Jan 12, 2019
Hello Everyone! I'm new and still on going playing this game.
Sadly, I got stuck when climbing Liza house because the bar is going too fast so that I cannot get the pace to click on the hand icon, ending with 10 Lose in a row.
Is there any tips about this unlucky situation?
Jan 12, 2019
Pick one direction of the moving bar when you click. Like, only click when it moves upwards, ignore any downward movement, or vice versa.
Click about one second before the bar reaches the correct area.
Thank you for the tips...
For my correction update, the bar showed more like blinking rather than moving upward-downward... o_O


New Member
Aug 2, 2018
i really hope this update adds a ton of stuff and not just a couple hrs more of gameplay with a cliffhanger I totally llove this game itits the best


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Nov 18, 2018
What I did with the idiot bar was save as soon as I was able to move a step forward. Move, save, move, save. Fall? Reload to the last save. Tedious, but it worked.
May 28, 2018
Somebody give me the money hack.
You might find that playing the memory game is a lot easier. You only need about $600 for the whole game. It is also a way to break up some of the required repetitiveness. I recommend saving after every win just in case you lose the next game.


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May 30, 2017
Is the Teacher storyline ever going to update? I feel like that's the one that's gone the longest without an update.
It's literally the next update, do a little reading.
allready???? shit.....is there MIlfy city vol2 or something?
End of current content maybe, the game isn't finished still along way to go. The girls who currently have content are Linda, Sara, Caroline, Celia and Liza.

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