Jul 21, 2017
Ok. Now I dont know what to do

As the walkthrough says, Dereck is supossed to receive me in his house and show me the folder. But I cant enter. I knock on the door every f*ckin day and it says "no response"

Can someone help me?

Ps: this game is too slow due to the menus. I mean the items and things like that. You need to say infinite times that you are sure of what you do. And the shop as well. You need to make hundreds of clicks just to buy an item


Well-Known Member
Jan 22, 2018
What a beautiful game. I've finished it, but I want more of it. I'll be waiting for the next updates, if there they are.
The game is complete, there will be no more updates, if not perhaps the upload of the EX+ version.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to put the "completed" tag in the thread title.

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