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Jun 5, 2017
I feel you, it's not my cup of tea either. But the devs are aiming to please a large audience (or are into many things and try to get it into the game) and well...lots of people love slimes so yay for them but there will be more stuff and i'm sure some of it will be for you.^^
Female smiles are a whole different story, its just when they represent a male I'm not too fond of it. Maybe its because I've never been too keen on tentacle stuff and it reminds me of that.
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Jun 21, 2017
Female smiles are a whole different story, its just when they represent a male I'm not too fond of it. Maybe its because I've never been too keen on tentacle stuff and it reminds me of that.
Yeah i understand, tentacles don't interest me too and i get reminded about it if i see slimes.^^ But as i said before, my hopes are high and 2D pixelated platforming with animated lewd elements and good looking CGs is super good in my book.
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Jun 5, 2017
Latest version, from

I'm happy to present you the newest build of Kincaid, exclusive to patrons!
Before I dive into the build and what the focus is, let me just get it out there: The slime is not in it yet! But no worries, I will be releasing a second build later this month, which will have the new sex content. ^w^
This build is focused on new moves Kincaid can do to navigate the world and evade enemies. We introduced double jump, dodge rolling, ducking and sliding.
Ducking is pretty self explanatory. Dodge rolling and sliding evades enemies and projectiles, but it does not protect you from environmental hazards like spike traps. So be careful where you roll that big juicy tushy!
In the final game, these abilities might be unlockables that you don't have from the start.
In order to play the new rooms, choose "Temple of Trials" from the main menu. The old levels are still there and have been changed slightly to address some issues players were having with them.
The Temple of Trials is a set of rooms that will test your skills in using the new abilities and exploring some level design concepts for them.
And just to reiterate: This is not the way we will be presenting levels in the final game. While the game is still in development and we're playing around with different ideas and concepts, we will be making rooms specific for each version for you guys to try things out.
Once Kincaid's abilities and the way you get them are decided upon, we will move to production and create the actual game world her.

Ducking - Down
Rolling - 'E' or RT on the controller
Sliding - Ducking + Rolling
Other new things:
  • Settings menu for video and audio
  • Cute new smooching animation
  • Kincaid is less grumpy when she idles
  • Jump-thru platforms
  • Slopes
  • Moving Platforms

Known Issues:
  • Moving platforms can push or pull you into solid obstacles.

The next steps:
After seeing how people like the new moves and squashing any bugs surrounding it, we will tackle the combat system next. Right now combat is very simple. For the new combat we will introduce combo attacks, dedicated air attacks and experiment with (charged) ranged attacks.
I hope you'll have fun with the new level set!

Warm regards,
Cookie & Null

Edit: seems like rolling is actually D, and not E.
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Nov 13, 2017
Man, this is starting to look more and more like kurovadis and i loved that game. Just the new movement options sounds exciting. I hope this project gets seen through to the end.
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Sep 18, 2018
it's game can be prayed with just one hand?
I recommend you to use AutoHotkey, its a free program that basically lets you change between keys on your keyboard, For using one hand i recommend you to change the directional keys to WASD and jump, attack, etc, to 1,2,3.

If you need any help using it i can help you, Ill leave you a short video that helped me on how to use it:
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Oct 4, 2018
This game is so good! If I wasn't a furry Kincaid would definitely get me there. She is hot as fuck and the writing is good enough to be enjoyed. The whole game looks amazing, the graphics are adorable, and the cg is top notch. If I had something to give I would certainly be a patron.


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Jun 5, 2017
New build when?
I wish there was a forum rule that forbids asking when a new build gets released. People ask it all the time, and I don't get why. How are the people on this forum supposed to know when a new build will be finished? Get in contact with the developer, and ask them themselves. But even they will not know for sure most of the time.
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