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Oct 24, 2017
Can anyone tell me the variables/switches are required to get the anal pig quest (burke) and on what day it is? or a save game with the quest active (not completed) would be even better!

Thanks in advance!


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May 1, 2017
Manila looks hotter. That "baby bump" sorta balances out her proportions better. She doesn't look as cartoony now.


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Jan 13, 2018
I have a love hate relationship with this game. There are so many things right with this game, but the things that are wrong drive me nuts. For example, not everything has to be blackmail. Take this .17 update; she finds the spy camera installed by the plumber and then goes off to look for him! Love it! She finds him and basically kicks his ass. Again, love it! Then she has a choice to arrest him or share the profits with him. I was totally Jones'd about this choice! Again, I loved it! Then when I selected that they split the profits, it turned into a blackmail thing where he becomes a total tool and demands she have sex with him.

Oy. At this point, she is basically a slut selling herself for BJ and HJ at night, plus she has already started to acknowledge she is starting to enjoy these things that keep happening to her so why can't she just agree to be an exhibitionist and share the profits while maintaining some control of the situation? Why did it have to be blackmail?

I get that there needs to be some blackmail (it is in the title after all), but not every situation needs to be forced. Manila has been written as smart and tough... so let her be smart and tough. When someone calls her a bitch after she kicks their ass, let her bitch slap the dude or kick him until he apologizes. If she has been starting to enjoy some of these situations, then let her start using sex to her advantage. I mean, she could have turned it back on the plumber and said something like "sure, I'll have sex with you, but if you cross me again, I am going to rip your dick off".

Sigh... It doesn't have to be Shakespeare, but it could be a lot better.

IMHO... lol.


Oct 30, 2017
can someone pls tell me how to get to the parlour?
or rather where is it.. it says trading city but
I walked all around in sensual at 12 saturday

ahh.. found it.. this thing is crazy!!


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Mar 18, 2019
4 to beat j blue in the beginning of the game?one on one the winning chance is bit high.additional 2 person hmm..a bit unfair..


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Jul 3, 2018
3 to beat j blue in the beginning of the game?one on one the winning chance is bit high.additional 2 person hmm..a bit unfair..
target the guy to the right first as he the least amount of hp, then beat j blue himself. Then go one on one with the guy to the left as he has more hp than the other two. Remember to use your pistol


Jul 20, 2017
i dont know is it bug or its normal. i download game load from old save, was sunday, did some side quests till night 1am and when i want to go to sleep it say "thanks for playing Manila shaw b.o v0.17" and cant play game
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