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Nov 15, 2018
Everything way to focused on H content and choices make no difference. The actual story has not even been developed and we now getting secondary characters H arcs, We still not had a single security event which supposedly why you there and no one has even mentioned Greg let alone hinted at why he left, if he was liked or disliked. The few quests so far are extremely cumbersome, blocked by time triggers and in end goes nowhere. Your choices in arcs make no difference and regardless if smart assed bully or romantic guardian you get exactly same result. Finally you cant do anything to stop Velle using her powers to NTR and buly rest of girls, you get a few chances to stop some minor things if you unlock her far enough but even then she usually has her fun anyway at expense of MC and Harem members. To me its a disorganised mess that has very linear arcs for girls and no real story progress even though it was set up with clear story in mind. Really don't get the hype this game getting.
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