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Oct 1, 2018
I was stuck in Naira lv14. Auto events in the morning do not appear
Sometimes another girls event (or a Sunday one) needs to be done first, maybe try doing some of the other girls events for a bit. When it's ready it should just trigger as soon as you wake up I think.
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Jun 24, 2019
It's from the PC version, not sure if it'll work on Android. If you want to try it the Android the save folder should be...


Edit - Looking at the files in the official save from the opening post it should work.
I finished v0.9.0 but I deleted it to download v0.10.1. So I lost the save file of v0.9.0. If there is a full file of v0.9.0 then please give me


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Jun 24, 2018
Well that was definitely one way to satisfy those with a pregnancy fetish.

Officially approved by the state of Alabama.


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Jun 24, 2018
I feel like I've missed a very critical scene...
If you followed everything from the walkthrough you shouldn't have. But basically the new character Jessa you can impregnate her and her stomach grows to be 9 months big pretty much instantly.
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Mar 8, 2017
Jikei posted
Dev Update - What to expect in v0.11

Hello everyone, today we want to give you guys an update on how development is progressing with v0.11. Lots of new events are being worked on for our adorable Jade. For a while, we've been planning to release a Jade-heavy update and this will finally happen in the upcoming version.

Of course, you'll get to experience some stimulating new events for the manor residents as well. More details on that in another post!

New characters who were introduced in v0.10 will get new progressable stories too. If you've been with us on Discord, you might already know of one new character that Phreeoni (previously known as Nocht) is vehemently working on. We are working on delving more into our other characters' lives and portraying their stories in meaningful ways.

This version is definitely keeping us busy, but rest assured that we're putting in every effort to to make sure that v0.11 will be a smooth and exciting experience for you and the girls. As always, thank you all for supporting our development and helping us tell the stories of the alluring Mythic Manor girls!

Jikei & Phreeoni
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