Apr 30, 2018
It is INSIDE the drawer ?????
I can't find it. I looked in that drawer everyday for a week in game. Drawers are empty. I already found the hidden space in the bookshelf and been to zuris house.

Don't know if it's glitched or what. Pretty much reached endgame with everyone else


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Oct 27, 2017
I can't find it. I looked in that drawer everyday for a week in game. Drawers are empty. I already found the hidden space in the bookshelf and been to zuris house.

Don't know if it's glitched or what. Pretty much reached endgame with everyone else
People! Ask in the walkthrough not in the main thread!

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Apr 27, 2017
Hi to everyone. Perhpas when somoene see me quote fear the thing i can say.
This game is one of me favorite game in me top list, so i really need to say something.
First of all... all the girls/women in game look very stunning and beautifull.
Let me say... till the old update me list of beauty was like this:
For beauty i mean only beauty, not plot realted-retarded. I do not want to offend anyone and that's why I'll explain later why I wrote retarded plot. Maybe the developers will understand and change some little things.

1)Mom (Linda)
Till v0.3 the mother was the most beauty and sexually plot realted i see in this game.
For the first time a mother in a game who is hungry for her son! So is funny to see every new thing that mother invented to stay alone with her son.

2)Caroline (old sister)
Till v0.3 the main plot of the story of Caroline let us know and understand who type of woman she is: Strong, indipendent, lovelly and romantically girl/woman. Who hed some boyfriend in her past. Better say.... "some" I explain it later after the two quote i post.

3)Sara (sister)
Till v0.3 she is basically the most romantic and cute girl in this game, nothing more, she is just cute and romantically. And i like that. So i hope she remain like that. And do not become a slutty type around other ppl.

4)Therapist Judy:
Who to say? I expect a huge thing with this charater, but till now... nothing happen. So disappoint.

5)Celia (teacher)
Who to say? The main purpose in life for the MC, he wanna revenge but till now, i only do stupid thing.
Also the Ass sex in the bathroom was not so intense and sexually to say wow i wanna fap on this. But her apparence are really beauty. So i hope to see better plot and better sex thing with her.

I do not remember if in v0.3 Aunt was a full lesbian, i remember only a little chat, but never about she is a lesbiand. But this is not the problem. The problem perhaps can come after the v0.4 i write about it after the two quote.

Great body, she give us a BJ thanks to Caroline. Nothing more. I really hope to see more sex scene with her.

8)The Twin
I hope to see more content in future, but... ho well this two twins at last for me are not so beautifull compared the other women/girls in game.

If i remember correctlly there is other 3 girls in town.
Lily - a friends of Sara
Daliah - another stupid girls in school pool
Macy - A classmate of MC

To little content to say something about them. Now i quote two post. One is form Onyxdime the writhing about this game:

Hi everyone,

For those of you who don't know me, I'm the writer for the game.

I just wanted to make a short announcement regarding Caroline.

*There are some minor spoilers for 0.4 included within this post, so I would urge you to read at your own caution.*

I've been given some leeway to write scenes as I see fit based upon the images provided. In some instances, this has allowed me to develop characters' backstories beyond what ICSTOR had originally designed or envisioned.

In this instance I chose for Caroline to have several ex-boyfriends given that she's a young woman in her mid-twenties. It only seemed natural that she would have had some previous relationships by that age. I didn't anticipate that it would lead to a backlash in any way. I strongly disagree with some individuals' claims that she is "the town bicycle" or a "slut," but I'm not here to start an argument.

One of the purposes of Caroline's exes was to provide a sharp contrast of how they treated her, compared with how the player treats her. The nightclub scene served as an example of such. Gradually, as Caroline and the player do more together she realises that nothing is the same as it was with her exes. She gets butterflies in her belly with every kiss, she experiences pleasure that past partners never gave to her, and she learns that she might be able to have a healthy romantic relationship with the player.

Another reason I chose this is because I felt it fitted well with her character. Caroline is a character who strives for maturity and independence (Granted, she can't always achieve her goals on her own). It made sense for her to be proactive in her social life, as well as her work life. This is why I wrote her character as having multiple previous relationships.

The final reason is that Caroline is a character who enjoys sex. She's more than happy to use it as a reward for the player when they assist her in her shop. Why would such a character who is both fiercely independent and
positive about sex choose NOT to date and try to find a boyfriend?

I do apologise if you are unhappy with how Caroline's backstory has developed. Any blame for that lies entirely with myself, and not with ICSTOR. At present, I am working with ICSTOR to make small alterations, including editing away references to multiple previous partners. Thankfully, in this medium of art, nothing is set in stone and adjustments can quickly and easily be made to resolve potential issues.

The most productive conversation that can probably be had regarding this is: Are you happy with any of the women having former partners? (Obviously some like Linda require at least one former partner for logic's sake.)

If the answer is a resolute 'no', then I know I can irk away from it during future versions of this game.

I'll remain around for the next hour or so to answer questions - but it's an extremely active thread, so if I don't get back to you I'm probably swamped replying to other users.

I understand all the thing you wanna say, but... i really need to say something. Because i think some writer do not understand something when he start to write something.
When you say Caroline need to have several boyfriend before all this happen i cant say nothing to this.
Why? Because she have xx year and surelly she had some sex experience, She is a beautifull girls and for girls like that, is almost impossible that she is a virgin. The plot need to be also real and not a Dreamworking project. So... there is nothing wrong with that.
The real problem... become when she start to say.... who she do whit all her boyfriend! why the fuck we need to know about this? I think the main fan of this game are like vanilla boys/men. I mean ppl who like to play a game where with mc we can build an harem and have all the girls/women only for us. So no other man around because we hate other man.
So this kind of word like.... Caroline say about her past several boyfriend are usless! She can say that in her past she hed a piece of shit as a boyfriend, but nothing more! Why we need to know that she give loot and loot of BJ to other boys? Or how she let the other grinding around her pussy and some time she let them fuck!? WHY we need to know about that? This are usless info who we do not need.

This kinda of shit revelation really tourn on you dick? Know that other boy bang her really give you a bone?
I think that for the 70% off ppl this tourn to be a soft spot where the dick become soft and the fappy time become worse. As i said, Carline past is ok, but we do not wanna know anything about that past.

Also please when you write the plot, next time stop to add the same clichè. Who i mean with cliche:
When MC is at the date with Caroline, and the ex boyfriend touch her tit. The two choice are almost the same!
1) If you use the choice to: Grab her hand, her ex boyfriend kick you ass with a Chuck Norris move!
So i say... ok if i grab her hand thats happen. So lets try the other choice.
2) The other choice is: Punch the bastard one in the face (i use this choice is more satisfied) the intere plot do not change! Well let me be more precise, if i use the Punch, Caroline is more happy and sexual attracted to MC. But the upcoming never change! MC punch the face of the ex boyfirend, he just withdraws a few steps and then... He run toward MC with a fucking chair and break it on him! So in bot choice MC go down and lose the fighet! This is stupid!
Why every time the mc need to be so week!? If we have choice, we also have the possibility to overcome some little thing. So in this case lets us kick in the ball the ex boyfriend.

Also continue with the story we know that the ex boyfriend continue to sand message to Caroline! wtf! I am really bored to continue to fighet this guy again and again! Only for the plot. Do not stretch the broth with water. you only ruin the plot like this. She se us protect her, and she continue to write to that idiot? Yeah she explain to us why she write, but in me mind something say that you plot go more then just write to that ex boyfriend. And i really hope i am wrong.
Anyway the intere plot of Caroline is good. I like the shopping/photoshot with her. Was much better if for some fun we can do freely all the photoshot with Caroline, just for fun or for replay all the photo with her.

Now Lets speak about the sensual and lesbian Aunt.
The plot is in some way solid. But is the oucoming that give me some problem.
As we see Yazmin is not a full lesbian, so she time to time wanna a cock in her pussy.
So she come up with this plan that if she gradually let her (the aunt) fuck with someone, she become less scary.
I am no say that this is not good as a plan. But as i say the upcoming give me fear.
Are you planing to let the aunt become some slut women who fuck every men after? I really hope not!
Because the plot become so shit that you ruin all. First of all the aunt is lesbian. So if a lesbian really accept to do sex with a male, surelly she do not do sex with other male. The first male she fuck become like a special one that is the only one who can enter in her life. So the only male in this case is MC. Because is stupid that after some session, she start to go out and fuck with other male. Only to pleasure her wife Yazmin. And i really hope you writhing remain on:
Aunt/Yazmin fuck only with MC! Again... we do not need other male who fuck in this game.
I can understand if for plot related you add male, but they need to stay only in the background, not sex for them.
If these male in background do sex, the sex action are with other girls/women not related to the harem or with all the girls/women mc can fuck.

So please if you can... remain the plot like this. The game is around MC, not with other male boys or men.

And now is the time to quote the other boy, because he writed something that really do not like also to me.

This is just a guess on my part as to why there were somewhat negative impacts on Caroline compared to Linda.

Liza told the MC that Linda was very sexual during her youth (she still actually is with the MC) and swinging both ways at that but she never stated any number and/or sexual activities done to become a reference when a person is to use his imagination.

Caroline on the other hand tells the MC about her exes, flings, and other types of relationships she's had with men including the sexual activities she's had and the situations that led to such activities. There was a lot of information that could swarm a person's imagination hence the various judgments posted in this thread about Caroline. One posted that I think was on the mark was "Too much information". In my opinion, Caroline's backstory is beautiful in its own right. The way that backstory was presented caused many negative opinions about Caroline causing her to be misunderstood.

Comparing the presentation of Linda's and Caroline's past. Linda's didn't cause an "uproar" compared to Caroline's and to think that both their past sexual encounters were relatively the same (Linda's past might've been a hell lot wilder).
As Valoryn writen you give to us to many info, that are usless! All that info are only negative. Also the info that the aunt give to MC about his mother! Who the fuck! I do not wanna know how many men, MC mother had in her past life!
But there is no autor that can write a good story without ruin the good side of the mother!
Why always the mother in game need to be so slutty? Why someone think that know the past of a girls or a women excited the user? Let me say something.
If you go out with a girls/women. do you wanna ear how she fuck with other? I think no?
Because if a girl or a women start with... me latest man hed a cock like this and that this is much bigger then your, surelly you cock from bone go in soft mode. I do not think that if that woman say, i suck his coc like a pro, then you kiss that woman XD The only think about i am kissing a girl who have give blow job to someone let me dick go soft and i barelly wanna kiss her. I do not know your all, but i think for almost all men are like this.

Is not a problem if from plot the women/girls in game have had boyfriend. But give us to much information ruin only the plot of the game. As i say is not a problem if Aunt say MC's mother have had some relationship with man, so surelly see me with a girls and know that i was lesbian give her some problem.
But... know something like.... you mother fuck so many man in her past youth not! Something like that you can also avoid to write. Give to us the info we need without let us know to much.
At last this is how i think a good plot is writed. You are doing a good thing, but you give to us to many info that the 70% of the user do not wanna know. The plot need to give us more excitament time. But with to many info, the excitament go down, istead of go up.

Anyway thank you for lets us play this new update. Caroline body is so awesome! But Man i can wait to see more mother content, because me prefer genre is mother/son.


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Jun 11, 2017
What are you talking about? I don't care ICSTOR how much money(this is not my job) I'm just a player and I'm just my opinion. What the problem? What porn? What do you mean is PORN? You say "You watch porn movie man!" or "what you want porn man!?" I don't understand what does that mean? This game is no porn? This is only art? This is dramatic game or science fiction game? Who the fuck is Alice? Am I against oral sex or Am I a moral person or something else? No! No! No! I'm just bored and 'm really disappointed by the Caroline and Linda because the game itself has started again (especially in main characters)
I did not say bad game. Perfect design animation, story etc. but ...
There is a censorship on this issue, can not we define our ideas for improvement? OK. then this last comment is that you do not worry and I'm so sorry.
No all you want is to start up a game and within 30 seconds of playing you want to see a dick in a pussy!

Because everything else is not REAL sex!
Which is only true when 15 year olds are discussing their loss of Virginity!


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Aug 6, 2016
Anybody got an eye on the poll results for the next update. Interested to see if we have a shot at seeing characters we haven't seen in awhile.
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