[VN] - [Others] - [Completed] My Little Sister Can't Possibly Have A Hemorrhoid? [Final] [lyricbox]

  1. 4.00 star(s)


    This is one of the best H-games I have ever played. Period.

    while this game has a less than appealing title, the game’s art, story and especially dialogue really makes the game worth playing.

    The game’s CG is exquisite, it both cute and hot, and better yet, it’s uncensored! The only thing that brings it down is the lack of animation, but that isn’t a big deal.

    But what really matters is the dialogue; which is to say, perfect. The humorous tone really lends the game well; as it makes the story featuring incest and non-con (kinda?) feel so much more wholesome and light hearted. Many of the lines of dialogue between the characters are 100% quotable, and not only engages me to read the text (something a lot of games don’t do) but leaves me laughing out loud.

    Overall this game definitely hits the spot perfectly between being a fun game that isn’t afraid to be a bit silly, and being an actual H-game with scenes, a story and everything else. My only complaints are that there could be animations and that there could be more overall, but these are small potatoes.

    8/10 has a little something for everyone
  2. 4.00 star(s)


    Just a warning to those that are put off by loli...this is pure loli. When I do indulge in this sort of thing, I absolutely require that there be no coercion of the girl, that this passes that test superbly. She is totally into it but with a charming reservation and innocence.

    The writing and artwork are done very well and even the sex sounds, which so often are off putting in Asian titles, is appealing.

    I only dropped a star because there is no animation, and not having that makes it a bit less fappable for those of us who are jaded.

    Overall, well worth a download if you are into incest with an adorable sibling who is eager to experience the joy of sex with her brother.
  3. 4.00 star(s)


    Its a visual novel only with no gameplay including choice which only reason I dropped 1 star.

    The writing and artwork are great and despite the title it doesn't go there at all. The humor doesn't let up from start to finish.

    Did get the feeling was going to be more chapters with evolving relationship between sisters BF and MC plus introduction of a bad guy late with a grudge, almost as if this was a prequel to something more. Really hope so because the little sis is very very dangerous in a wonderful way.

    Not sure if intentional but every chapter explores grey areas between implied consent/non consent and verbal consent/non consent without ever getting dark.
  4. 5.00 star(s)


    Better than i ever anticipated with that frickin title (As i look up what 'Hemorrhoid' looks like). At first, i expected everything to went badly wrong and makes me regret downloading this but its not. Everything is goddamn beautiful it brought me to the verge of tear (and etc;)
  5. 5.00 star(s)


    I'm not usually a VN person, wall of text just puts me off. But the title of the game got to me so I had to try...

    ... and the writing is GOLD.

    Sees lil sis' crotch for the first time:
    "it was hard to believe that pink wrinkle of flesh was the exit for waste. It was like a flower bud."

    Oookaayyy Shakespeare!

    Caught masturbating by lil sis:
    "I had lost something really important in an instant. The people witnessing the stock market crash in the 80s must've felt the same way."

    I don't believe I've laughed that hard towards a porn before in my life.

    The accompanying art is great too btw.