Oct 29, 2018
i am stucked with linda. i played and finished with the 2 sisters but cant do anything with linda. while playing sara, i took money from bob and the book but now i cnt open new dialogs. when i talk with linda the morning she only ask me to do the dishes and bob always turns me away. is it something i can do to open this path?
Oct 29, 2018
i have done linda but now stucked with zuri. i have asked her about bobs trip, she has invited me to her house, house appears on map but anytime i try to go, it says under construction
Oct 29, 2018
I like your choice about Sara, but please do not post sth. like this here. This thread was latetly cleared because people start argueing whether or not Sara should be dumpstered or loved!

Mods will keep watching... :)
Why not both? There's a dumpster in the alley where you meet with Caroline's friend. Love her in the dumpster there :p


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Dec 20, 2017
Im pretty sure Icstor has a gambling addition and is in debt because he is milking the fuck out of his supporters. He is pulling at least $15,000 a month at this point. That’s a doctor’s salary in the United States. There is no reason for not hiring help to crank these updates out faster.
Be happy you get at least some proper progress, there are a few games on Patreon that promise updates within a week and a month later you get 2 mins of story for one character.

People can always stop supporting him/them if they aren't happy, it clearly doesn't bother people as much as it does you. Don't forget they/he has multiple games on the go, that will appeal to people, getting two games for their money.
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