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Kalyskah is an Adult Action-Adventure Role-Playing Game where you control Kalyskah Karnstein, a noble lady of a long-dead vampire family who wakes up after thousands of years of slumber. What awaits upon her awakening is a world that has changed for the worse. It is up to you, the player, to help our heroine (or anti-heroine, if that is your choice) fight back the chaos and confusion of her lost of time and find out what happened to the world in the years that have passed. The game features an immersive combat system with RPG Elements, an open world where you can find quests with multiple endings and occasional interactive sex scenes for those who play their cards right.

Thread Updated: 2019-05-09
Release Date: 2019-04-23
Developer: Lustful Illumination - - -
Censored: No
Version: 0.6.4
OS: Windows 64bit
Language: English
Voices: English
3d Game, Adventure, Anal Sex, Animated, BDSM, Big Tits, Small Tits, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Graphic Violence, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male Domination, Monster, Multiple Penetration, Paranormal, Puzzle, RPG, Spanking, Teasing, Voiced

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Kalyskah Launcher.exe for launcher
2- Click on Kalyskah_RPG.exe inside the build folder to start playing.

0.6.4 - 2019-04-23:
  • Fixed the level up buttons disappearing when player earns a level;
  • Fixed guard mode when Kalyskah respawns on a checkpoint after being defeated;
  • Re-enabled loading screen between main menu and gallery scenes;
  • Tweaks on the equip\unequip one handed sword so Kalyskah can walk while playing them. The animations will be improved in time so the blend feels more natural;
  • Improvements on lipsync (Kalyskah shouldn’t move her lips when she is done with her sentence….. we hope… This will be enhanced on version 0.7);
  • Combat should be faster now, since Kalyskah won’t play the whole recovery animation before she is able to attack again. This is a window for the combo system that we’ve left open on this release, but it will get new animations on version 0.7 and a fine tune.
Known issues:
  • It takes a second to reenable Kalyskah’s movement after the dialogue with Michael is done, but we are investigating what caused it to fix on version 0,7;
  • Menu is showing version 0.6.3;
  • If you want to delete your save to start a fresh game, you can delete files inside the folder C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Kalyskah_RPG
Launcher 1.1 - 2019-04-14:
  • Updated FTP library, should improve stability and performance;
  • Preventing negative speeds from being displayed;
  • Dialed down the number of concurrent downloads from 50 to 15, in an attempt to prevent older PCs from bottlenecking;
0.6.3 - 2019-04-13:
  • Fixed input on gallery scenes;
  • Fixed tooltip on stats that sometimes were showing “text block” and made the “+” buttons yellow
  • Possibly fixed game crashing at the final cutscene for some people. We were not able to reproduce this issue, please tell us if it happens to you.
0.6.2 - 2019-04-12:
  • Boss no longer has an invisible guard. He ignores your guard direction, but he receives incoming hits from any guard position as well;
  • Interacting with objects should be more reliable (You had to click many times before the game recognizes your input);
  • If you continue a saved game coming from the boss area, you will not be forced to see Merishya’s cut-scene again. She will start to follow you as soon as you use open that door that goes back to her area by using the lever.
  • Fixed animations that were supposed to play only on the upper-body of the character, making the movements of her legs blend properly to her torso when she opens doors and equip weapons.
  • Fixed some enemies that were patrolling such a small area that it was making it seen that they were just walking in circles;
  • Disabled hot-bar until we make consumable items or make it actually useful. Before this patch, the hot-bar could be used to equip swords and armours, but since the weapons don’t have a very singular mechanic for a specific situation, we thought that it was best to remove it for now to avoid polluting the screen;
  • Fixed many rooms that once you got in, you could see the world as if it had invisible walls.
  • Doors now always open to the opposite direction that you are coming from, it also has an outline and displays the key to interact with it when your cursor is over it;
  • A subtle light follows Kalyskah now, it helps to see in dark areas;
  • Placed some new checkpoints and improved the collision of others;
  • Now Merishya will actually be locked on her cell. She only follows you after you find the key and open it;
  • Changed description of Pet-Collar and Hexblade armour;
  • Balanced the Intelligence attribute, improving the scaling of blood buff regeneration and also the amount of blood sucked per point.
  • Improved elevator on the Main Hall to just go up and down when the player interacts with the lever. There is a better sound feedback when the elevator is moving as well.
  • Now you only open the character stats when you press C and the Inventory key, I, only opens the inventory. It should help you to have a cleaner HUD when you just want to make quick adjustments.
  • Improved the animations when player “equips” the claws.
  • You can now push barrels by interacting with them (Football is no longer needed xD);
  • Balanced the Karnstein Legion Armour and put the “revealing” set on another chest.
  • Equipment is now being saved on checkpoints. This fixes the problem that was making Kalyskah naked on the final cutscene. Now she wears whatever you were carrying when you reached the boss checkpoint;
  • Player can now find the Flamberge somewhere;
Known issues:
  • If you want to delete your save to start a fresh game, you can delete files inside the folder C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Kalyskah_RPG
  • The inputs are not working on the gallery. We noticed this problem after the packing the game. We will release a version 0.6.3 to fix it.
0.6.1 - 2019-04-04:
  • Combat and environment music;
  • A new scene has been added to the gallery: Doggystyle with a hair pull;
  • Kalyskah can now attack with her claws when the player doesn’t have any weapon equipped;
  • Player can now dodge when they have an enemy targeted (The speed of recovering from the roll is not as smooth as we wanted, but it’s a start);
  • New enemy: A female undead;
  • Completely redone the combat system, now you have to watch out for the direction that the attacks are coming and attack on different direction than the enemy guard;
  • Save\Load game system (The items that you carry are not being saved yet);
  • Removed silly footstep sounds while Kalyskah is jumping;
  • Hexblade armour with 4 variations that will be randomly dropped by the female undead;
  • Kalyskah’s underwear can be found somewhere in the dungeon;
  • Second chance now works when you have only one life;
  • Properly disabled Enemy AI when the second chance dialogue starts;
  • Hammer is now properly placed on Kalyskah’s hands;
  • Kalyskah’s eyes shouldn’t be foggy anymore;
  • Glasses are less refractive, so it doesn’t deform Kalyskah’s eyes as much as it was before;
  • If Kalyskah falls bellow the ground, now she resets at the last checkpoint that the player got.
  • Rework on the checkpoint logic;
  • Fixed equipping and sheathing the two handed sword animations;
  • Main menu song now keeps playing when you are on the graphics options.
  • Merishya now attacks the enemy that Kalyskah is targeting and respawns at her side together with the player on checkpoints;
  • Flags at the dungeon now show the Karnstein Legion symbol;
  • Kalyskah stops to bite when she gets hit;
  • Enemies have facial expressions during the blood sucking loop;
  • Sex interactions can now be triggered with Ctrl + Numbers, so players that are on a laptop will be able to trigger them. (It’s not the key customization that Andrew McWarren asked, but it should help until we actually make the key customisation menu =) );
  • The controls of the game are now displayed on the bottom left of the screen, and they adapt when you are in combat or outside combat. You can toggle it on and off;
  • Changed some cringy dialogue lines on the second chance dialogue;
  • Biting an enemy should feel more cinematic, and we increased the damage scaling with player Intelligence (In the future this attribute will be renamed to sorcery);
  • Reworked every trail of the swords and made it change when the player has the blood buff activated (In the future, the blood buff will enhance your damage);
  • Changed the level design of the Dungeon so the player can now actually see the locked door before doing the puzzle and added some new rooms and areas that will be populated with new enemies in the future;
  • Leaver puzzle on the sewers was removed, we placed the key somewhere else;
  • Kalyskah now stands on a more animalistic form when she is hungry;
  • Added a subtle light on Kalyskah that makes she never go completely dark when in dark areas;
  • Enemies now have a random hair applied to them;
  • Male undead now wear the Hexblade armour instead of the tribal one from before. That armour was always meant to be a placeholder until we managed to make our own design;
  • Michael is now called “Michael the Wise” on the dialogue, to better match what we have planned for the lore;
  • A subtle effect on Kalyskah’s hand when she jumps while in full speed and slightly reduced the amount that she opens her legs when she does so;
  • Added leavers after each of the unlocked doors of the level so if you restart the game from a checkpoint, you can still have access to every area of the level;
0.5.1 - 2019-02-02:
  • Mouse arrow disappearing if you started Merishya or Michael dialogue while having the inventory opened.​
  • Field of View of the camera on Merishya dialogue/Boss cinematic if you had triggered any H animation during gameplay.​
  • Camera behind a wall on the cinematic with the boss.​
  • Lens flare on main menu and gallery scenes. Credits typos and updated team members.​
Know Issues
  • The lip-sync is not perfect yet. It’s a work in progress.​
  • The first camera on Michael’s dialogue doesn’t move very smoothly, we are still improving it.​
  • The two-handed combat animations are not seen as the final version. We are first testing the timing and the combo chains before we fully polish them.​
  • Typo on the word "YOu" on the split roast option.​
0.5 - 2019-02-01:
  • Split-roast: Kalyskah is now able “engage” with two acolytes at the same time if they are close enough.​
  • A simple line that Kalyskah just says: “You are free, begone” to the acolyte, so you don’t have to trigger an H animation in order to keep going in case you fall on the second-chance dialogue.​
  • You need to be with a positive score between the number of times that you died and the number of times that you killed in order to trigger the second chance dialogue. Your score is shown on a Heart at the top left of the screen.​
  • New Hairstyle – Long fuzzy.​
  • Physics on Merishya’s Tail.​
  • Hammer on a secret chest. For now, the hammer is using the two-handed sword animations, but we will make unique ones for it after we make the fencing attacks.​
  • We’ve made the dialogue system from scratch. Now the letters will appear instantaneously, making the skip button jump right to the next line instead of making the whole text appear before it does so.​
  • Better cameras, facial/body expressions during dialogues.​
  • Remade the two-handed sword animations for Kalyskah. Her idle is unique, her light attacks are faster and her heavy attacks have a finisher where she spins and can damage multiple enemies at once.​
  • Upgraded to Unreal engine 4.21.​
  • Added more details on Kalyskah’s Starting Rags.​
  • Fixed collision of the cape on the Karnstein Legion’s Plate armor.​
  • Kalyskah’s and Merishya’s skin material​
  • Changed the “You’ve Lost” text to “Return to Darkness” on the game over screen. Also, made the text orange instead of pure red.​
  • Kalyskah’s jumping animations.​
  • Better lights and hopefully, better performance.​
  • Added more life on the boss area. Tell us if you find some glitch so we can fix it =D​
  • Kaly’s comments are louder during the gameplay.​
0.4.2 - 2018-12-14:
  • Fixed a bug that was disabling the player input after intercourse during gameplay.​
0.4.1 - 2018-12-11:
  • Made the make-up scalar parameters (Opacity, etc) save properly on the character customization;​
  • Improved ragdoll effect on the boss fight: Now his light attacks don’t throw the character. Charging attack remained untouched and heavy attacks throws less;​
  • Decreased boss health on higher difficulties;​
  • Properly resetting the boss health, position, target and pillars in case Kalyskah gets defeated during the fight.​
  • When the player gets defeated, Kalyskah now returns with 70% of her maximum health, instead of flat 30.​
  • Boss doesn’t trigger second chance dialogue when he defeats Kalyskah.​
0.4.0 - 2018-11-29:
  • Remodelled Kalyskah's face and improved her textures and materials​
  • Camera for privates on character editor​
  • Blowjob animations​
  • Dungeon starting zone (Added some spider webs)​
  • Materials of every hair have a better shining (Some of them are to much, but we will fix it in time)​
New Features
  • Kalyskah's idle change when she is hurt.​
  • Added a voice hint for the barrel's puzzle​
  • Added 2 new hairstyles: Short and Bald.​
  • Doggy scene on the gallery menu.​
  • Doggy as a possible pose on the negotiation system.​
  • Against the wall scene added on the gallery​
  • A little reward when the player completes the puzzle.​
  • Dialogue now displays Kalyskah instead of Kaly.​
  • Updates on the lights of some adult scenes​
  • Character customization now has a better interface and it saves the character appearance properly when you reopen the game. Also added a reset button to make Kalyskah go back to default.​
  • Made the secret "Demon" armour more balanced, although it still better than the other armours that the player can find on the normal places of the game.​
Know Issues:
  • Gallery - Kalyskah's breasts don't change on gallery animations (It's always set to default there). We removed the scaling on the gallery because it was causing problems with the animations.​
  • Some of the hair options doesn’t look too good with bright colours, but we will replace them in time.​
  • Negotiation System - Breast shape gets weird on doggystyle and missionary animations if you are not using the default value of it. This will be fixed in version 0.5, where we will simplify and improve the breast size sliders.​
  • Character Customisation - Opacity, glossiness and metalicness are not being saved yet, but we will launch a hotfix on the next week that will fix this.​
  • First release of the launcher featuring the version 0.3.1 of our game.​
  • Launcher features: Verify files to re-download any file that is missing or corrupted; Patron login and logout; If you close the launcher during download, it will restart from where it stooped when you open it again.​
0.3.1 - 2018-09-07:
  • Fixed the crash when loading a level or opening the game.​
  • The game now uses level streaming, which should reduce the loading times between scenes.​
  • Made the trail effect on sword attacks more subtle​
0.3.0 - 2018-08-28:
  • First release of the game​

Known issues:
  • It takes a second to reenable Kalyskah’s movement after the dialogue with Michael is done, but we are investigating what caused it to fix on version 0,7;
  • Menu is showing version 0.6.3;
  • If you want to delete your save to start a fresh game, you can delete files inside the folder C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Kalyskah_RPG

How to update from v0.5.1:
The game is quite large, but you can save a few GB of download by updating it with the launcher.
The launcher that came with v0.5.1 will not work!
  1. Download Launcher_1.1.rar from the bottom of .
  2. Unpack in your Kalyskah folder (NOT the build folder) and replace the old files.
  3. Launch Kalyskah Launcher.exe and wait for the game to update.
  4. Play.

- - - - - -

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Comrade Anulnyat

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Aug 5, 2016
Thank you.
Something tells me, that either there is no new demo, or it didn't make it in here.
There is basically no content, at least I couldn't end the H-scene. You have two poses, one of the has vaginal/anal options.
If you press control or space, you get funny shit like falling through the floor or weird position bug. Nothing else.
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Aug 18, 2016
Is it RPG Maker game or Unity? It has both tags on title.


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Aug 5, 2016
Is it RPG Maker game or Unity? It has both tags on title.
Well, the tag isnt RPG Maker, its just RPG. The game is made in Unity but describes itself as an RPG. Im assuming thats why it had both tags.
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Sep 25, 2016
How much content is in it I really am getting pissed off dling these games that takes 20 minutes to a hour if that to only get blue balled.

Case and point the Sarah's Life or whatever HOLY SHIT that pissed me off played all that shit for a foreplay fest.
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Aug 6, 2016
I don't know where its at as far as scenes are but the creator posts frequently on a couple forums I know of. And there's videos of sex scenes with 2 different men. BUT I don't know if those are in the game.


Oct 12, 2016
Pretty sure this is the unreal 4 engine, and not unity. So it may take a beefier computer to run.


Active Member
Aug 6, 2016
How much content is in this?
I tried it out and it seems to just be strictly a preview. From what I saw the game only really had three different sex positions to chose from and no actual gameplay yet.
And yes sniff was right it is made with Unreal so it probably won't work very well on basic computers.


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Sep 25, 2016
Why is this game taking FOREVER to dl....

Can we get a mega link or something....
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