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Jul 22, 2018


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Hello, I plan to upload the first NSpixAnim Alpha version here in a few days.
The software is about connecting pixels with bones to create animations. In the current state, creating animations, connecting pixels to bones and exporting to animated gifs is possible. Until the release, it should also be possible to export sprites and individual frames.
Since it is not yet possible to import images dynamically in a certain size, I would like to know which size is preferred. Current maximum pixel size is 128px (import 256x128 .. result is 128x64)

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Hallo, ich habe vor, in ein paar tagen die erste NSpixAnim Alpha version hier hochzuladen.
Bei der Software, geht es darum Pixel mit Knochen zu verbinden, um so animationen zu erstellen. Im aktuellen zustand sind animationen erstellen, die verbindung von Pixeln zu Knochen und das exportieren zum Animierten-Gif möglich. Bis zum Release soll es auch möglich sein, Sprites und einzelne frames zu exportieren.
Da es noch nicht möglich ist, Bilder dynamisch in einer bestimmten größe zu Importieren, würde ich gerne wissen, welche größe bevorzugt wird. Aktuelle maximale pixelgröße ist 128px (Import 256x128 ..Resultat is 128x64)


Version: Dev start

-Fixed "Frame to Frame" Smoothness
-Removed Scale over 1.0f (Pixel-Artefacts by Scaling)
-Addet Bone-Contol to Change/Show values
-User can change Animation Endframe
-Set Max. Animation-Frames to 100
-Save Layer and Load Layer value
-Addet DynamicBoneType {Static,Dynamic,None}
-Addet Rotationoption to Rotate Bones
-Changed NSImage to Add Pixels with Filteroptions
-Changed GIF-Exporter
-Addet FPS-Class to Calculate Frames per Second & Deltatime to Play Realtime(30FPS) Animations
-Addet GIF-Exporter(Problems with Loop in Gif)
-Addet Zoom and Movement for Camera
-Addet Physic Classes (Default and BreastPhysicTest)
-Addet Animator to Create and Play Animations (Current 25 Frames)
-Addet Weights for Pixels to Bone
-Addet "Lock Bone"
-Addet Save & Load Methods to Save & Load Projects with animation
-Addet Bones & Transformations (Scale,Move)
-Addet NSImage to Write fast Pixels
-Addet Multi Skeletons
-Add Calculations to Convert Coordinates from Local to World

Missing for Alpha 1
-Color Filters
-More Physic Types
-Scaling in Direction (IMPORTANT)
-Copy/Past (Bones/Frames)
-Remove FrameKey for Single-Bone
-Write ImagePath in Savefile
-Sprite Exporter, Frame-By-Frame Image Exporter

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Jun 10, 2018
I'd suggest to include a bit more general infos like what can be imported, the image you used looks like it has a background, so is it possible to crop the sprite, is it possible to make long animations, or are you limited to a specific number of frames?
Je mehr Info's desto besser ;)


Jul 22, 2018
@recreation So currently a maximum of 100 frames are provided and at least 2 frames must be used.
JPGs of all sizes are currently being imported (PNG and BMP are coming). When importing, the size is adjusted automatically (max. 128px). The pixels that have no weights (background) play no role in the animation. They can be shown or hidden (Reference). If it should be, I'll make it so that you can export the background with.
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