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Dec 1, 2017
This is for the MAC version::: I don't know if this happened to any one else, but when I was in the scene with Mia about to have some fun the screen randomly shifted so that I only saw the top right third of what was happening in the scene. I could still read the text and click everything, but the images weren't showing in full.
Can confirm I am seeing this issue on multiple scenes (also Mac version), you can try reloading from an earlier save but the problem persists until you restart the app. It always triggers on certain choices preventing you from actually being able to see the full scene. I saw the bug when choosing to have Mia undress, and when Emma tries to join in the shower.

Great start to the game, so hopefully these get fixed for the next release, looking forward to seeing more! Although a native English speaker going over the dialog would certainly help a lot... but not at all a bad first start overall, since bugs and dialog issues are not unexpected for an early release.


Jan 27, 2018
So far, this game is a trip. A short trip. I like the concept, but the UI is kinda clunky. Still, I'm a little curious to see what develops.


Nov 20, 2017
Well sleeping only with Rachel was a dissapointment, at least you get a bj from Mia.
3.00 star(s) 10 Votes