[Cheat Mod] [Ren'Py] Harem Hotel - Cheat and Location Mod [v0.12] [Ikarius]

Nov 13, 2017

It's my first Mod, please don't be so harsh. [I am not native English speaker]
The Mod is rather simple, you can change location and girls stats [Friendship, Affection, Sub,..]
It's just one file that is not an original file, so it can be removed easily. If Runey doesn't change the Stats the mod can even be used in later versions.

Press ' , ' [Comma} to open menu.

Updated: 18.01.2019
Game/Creator: by
Mod Version: v0.12
Game Version: v0.5.3
Language: English

It's my first Project and at first i didn't thought about uploading it, but i upload it now because it took time and why not share it.
Why Harem Hotel? Because the code of Harem Hotel is easy to read and i wanted to start with something easy.

- Developer / Console
- Change Location through menu
- Change Stats of every Girl
- Give Money and Change Day/Time of Day
- Free Shop with less clicking
- Codes for (Truestory, Violet)

Put File into the '/game' Folder
Press ' , ' [Comma} to open menu.


menu.jpg loc.jpg girls.jpg girls-stats.jpg


Nov 13, 2017
can you ad "time of Day" also?
I originally had it in my first draft of the mod, but later decided not to implement it... It's now in again.
Just be beware that it's my first try to mod something.
Right now the time of Day is only represented in numbers (1-4) and the bar on top of the screen doesn't move (slightly confusing). I don't know how to do it better right now.
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