[Unity] Midnight Paradise [v0.2] [Lewdlab]

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Sep 26, 2016
There are various kinds of people on here but a very vocal group hates any engine that involves any sort of gameplay.

RPGM, Unity etc... if it involves more than clicking to move to sex scene then some people will rage against it some will even demand an engine change even if it's not possible. I've seen people demand games like Legend of Queen Opala, Roundscape Adorevia etc.. be changed from RPGM to Re'npy. Those are full on RPG's which means a move to Ren'py would literally be just a slide show with no context or substance.

There are also a lot of people on here that aren't gamers.

The reason RPGM gets hate is because people get lost on the maps and don't know how to progress because they have never played an actual game before so exploration confuses them. Not saying that to be a bitch, that's the complaints I see. Unity tends to be the same, games made on that tend to either be full movement or at least sandbox VN that involves using a map to navigate.

Again, not saying this to be bitchy but there are people that demand walkthroughs for games that have 2 kinds of options the obvious good one and the obvious bad one. I've seen people complain about dating sims because they couldn't get the girl they wanted when the only thing they had to do was not be a dick to her.

Long story short, do what you want to do. You will find a player base but you will never please everyone.
While this may apply for some, i 'd say there are other legit reasons to dislike the engines you mentioned. I've played pretty much every major cRPG since the 90s and yet I hate adult RPGm games with a passion. Because most devs use it as a way to artificially extend gametime between h-scenes with pointless fetch quests and badly made maps that result in walking simulators. It's yet another way to milk Patreons. There are a few who manage to deliver quality games despite all that, like Opala and Adorevia but they are still the minority.

Also Unity can be an amazing engine if you know what you are doing with it. Most devs here don't have the experience and/or the team size to handle it properly and it results in broken games. I 've played Unity games from here that have been more resource-intesive than current AAA games.
Nov 18, 2018
Animation works fine but it's just on a loop like i cannot do anything else, i can go to the kitchen and repeat the talk with brother/mom again and again and again....it won't end. I've tried 32 and 64bit and it's the same thing really, cannot save and cannot skip time either.

P.S to anyone saying it's PC fault well it's not. I've got a 8th gen i7 with a 2060 so yeah that's not the problem.
Restart the story, it worked for me. Seems old saves are not working properly. After that, not a single bug.
Sep 6, 2017
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Feb 4, 2018
Having read most of the posts on this thread I am still confused about an Incest Patch, is there anything out there , now or promised, or is this a "Landlady" game for ever.
You just take the empty file and put it where lewdpatcher tells you to put it. The game will detect the file and adapt the names. You will also have to start a new game (it seems the names get remembered in save files.

Aside from that - I've run into Pretty much every single Bug mentioned on both the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows versions and am now just giving up on the current release. It's just too much of an headache. I hope LewdLabs will be able to achieve what he sets out to do with 0.3 and get the kinks in the engine worked out.
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Jan 4, 2018
Some of it is my fault and some are the fault of my team members'.
Honestly, I feel like I'm being let down and in turn I feel like I'm letting you guys down.
And this doesn't feel right at all.
Feels pretty unprofessional for him to throw his team members under the bus like that. If there's a problem deal with it internally or find a new team and notify us afterwards. I don't see how publicly calling them out like that is going to improve the situation, if anything it will just embitter them.
3.80 star(s) 19 Votes