Donnie Brasco

Formerly 'vasili72'
Dec 15, 2018
Katherine anal pages?
I only found one
There is all Katherine anal pages. I don't know which one you find.
1st screenshot. There is bush covering the wall. Clear the bush with machete then smash wall with pick axe.
2nd screenshot. Room where you find Katherine's hat after squirrel left it here.
3rd screenshot. Second floor. Go left and enter in left (unlocked) door. You need showel or screwdriver to reveal this page from chalkboard.
4th screenshot. When you climb here go left and somewhere where is marked with circle.


Jan 31, 2018
Kat = 9, ,go out side, goto the woods entrance, but don't enter, turn left, goto bush, click on bush, machete, click on wall, pickax, grab page..
photo , goto east tower, second floor (where you got Amber = 11,) , in the southwest corner..
code, 3678.. it was vague,, it was in the graveyard off the 4 in a row stones, an the ages, ( 38,68,78,88 )..
how many coins do you have ? 4 ?? ,, if you have 4 ,, buy outfit...
Fantastic Thank you. All done (picture I was missing was actually one next to wheel behind laser, so got it when used the code). Onward to the next update :D


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