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Jun 16, 2017
She's young. She's got tits. She's got a pussy.

She's a whole lot like Sarah.
By that logic, Macy is like Sara and Caroline and Mom. And Aunty. And every other female in the game.
The one thing I'd like to see implemented is a "Skip Twins Content" option. It was so very underwhelming.


Mar 18, 2019
I wonder how this threat will get full when the game comes out ... because the game is on hold and have over 1000 ...


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Sep 4, 2017
Jeez... Nothing changes does it? Same s**t different day! :rolleyes:

I'm not going in to the whys and wherefores about people who can't be arsed to check back a few posts, let alone not even checking the first page either, to see if the game's been updated or not!
With the exception of a few posts I made recently, it's been about 76 pages since I was last on here, I did a check to see when I last posted on here before going "offline" prior to my return after my "interlude", (I was in hospital for an operation), sad ain't it!? :)
It's still basically the same Q's.
Is the game "abandoned" or when's the next update etc.

And for those who can't be arsed to check.
The game is showing as 65% done, although Icstor has been back for about two weeks now, and posted an image on Discord to boot, people do ask the same on there as well too and get short shrift from the Mods on there too with regards to certain aspects of the game and when the next update is due.

Don't like waiting? :unsure:
Go play another game as there's plenty out there to keep you occupied. :whistle:


May 16, 2017
We’re halfway through june, is there any news of progress on his discord? And before anybody starts losing their shit I know he’s back to work on it but posting saying “I’m back” doesn’t tell anybody what his progress is
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