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[Ren'Py] Second Happiness [v3.4] [Vnorth]

  1. 2.00 star(s)


    review based on 3.4 version.
    - CG not so worst, i can remember much worstest
    - lot of content
    - CG . many other games have much better
    - grinding... no, i mean OVERGRINDING. its mean not money- u must repeat huge amount times some ur actions to reach adavancing char story
    - playthrough- even with ig hints u 100% ll stuck without reading code.
    - again CG- looks like game developed by bunch different people, check icons on map- my eyes bleeding...
    - code... huge mess. looks like game was ported from QSP/RAGS- some parts of code hard to understand logicaly. some labels/variables have errors like "wannna" etc.
    - translation... if u can normaly read russian- then play on russian lang, cuz in taste- eng lang almost unplayable. i played on russian, and that was terrible- too many russian slang.

    conclusion: be ready to lost 20-40 hours of ur life if u dnt read code and use console to discover 80-90% content, othervise, with reading code to discover near 90% content u ll spend near 10-12 hours...
  2. 5.00 star(s)


    Loved this game there is plenty of content. animation is also good but there are few problems too like you are unable to proceed forward few times because you don't know what to do next and which requires walkthrough which is not updated but you can also use mod because it makes hotspot visible to us makes game easy to play . Hopefully creator will solve these problems in future
  3. 4.00 star(s)


    This one of the games that i follow religiously. It´s a great game, with an intricated plot, filled with several ongoing storys and goals for each character. Despite of now and then it can be a bit of grindy, i overall like the game and i can see it´s evolution, version after version. Thanks to the developer and keep it up!
  4. 2.00 star(s)


    not my type of game there are other males involved with girls .it take a long time to get progress in story. mc has no power on how the story develops and ends. most the girls you interact with are slutty or whores not into it.
  5. 2.00 star(s)


    I had some fun playing this game but it is hard to do it. You have to deal with this poor and hard to undestand HUD, then the dialog and then... Well, I stopped playing after trying hard to win a 1 vs 3 volleyball minigame, my partner bounces the ball from her back so when... Whatever, I guess other people have the same complain judging by this game rating and all these reviews

    I honestly enjoy this game just because of the images, everything else needs polish.
  6. 3.00 star(s)

    Incest games fan

    I don't enjoying it so far. Too many grinds too many clicking. Why tf there is a hotspot. I'm sure only god and the dev will finished this game without walkthrough.

    Please update the walkthrough and give us a screenshot in every hidden hotspot. Thank you
  7. 4.00 star(s)

    potty khale

    I like this game especially the animations and this character model looks cool to me. I also like how the sex part is not rushed like in the other games where you start fucking your family in 2 days (the grind can be lowered but not too much like the other games)

    What I definitely dont like about this game is the mess in this game. nothing is organised, and it takes a while just to understand where the things are.

    This game could also use a "instructions" page before the start of the game which would tell what are specs for the MC and how to increase what specs.
  8. 2.00 star(s)

    Wise Naga

    There's a reason why this thread is filled with savegame requests. This game is an absolute grindfest, yet grind isn't even justified. Amount of clicks you will have to make to achieve each goal would put cookie clicker to shame.

    That being said, some scenes are okay and some dialogues were fun (mostly by being hilariously stupid). So yeah, try it out but don't waste too much time on it, it's not really a game.
  9. 1.00 star(s)


    Horrible gameplay.
    Terrible and unintuitive UI. I can't even begin to explain how bad the UI is. It is torture to play this game.
    Impossible without a walkthrough and mods.
    Massive grinds. Why do porn devs put in grinds? Who actually likes that?
    Bad writing.
  10. 5.00 star(s)


    Very funny game, especially if you are sucker for TK17 visuals. Some guys complain about UI, but if you have mod for disabling transparent buttons installed its not a problem anymore, and hint system now kind of gives proper guidance. It might look a bit grindy, but amount of content pretty big
  11. 1.00 star(s)


    Wow. This game is a horrible mess. The UI is a pure clusterfuck and one of the worst of its kind I know of.
    The artstyle is mediocre and the gameplay is a boring trial and error clickfest. And than this awful volleyball minigame ...

    I really tried, but this is just utterly boring and painful to play ... dont understand how this got the rating it has.
  12. 5.00 star(s)


    Actual game developer takes part in this thread. There may be language barriers present, but there are very few threads where that sort of communication is possible at all. It deserves top marks for that fact alone. The game being quite decent (when it comes to this type of games) is also a plus in my book.
  13. 2.00 star(s)

    Guy Guyminheimer

    I enjoyed what few scenes I encountered but with a quest system so convoluted and grindy to the point that literal cheat mods bumping my stats barely makes the game more linear in experience, I didn't actually encounter too many. Getting from scene to scene is so needlessly complicated that as much as I'd love to continue playing, I likely won't unless there is a complete overhaul of the basic mechanics.
  14. 2.00 star(s)

    Eleum Loyce

    Can't say I recommend this one. Artwork is okay, dialogue is decent for a game that is originally in another language. However, the things you need to do for progression are really convoluted and involve a lot of grinding and paying attention to time windows. Basically impossible to progress without a walkthrough. Just not a fun experience.
  15. 1.00 star(s)


    If you wont use the mode, this game is impossible. Even whit mod still impossible. Game dont give hint what you have to do... If you dont know what to do, you begin to grinding. And endless grinding season begins. May be you have a walktrought but it doesnt save you from the grinding. Because it says you have to grinding so many times.

    You have to go to school, some point you dont go to school. You click the hidden point but some times you must not do that. You have to choose easy question some point hard but later you have to return to easy question. If there isnt walktrought I newer chose easy question again. How can I know that? And there is a hidden point issue. You can not figure out where it is if you find do you have to click it? may be not. You are so blind.

    Good art, endless grinding, impossible game play, ridiculously hard. It seems He made this game for nobody can solve it. You want to fab but you see the same scenes over and over again. At least you make a progress but you stuck new scenes.:( Someone will enjoy this game but Im not one of them.
  16. 3.00 star(s)


    I'm temped to give this 4 stars, because there is something undefinable that keeps me playing it. But I honestly can't, and even the 3 stars is reaching. What I should give this game is either 1 or 2 stars, depending on your definitions. It definitely has enough content to get to 2 stars despite the atrocious interface. But the real problem? Well, the game itself! It's ridiculously grindy. Grindy beyond belief. Interface is horrible. It's basically impossible to play without a walkthrough as the triggers are difficult to find, and then you have the added hotspots in scenes that you won't even know are a thing until you've been floundering about for ages.

    The writing is dependable russian translation. So don't expect it to be good, but you'll understand what's going on.

    The whole game is also extremely Russian in the way the characters and story are portrayed. It's just on the cusp of being rape fantasy, I would think that's only the translation if not every Russian game having the same tone of "almost but not quite rape" tone for the sex.

    That said, the game does have its own charm, which I can't explain... I can't recommend the game, honestly. It's way too difficult to play to get anything, it's also way too grindy, and hella difficult. It's basically more frustrating than arousing, and that's an issue in porn game.

    NOTE: Lately the mod doesn't necessarily work with the game. I can't recommend playing this game without the mod. The Dev has also added some anti-cheat systems in the game, which is not only making the problems the game have worse, it's also downright ... I don't even have words. It's bad.
  17. 2.00 star(s)


    The game is not so bad but the quest system suck. Can't achieve anything because it's bad explained.

    Quest 3 with the 3 volleyball girl. Ok i tried. Lost 5 time... ok i did the crappy game a loooooooot. I lost evry time like the quest log told me. Ok! But nothing...

    Oh... and go to the map and look at the "beautiful" drawing of the different place you can go...

    I fled the game.

    The only good thing on the game is the preview pictures. But the drawing in game is often ugly.

    I played a lot sand box game like this and he is by far the worst.
  18. 1.00 star(s)


    It's honestly pretty bad. Grindy, the writing is anywhere from meh to terrible, though it might seem so because of the translation. You're not gonna convince me that there's not a single college guy that couldn't spend a day or two per update translating this. That'd be cheap and way better than whatever we're getting now. The graphics aren't amazing either. The problem with somewhat realistic 3D models as opposed to the good ol' Anime art is that you really need them to look good if you don't want your player feel like he's watching the Wikipedia page on uncanny valley. TK17 models didn't age too well, apparently. Several other, better looking, better written and better translated VNs available make this a complete waste of time.
  19. 1.00 star(s)


    Grindy as fuck! Jesus christ man, it'll take a whole week just to scratch the surface at this rate. The characters are fappable but it's the grinding that takes away the mood. The dev better fix this before he loses anymore fans.

    Insert "Ain't nobody got time for dat" meme. (n)
  20. 1.00 star(s)


    This game was a solid 4. Great humor, ok graphics, good looking girls. The only thing that pulled it down a star was the excessive grind (why the hell do devs do that?) and the puzzles that made no damn sense. You had to test each god damn scene for whether it had hidden spots. Why??? Luckily, mods and a walkthrough saved this.

    Then the walkthrough got outdated. That pulled the game down to a 3. Then the dev began installing anti-cheat measures. That made it a 2. Finally, his rotten attitude to any complaints took away the last star. Hell, if I could give negative, I would.