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This set shortly after the events of the Lab Rats 1, but will not require any knowledge of it to enjoy. The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system.​

Thread Updated: 2019-08-08
Release Date: 2019-08-08
Censorship: No
Version: 0.19.1
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android
Language: English
3dcg, male protagonist, group sex, mind control, teasing, vaginal sex, anal sex, cosplay

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "executable_name.exe" to start playing.

- Updated main decision menu. Now includes information previously hidden in the "Talk to someone" and "Do something" menus.
- Updated main discussion menu. Now includes information previously hidden in the "Chat about something" and "Special actions".
- Removed "Wait here" button in top left panel.
- Added generic "Wait here" option to all locations. Changes into "go home to sleep" option at the end of the day.
- Updated outfit selection manager. Add, modify, duplicate, delete, and export functionality is now all combined on one screen.
- Removed arbitrary (and poorly enforced) restrictions on naming two outfit sets identically.
- The likelyhood of a women being married is more highly dependant on age.
- Reduced relative likelyhood of any woman being a girlfriend in a relationship (vs. being single, engaged, or married)
- Added High Boots clothing item.
- Added Thigh High Boots clothing item.
- Added short sleeve blouse.
- Added short socks clothing item.
- Added Pumps clothing item and one pattern.
- Increased serum mastery gain from test subject study from 0.1 to 0.2 per interaction.
- Added Leotard clothing item to game.
- Rerendered bath robe in flat white.
- Added flowers bath robe pattern (based on old bath robe design).
- Added Love increase option to improved serum testing action with head researcher.
- Fixed layering inconsitencies with one piece underwear that allowed them to be removed even while held in place by other pieces of clothing.
- Added large, multi-staged event for Alexia after she is employeed by you.
- Re-introduced Nora from Lab Rats 1.
- Added University location, unlocked as part of introduction of Nora.
- Added alternative path to reach research tier 2 when Stephanie is your head researcher - talking to Nora.
- Added several new basic underwear and overwear sets to the default wardrobe.

- Fixed Gabrielle generating with a random relationship type (instead of always being single).
- Fixed outfit changes due to sex being stored as part of the original outfit when that outfit was just assigned to the person.
- Fixed Alexia appearing in the game world before her introduction event.
- Fixed character images not updating properly when a girl takes control in a scene.
- Fixed potential issue with serum production when using multiple assembly lines that would result in 0 production progress.
- Fixed crash triggered when a character would ask to give you a new title.
- Fixed crash related to lack of sex positions with the girl in charge, causing an error when she couldn't have sex.

- Added four new outcomes to drinking event with aunt: outfit viewing, underwear viewing, stripping, and seduction.
- The person information UI now displays any time a character is drawn to the screen instead of having to be explictly invoked in the script.
- Added six new character dialogue fonts.
- Changed Stephanie's font colour to a softer red to improve readability.
- Random characters can now generate with ages down to 18.
- Girls now generate with a relationship status: Single, Girlfriend, Fiancee, or Married.
- Girls now sometimes generate with a number of kids. Older characters and characters in steady relationships are more likely to have kids and more likely to have more kids.
- Updated detailed character info screen to include more personal information.
- Removed "Examine the room" option as it was rarely useful.
- Updated all basic company task tooltips to include the formula used to determine base productivity.
- Tasks now tell you how much production, research, etc. you produce when you perform them.
- Angry emotion can now be shown dynamically during interactions instead of only occuring during story events.
- Added dialogue when you end a sex scene early.
- Slutty and disobedient girls can take control of a sex scene if you try and leave before they orgasm.
- Slutty girls can beg you to stay and help them finish if you try and leave before they orgasm.
- Added dialogue when a girl takes control of a sex scene or when they beg you to keep going.
- Sex position menu now uses textual descriptions instead of sluttiness requirement and cap values.
- Sex position menu now displays tooltips with each position describing the effect it will have on arousal and/or sluttiness.
- Adjusted contrast and whiteness of all hair styles to be more consistent.
- Adjusted default hair colours to be more attractive.
- Replaced "red" hair colour with "chestnut". Now a more natural light red-brown.
- Characters now generate with minor variations between hair tones.
- Changed Stephanie's haircut to a shorter cut that more closely matches her LR1 appearance.
- Introduced Alexia as a special character.
- Added three special events related to Alexia.
- The main character can now wear a condom before having sex.
- Girls may ask or demand a character does not wear a condom before having sex,
- Added climax variations to all sex positions where the main character is wearing a condom.
- Wearing a condom reduces arousal gain slightly for both parties.
- Changed "risking getting pregnant" opinion type to "bareback sex" opinion type. Updated all existing references.
- Girls who are in a relationship now have higher love requirements before they will go on a date with you.
- Girls who are in a relationship now have a sluttiness penalty when you attempt to seduce them.
- Added "cheating on men" sex opinion.
- Girls who like or love "cheating on men" reduce the extra love requirement for going on dates,
- Girls who like or love "cheating on men" give a sluttiness bonus instead of a penalty.
- Added titles and possessive titles for characters who are in relationships or have kids.
- Adjusted required love and sluttiness values needed for Mom letting you stay in the room while she changes between outfits.
- Added flirting dialogue variations depending on a girls relationship status.
- Seduction responses vary depending on a girls relationship status.
- Added muliple variations for sex response dialogue within each personality based on current arousal.

- Fixed type in outfit check for one of the cousin storyline events.
- Fixed sister morning event calling "fully naked" dialogue path even when she had undrwear on.
- Fixed chin/body gap issues present in some sex positions.
- Fixed grey line appearing at meeting point of body and head images.
- Attempted fix for outfits not being imported from .xml wardrobe files on android.
- Fixed clothing image masks improperly being applyed, resulting in semi-transparent outlines of each section.
- Employees will no longer quit during the weekend.
- Thong pattern 1 added
- Lace bra pattern 1 added
- Corset pattern 1 added
- Lace panties pattern 1 added
- Rerendering bobbed and bow hair
- Long skirt being rerendered as monocromatic
- Long Tshirt was rerendered as monocromatic
- Cotton panties added
- Thin panties pattern 1 added
- Added bobbed hair style.
- Improved hair style contrast.
- Added Cousin (Gabrielle) character.
- Added Aunt (Rebecca) character.
- Added Starting wardrobe for Gabrielle.
- Added starting wardrobe for Rebecca.
- Added new "Introvert" personality type and associated dialogue.
- Map screen now uses hex co-ords instead of raw screen position. Map locations updated for new system.
- Added support for events triggered when you enter the same room as someone.
- Added support for events triggered when you start an interaction with someone.
- Added long chain of aunt introduction events.
- Added action for helping your aunt move.
- Added long chain of cousin introduction events.
- Added cousin blackmail related events.
- Added event for sharing drinks with your aunt.
- Temporary sluttiness is now uncapped (was previously capped at core+suggestability+10)
- Temporary sluttiness above core+suggestability returns to normal "core" amount very quickly, up to 5 per turn.
- Temporary sluttiness above core but within core+suggestability converts to core sluttiness, with a suggestability % chance each turn to change 3 temporary into 3 core.
- Temporary sluttiness above core+suggestability has a chance to convert to 1 core sluttiness each turn, with an 100% chance if it is 5 or more higher. Serum use makes corruption faster and more efficent, but is not strictly nessesary.
- Adjusted blue and red character fonts to be lighter and more readable.
- Long sweater pattern 1 added
- Strapless Bra pattern 1 added
- Added a tooltip to serum produciton line screen explaining production weight and autosell thresholds.
- Added indication that giving a performance review will take a turn.

- Fixed incorrect call to mc_title variable in personality dialogue.
- Fixed function typo in mom texting random event that was causing a crash.
- Fixed dialogue typos.
- Removed ability to schedule multiple dates for the end of the week, including multiple dates with the same person.
- Changed home front hall image from old apartment lobby image to new living room image.
- It is no longer possible to bring up the goal screen while in the map movement screen.
- Initial game startup speed has been massively improved. Startup times reduced to between 5 and 10 seconds.
- Added concept of character titles. Each character has a title for themselves and a title for you.
- Character titles are used inside of dialogue in places where their names would previously have been used.
- MC titles are used inside of dialogue in places where the main character's title would previously have been used.
- Added character possessive titles. Possesive titles are used in narration when describing a character's relationship to you.
- Added initial list of titles for each of the three types.
- Each personality can now add their own titles to the general master list a character picks from.
- Character titles and possessive titles now recieve the same formatting the character's dialogue does during narration.
- Character titles and possessive titles now recieve the same formatting when used inside of menus.
- Added ability to talk to a character and change their titles directly. Requires a minimum of 120 obedience.
- Characters now have a random chance to want to reassess their titles when you talk to them.
- Low obedience characters will demand you use a new title or be unhappy. Moderate obedience give you a choice between two they like, but will keep their old title if you wish. High obedience characters give you complete control and are happy no matter what you pick.
- Added "Business Vest" clothing item.\
- Added "Strapless Bra" clothing item.
- Added "Bobbed Hair" hairstyle.
- Added rendering support for "patterns". A pattern is a section of an existing clothing item that can be coloured a secondary colour.
- Six initial patterns added for testing:
- Bra now has "lacy" patern, colours lace separately from entire bra.
- Sports bra has been rerendered to remove clipping and now has "two toned" pattern, which recolours the strapping.
- Sweater dress now has two toned pattern and a star pattern,
- Tshirt now has a striped pattern.
- The tied sweater now has a two toned pattern.
- Added .xml export and import support for patterns. (Add outfit exports to the wardrobe.xml file to add them into your game permanently)
- Outfit creator redesigned.
- Outfit creator now supports patterns. When a pattern is selected you can also select if you are modifying the primary or secondary colour.
- Outfit creator now has a colour swatch. Right click on a colour square to save your currently selected colour. Left click to load the colour loaded in that square. The colour swatch is persistant between games.
- Redid graphics for outfit designer tutorial to match new outfit creator design.
- End of day report now refers to characters by their title.
- Unmet characters no longer report potentially raised sluttiness in the end of day report.
- "Talk to someone" menu and similarly styled menus now provide a preview of the person when the button is hovered.
- Added several more character titles, possessive titles, and MC titles.
- Broken AC crisis now lists requirement for uniform policy to order people to strip down in the heat.
- Serum designer now separates out serum production traits to make it clear that they are required and different.
- Rerendered long sweater dress and Belted skirt to be monotone by default.
- Added new two tone pattern for long tshirt.
- Added new two tone pattern for camisole.
- Added new two tone pattern for belted skirt.
- Added new two tone pattern for sneakers.
- Added new two tone pattern for garterbelt and fishnets.
- Adjusted several whiteness and contrast values for clothing pieces to equalize brightness.
- Added new deepthroat description branch.

- Fixed several spelling mistakes throughout the game.
- Libido inhibitor side effect no longer adds far more sluttiness than it should.
- Fixed hair colours of some characters being incorrect when new characters were generated.
- Fixed some serum trait combinations resulting in a final production cost of 0 (And crashing things later)
- Fixed serum designs being allowed to progress when they lacked any production trait.
- Fixed performance reviews being possible for completely new employees.
- Lily's morning encounter no longer leaves up her detailed UI when the encounter is over.

Console Commands:
mc.money = xx
mc.business.funds = xx

mc.charisma = xx
mc.int = xx
mc.focus = xx

mc.hr_skill = xx
mc.market_skill = xx
mc.research_skill = xx
mc.production_skill = xx
mc.supply_skill = xx

mc.sex_skills["Foreplay"] = xx
mc.sex_skills["Oral"] = xx
mc.sex_skills["Vaginal"] = xx
mc.sex_skills["Anal"] = xx

Win, Linux: - - - -
Mac (0.18.1): - - - -
Android (0.18.1): - - - -

Modding Discussion

Jennifer.jpg Jennifer2.jpg Stephanie.jpg Stephanie2.jpg Work.jpg Serum.jpg
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Sep 9, 2016
"This version won't really be a game (and won't be a numbered version), but it should give a feel for where content will be added and what the gameplay will end up being like. "

Well its a start - last game was fun :eek:penedeyewink:

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Jul 14, 2017
I walked away because lack of sex animation floating body part don't work for me. So question is this new game going to add true sex animation? Way to many game with animation MC to NPC action, If your development is not moving forward then your moving backwards.
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Jul 27, 2017
This one needs to show the penis otherwise there won't be much improvement, the first game is good but this one can be great if it keeps what made the prequel better than average and add to it or remove from it things that make a difference.

A few ideas (+ means good, - means bad):

+ Male genitals
+ Deeper story and dialogue
+ Better facial expressions to make the characters feel less robotic

- Lifeless characters after you break them
- Timed game (I don't know I'm not a big fan of timed games in general so..This could be a personal opinion).
- No buildup for big events especially when the MC bangs someone for the first time, he needs to have a reaction a thought, some dialogue like: "Unbelievable I'm about to bang my hot ass mom, I would never dream of it let alone do it..." stuff like that livens up the game.
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Oct 3, 2017
Very unfinished. Not so much a demo as a skeleton placeholder. Could be good when fleshed out a bit. Pun intended.

Thanks though.
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Sep 9, 2016
is this a remake because honesty the last game in terms of graphics was horrible for a honey select game lack of sex scenes or hard to achieve for mind control game and endless looping of music was kinda shit i honesty never got into the game after corruption starting coming out with more content
You can view the public design document here:

See what you think?
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I am so excited for this game. But I also feel like it won’t be as impactful because you don’t have any characters that the story can latch on to. So I think that having a female companion or such that is stable through the entire game would do a great deal for the story. I remember the reason that I count Lab Rats 1 as one of my favorite games is that I genuinely loved how developed the characters were. I feel like standard dialogue would not carry the same weight as talking with Mom or Alexia and seducing them.
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