet to explore them all despite playing this game I don't know how many times.

    On the negative side, I would have wished this game would have narrowed down a little to keep the main story more focused, and the corruption has to occur right from the start in order not to miss some of the main events but overall you can't give this game anything other than a 5/5. If you havent played it already, wtf are you waiting for?
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    Just a great game!

    Not to long not to short and great replayability.
    Clean artstyle and lots of different love interests to choose.

    Some endings are quite hard and not as obvious to achieve.
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    The Defiler

    One of the OGs of F95, Good Girl Gone Bad deserves all the praise it gets not only for being so often updated and maintained throughout the years, but also thanks to an appealing set of visuals, elaborate and plausible plot, and good narrative.

    An instant classic everyone should try.
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    GGGB is simply the gold standard of adult visual novels. Whenever I mention adult games to anyone who is unfamiliar with them, I always reference this game first because it's simply one of the best examples to date of an actual "choose your own adventure/choices matter" adult novel that exists.

    GGGB is also the gold standard that all devs should aspire for, as it's a perfect example of how a game that started in early access actually gets finished. Eva Kiss set the bar high from the start and maintained good communication, passion, drive, and dedication to the project from start to finish. I am proud to have supported this dev on Patreon when I was financially able to, and the fact that they continue putting more into the game as DLC says it all.

    The story here is second to none, with so many pathways to choose from that you never feel roped into one direction. The amount of dedication and organization it must have taken to make all these paths link up...I can't even wrap my head around it. From angelic to downright raunchy, even the more extreme story lines here still feel plausible, and Ashley is a character who feels actually real. You want to see her succeed, you want to see her fail, you want to see her stay loyal, and you want to see her bent over and fucked like a whore by anyone who will get her high. And in GGGB, you can make any and all of that happen.

    The entire cast of characters here all have their place, and all have story lines that can be delved into. I have played through this masterpiece over 10 times just to see as many paths as I possibly could, and that never happens with any game. GGGB is just SO GOOD that you need to see them all.

    10 of FUCKING 10. And 'fucking' there shall be. ;)
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    I've only played a dozen or so of these visual novels from this site... new the genre a few weeks back, and this was the second or third game I ever played... but now, as I go through other games, this is the narrative that I hold as an example and bar for others.

    This was made by an adult, for adults. It has smart writing and situations. It has visually and emotionally descriptive dialog.

    I came to this genre for titillation... this title made me look for more titles. I was not expecting such wonderful writing and immersion. I'm a forty-six year old man, and when I fired this up, I became a young woman... not something I particularly longed for or even thought would happen when I opened this, but it's a tribute to the immersion the author creates.

    And choices have consequence in this like I've yet to find in anything else. You can influence side characters to their peril or good... and it's satisfyingly deep. You root for the good, and against the bad because you ultimately care about characters. This was soo well done.

    The animation and artwork is mastercraft, too... I'm very hard pressed to get visual arousal from obvious animation, but this is truly well done and sexy. The main character is not a dis-proportioned Jessica Rabbit... she looks like a real woman looks. Kudos to the artist... the art is exceptional.

    This genre is littered with the same old story of a walking oblivious boner, and the same mindless sex-driven side characters... this is a true gem of originality and immersion. This is for people that like to think when being aroused.

    I can't say enough good things about this... I'm going on to my 12th or 13th title right now and they've all been lacking when compared to this. It seems everyone in the genre is technically sound with decent presentation and packaging... but they could all learn something from this storyteller.

    Story matters. Characters matter. This title gets that... like no other.

    I don't give five stars to anything... but I will this. This is a gem.
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    this here is one of my favorite games on this site. actually feels like you have choice and its well written and quite pretty and sexy. main character is very good and unlike most games, regardless of the choices you make they're written in a way that makes you believe your character would actually do it
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    One of the best female protagonist games I've played, so many options and paths you can take.

    Love the MC, it's so interesting to see her story, it has many different endings you can get by making different choices and romancing the characters you want. I also like that the game allows you to go romancing only girls and still get a lot of content and many scenes.

    The game is long, great amount of content with hours of playing time and it looks great, I loved the art.
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    Really enjoyed this one. Cool story with many endings. Initialy I was not a fan of the artwork as I prefere 3D but TBH it grew on me very quickly and the artist should be very proud of their work. charactors look great and have good personalities. Played it threw twice now with 2 good endings will probably play it again to go full slut mode. Its done a real good job of keeping me distracted threw these difficult times being on lockdown due to covid.
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    Rating 7/10

    Good game, with interesting options for paths. My Main issue boils down to how fast your character gets corrupted. The game suffers from some level of instant gratification. Otherwise this game conceptually and art style wise is one of the most interesting and unique.
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    Incredible narrative that has so many branches with significant consequences/deviations! The characters are also believable and have some depth. For some reason I prefer this art style over high definition 3D renders.
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    This is what I call a GAME. Other adult "games" are simply visual novels or RPGs. The amount of character building is insane in this game. I just can't find any cons. At first I wasn't so sure about the game considering it to be 2dcg. But boy I'm glad to start playing it. Once you start playing the game, you'll get hooked. There isn't a single choice which the game forces on the player unless absolutely trivial. So so many paths to choose. So many fetishes.

    This game is a must play.
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    I really enjoyed playing this game and it really has multiple playthrough value with a plethora of endings.

    The story and choices allows your character to remain pure or be corrupted and the endings really reflect that.

    The renders are beautiful and complement the story perfectly.
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    I won't take much of your reading time. This is one of the best visual novels around. The choice you have of whom you want to end up and what consequences it has is brilliantly written. I think the game should be considered an archetype of adult Visual Novels.
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    An excellent game. Renders have a good style, characters and writing both are really good. But the most important thing is that game is unlinear. There're plenty of different paths which makes it replayable. In fact you should do this multiple times to open all sex scenes.

    My only complains are that the game doesn't have walkthrough and scene gallery, though the latter can be fixed by mod. And that the number of renders in sex scenes are relatively low.
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    Summary: you are a good Catholic school girl and lewd situations are constantly rubbed against your face. Now I know what it is to be a girl haha...

    This is not an amateurish game but actually a real good game. I really mean it, you can easily buy something that cost 40$ in steam and find it to be an utter garbage but not this.

    GGGB is a huge game, there must be around 7 different endings and each of your decision will influence life of others. Every major character will also have a special ending so I find this game very satisfying and well made. Myself I will have a half-year break now and return to this game later after I have forgotten is because it was so excellent.

    This game has also surprising amount of life wisdom in it. Will you follow your freedom and endless possibilities or focus on building more serious relationship? Note that the guy (or girl) has his ow life so he might just dump you because why not? You are free, he is free so dont cry about it because thats the game babe.

    GGGB is a good life simulator that is honest how easily you can screw up your life and others by being irresponsible and how to draw line between being a slut/popular girl. Too bad I could only give 5/5, because 10/5 is more deserving score.
  16. 4.00 star(s)


    It was fun playing this, although it needed more different endings instead of the NTR/cheating and marriage endings, which I only found. Either I might have missed it but an ending with, some of the girls would have been amazing especially Eva.
    My tip would be more diverse endings and maybe some notes on how many endings there are since I don't know if there are more endings without going to this thread to look for it, other than that this was an amazing game and I had a good experience.
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    Overall a solid game. Well written. Lots of action in terms of choices.

    Will say though that I kinda wish for more tattoos, more babies with many of the potential fathers (Eric, Arthur, Wilson, Jack, Tyrone, Jasmin especially), and possibly semi open pairs (Ash-Jasmin-Jessica, Ash-Eva-Jasmin, etc.) Does also have some grammar issues with are a tad annoying.

    But overall, great game.
  18. 5.00 star(s)


    This game showed me that if i was a good looking girl i would probably showed my assets on instagram and i would be 100% thot....yeah

    But really this is the best VN i ever played. I wasn't sure if i would enjoy the game playing as Female MC but i totally did!
    Story in this game is great and enjoyable. What i liked about it was that the story feels like something that could easily happen to someone.
    Dialogues are very well written and you want to read every single word and that's something that rarely happens to me i usually feel like that dialogues are dull but this is not the case!
    Artwork is unique and fun to watch.

    To summarize it i want to say that This game is in my opinion really the best on this site . Great characters,story,dialogues,artwork and even the soundtrack is good (there is not much music playing,but when it does it's really good). I recommend this game to everyone.

    btw. is it me or does the MC look like Sophie Turner ?
  19. 5.00 star(s)


    Simply the best storyline in porn history: carefully thought out, totally perverted and even manipulative. I wonder if the author planned everything out from the beginning or was just able to add on plots.

    The drawings are almost always excellent, sometimes the rotoscopy is a bit too close to reality, but once again, the incredibly perverted storyline and excellent writing makes them a thousand times more exciting. In fact this is the only game in which I actually take time to read the damn dialogues...

    Cuck genre fiends will be especially pleased to discover the dozen ways Ash can humiliate/destroy her boyfriend, probably the biggest cuck in the history of porn games, ironically called Eric (same as the BB nemesis).

    A game you'll play again, and again, and again, and again, looking for those new alternatives. As far as I'm concerned, I'm simply incapable, despite all my efforts, to avoid Ash fucking with Arthur, it simply is the best cuckolding story I've seen so far.
  20. 5.00 star(s)


    Its feel this is the best game i have played for a long times. It's better than Kattie 1.18 for me, and i really like it. GGGB got a gameplay with mutiple choice, which leads to a lot of thing different , so the game got a value to replay several times.