Nov 1, 2018
Hey Guys,
I know this is kind of late but, is there any walk through of some kind for the episode 1 of this game. Also is there a way to make the text appear in the scene replays that the game is inbuilt with. If there is can you please let me know how I can do it.
Aug 13, 2016
while coming back to cloud photographer home after getting out of jail in episode 1 an error message pops up in compressed version of game that certain 16341lida%...something somthing.png unable to load and games stops. help needed.
I got this same error at the same place. Does someone know how to solve it?



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Jul 15, 2017
I've not played for ages, is ther anyway to tell what I'm supposed to be doing next?

My last save left of in the nurses room at the school where she was weighing me. I then had a scene in the toilet with the girls photographing me.

No idea what I'm supposed to be doing now. Is there a pattern to this game, go to sleep, do vegetables then X?


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Mar 3, 2019
Hi all, i have a problem:

my game is: ep2 v.07

following the walkthrough, im at beginning of "Lida`s Adventures EP2 v0.3"
After the scene at Abandoned beach, i go to sleep, marcus... but cant do nothing.

The only thing i can do its go to office for work, after office work for mother rose...


this is what i can do in every location:

-Park = nothing
-Forest = nothing (say: go to work for talk to boss)

-Home = Letter from Ellie (say: she stay in hostel for study)
-Neigbor = never at home

-Clothing Store = nothing (Tony only say: Hi Lida)
-Healtcare center = nothing

Shop & Office:
-Grocery Store = only for Food
-Casino = nothing (in this version of game)
-Office = daily work (unlocked black outfit with/without red corset; unlocked "final" punishment with anal dildo,
see boss's sister using dildo machine... currently i can reach 8$ everyday with work)
-Floor 2 (Accounting, Tara) = Nothing
-Floor 4 (???) = code, nothing
-Mother Rose: work (unlocked all option, Dance Naked = 20 whoredom)

Long Street:

Red Light District:
-Sonya = nothing
-Sex Shop = nothing
-Grandma Rose = nothing
-TVG Gamez = nothing
-Cloud = nothing (just say: hello)

-Factory = nothing
-Garage = nothing (Marcus say: im busy, waiting supply for new cars, for money come back in a few days)
(even if i have 350$ for debt)
-Bus = travel beach
-Car Show = nothing
-Photo Studio = nothing
-Hostel = nothing (just change clothes for 1st floor)
-Fat Joe's House = nothing
-Bank = nothing
-Red Admiral = nothing
-Electronic Shop = (food container for 250$; Phone for 1,5k$, laptop 11k$)

Shopping Area:
-Bar = nothing

Police Station:
-Jail = nothing


attacched file: my save (slot 1)

If any1 can help me... :)


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