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Jun 16, 2017
honestly most u people are probly young an dont understand anything it has been over 7 month since we had an update and since then he took a 2 month break plus push the release date back plus complained about having work on caroline story for dis update even if we do finally get a update in august it will probly be rushed an short not trying take away he does amazing art work but it does also seem like he milking his patreon now for money people are just blind because he releases 1 or 2 fan art images so they keep donating many people going disagree an talk sh*t but honestly i dont give a sh*t it my option an im just speaking the truth
Ever hear of a small thing called "punctuation"?
For someone who claims not to give a shit, you sure had a lot of shit to give.


Apr 23, 2017
Does anyone know if the redheaded woman in the picture near mc's bedroom and Sara will show up sometime? And will Cinty have scenes with her?
I think it was mentioned that the picture of her is just a render Icstor did for fun at some point and she's got nothing to do with the story.


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May 16, 2017
Ever hear of a small thing called "punctuation"?
For someone who claims not to give a shit, you sure had a lot of shit to give.
With so many people using translators here you are going to go grammar Nazi? You guy should ignore the trolls more. Instead of constantly stirring the pot. I follow a few games that have had long gaps. I see the same questions about the games being abandoned. The difference I noticed is the replies. The responses are not hostile and condescending. DMD and here are the only places I find people so attached to the developer.
Someone mentioned this was his favorite thread. Mine too I guess. After 3 pages got deleted for BS things got quiet. Now it seems like things are back to normal. Well normal for an Icstor page that is.


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Jul 26, 2018
1,100 posts and you didn't know you could read prior posts? Come on...

Would you like someone here to chew your food for you?
His posts are most of the time asking about updates and saves to sex scenes in games.The fact that he has 1100 posts means absolutely nothing.
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