[RPGM] - [Completed] Marle - The Labyrinth of the Black Sea [v1.02] [Yumenamakon/Kagura Games]

  1. 5.00 star(s)


    Since other people have already reviewed this I'll be talking about minor details that I liked throughout the game.

    - The music is Incredible. Makes journeying through the dungeon and grinding completely different than if the played generic RPGM music.

    - You don't actually have to grind much, or rather it doesn't effect the gameplay significantly that you can one shot mobs.

    - The boss fight has great music and they don't use sex attacks, which, if you're like me, would be potentially crippling for my nympho MC.

    - The scenes from enemies have minor variations every time you get caught.

    - Great CG.

    - The dungeon actually looks nice in some places like the forest.
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    I can say that this is a great game, story is well written and gameplay is like any other turn based rpg but they added a little extra option where you can increase the combat power of Marle in exchange of not being able to control her which is a nice change of pace.

    As for the scenes of the game they are very well drawn and happens in battle so you do not need to get her hp to 0 if you want to see a scene.

    It also correctly depicts corruption that when getting violated a lot you will be subjected to permanents status effects that makes you more vulnerable in battle as well as multiple changes and variations with the scene dialogue.
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    Note: My “review” is general overview of a game and with heavy weight on how much I enjoyed it rather than “critical/objective” rating. In another words my “review” is PERSONAL ENJOYMENT + a bit of “critical” rating/comments.

    +cute MC
    +okay'ish scenes
    +kinda okay storyline
    +likeable CG
    +very straightforward
    +gallery room with few useful features
    +new game plus with useful features
    +fair bit of kinks
    +"achievements" and lewd "traits" also neat as little text service

    -game felt a bit unnecessarily prolonged especially with it's simplicity
    -a bit tame or too simple CG progressions
    -you can get stuck really bad in lewd attack loop

    Long story short. Even though it's kinda lame lewd RPGmaker games as far these types of games go. I did actually bother playing until end and seeing pretty much every scene. It has few neat features here and there, but aside that it's basically little bland and awkward corruption game.

    But... I'll give it a thumbs up as game was fine enough to not drop it.

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    Pretty good sex scenes, combat and crafting system and ok story. There's quite a bit of depth to the scene variations depending on your statuses. There's almost no customization and the combat can be pretty difficult and grindy on normal settings.
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    The CG is pretty good & at least it isn't censored, but the plot & gameplay feel like it fall out rather short & way too punishing for losing. Excessive losing would cause the protagonist to have several irreversible trait.

    At certain floor, the amount of unit & their movement speed making it impossible to avoid those unit especially when you're being chase by worm at the same time.

    To be honest, it also feel a bit grindy. But that is my own pov, try it yourself to check it out.
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    Short but hot.

    I always appreciate a game that doesn't need me to play like a toddler bashing the keyboard to get the scenes, nor just blindly attack to victory. Unless you grind like crazy, the MC will get fucked eventually even if you play well simply because she gets worn down. And if you don't play well, you're going to lose, hard.

    A notable point this game actively punishes you for losing too much, giving you negative sexual passives. You might skip turns randomly against enemies MC has been fucked too much by, or she might spontaneously gain a lust effect, etc. It's actually a very awful idea that breaks all the rules of game-making, but for a H-game, it's a pretty novel way to really hammer in the idea that the MC has been corrupted, rather than just from H-scenes.

    ADDENDUM: Fortunately, the game never actually becomes unwinnable, as the passives only seem to activate on enemies that can rape you. It incentivizes the increasingly weakened MC to move smartly and tactically to avoid enemies, instead of just blasting through them. Levelling/Getting all of MC's skills is also pretty easy, as all enemies are EXP bombs if you do manage to kill them. As long as you can get to the bottom of the dungeon, you are still capable of clearing the game.

    Unfortunately, the large effect corruption has in battles is cancelled out by the nonexistent effect corruption has on the story/ending, a complete reverse of other H-games. The townspeople may know Marle is a huge nympho in events, but the actual town itself never undergoes any important change. There is only one ending.

    The base combat system is average (no elemental RPS, you only have a small repertoire of spells), but it gets slightly spiced by how MP is hard to come by yet also very crucial, so you need to decide if you can afford to ram through the horde you see, or patiently weave through them.

    The lack of an unlock-all-CG button is a big minus, though, especially when coupled with the idea that you can't stack too many negative passives yet some of those are necessary to see extra scenes. There might be an unlock-all on the second playthrough?

    In the end, I enjoyed it, but looking at it objectively, it has some flaws that make it an average romp instead of a must-play.
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    Was on the short side for sure, it had hooks but no plot line to pull you in, "who's the mc?" oh a all powerful mage that slayed a dragon with friends you never then hear or see any more. "All powerfull mage?" Well for plot reasons she is suddenly weakened but fights through it in by just leveling to get spells back but no noticeable stat up. "What about villains?" ya got some random girl that does nothing, just wants to have your title, and you send her to jail, done "Does it end well?" all I'll say is this game felt like a poor prequel and poor sequel plot wise in the end.
    Typical rpg maker but hard to stat up without equipment and only a few spell, mc gets raped too often "Two enemies did the same move? Well prepare your ass then!" "Won against a random enemy? Impregnation for you!" even the short versions of scenes drag on forever.
    [porn content]
    Repetitive decent content is still repetitive, and so far as I can tell there are few if any events with cg outside of monsters and a status inflicted on you randomly in a fight coming back in town. Also, on completion no cg unlock button, you can run through again with a choice of stats and no reward to speak of. Also the credits remain in Japanese as well as all back end data, which is why I'm guessing a lot of items don't seem to fully work and the monster room is buggy.
    Decent game if ya want a quick time but lacks depth and makes you fight for the bit it has, could have been better if further developed.