[Ren'Py] Seeds Of Chaos [v0.2.42 Dev Build] [Vénus Noire]

  1. 5.00 star(s)


    One of the best!
    I loved the game play, the art is fenomenal! The fantasy story, the characters and the HUGE amount of options are very good!
    It isn't clear how to trigger some events and It would be nice to have a way to check the main objectives, tough.
    I love the submission path that this games takes you on or you could accept the dark side from the begining. Too many possibilities...
    It has a high replay rate to discover new options!
    Some times you have so many things to do that you just get lost exploring and finding events. Some good, some bad, some I have found only once and then the game has always a new hidden surprise!
    Congrats dev team!
    for me your work is breewing a master piece!
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    Very nicely done nice dialogues nice drawings!!! Need more NTR and some bugs are occasionally found :(
    Other than that it is very well made in all other aspects! The story flows good and it is somewhat original!
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    One of the best games on the site. Helayna and Alexia are stupidly hot and I cannot get enough scenes with either. There's also plenty of monster girls ranging from goblins to something called a Dragon Ogre which I had to look up as I didn't even know what one was, her scene was great. Basically there is a ton of content already/
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    I absolutely love this game, the monster girl content is great, the netorare is completely optional, as is all the sexual content. There is an update at least every month, hope the dev keeps up the good work, can't wait for the next update.
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    The art is mostly great and is sometimes outright fantastic. There's plenty of scenes in it already. What's important to note is technically this game is very early on. It's one of the more ambitious games on here and if it gets finished it'll be huge. I thought Rosaria was the only realm we'd play until recently, what they actually plan is big. The characters are also good some are probably my favorites from this site outside of Where the Heart is and Acting Lessons.

    There's some great scenes there is certainly no shortage of things to fap to and the fact they're well drawn and described helps. There is also a great variety of scenes and there's multiple races. Which is refreshing considering how many incest and/or corruption games on here where the kinkiest act in them is a footjob. It's fun to have something a bit different. Everything is also stoppable as well. As in basically every scene is avoidable if you don't want it to happen.

    I also like the fact that you're not the most powerful individual you work for the twins under duress at first. However, a big part of the game is the fact Rowan and his wife can end up liking the roles they have under them. Rowan going from hero to villain seems inevitable simply because it offers him so much more freedom, power, wealth and respect than he ever got as a hero.

    It does have problems though the first I'd call a big one the second is more pure personal opinion. Both seem to be more because the story and games is early on.

    1. The mechanics are barebones atm and not explained well. The later part is the biggest problem as it makes it a little too easy to fail the first objectives when you're new. Which is likely off putting for new players. They will work on the mechanics at some point and once you know how it works it isn't a problem but initially it is there.

    2. The twins are one of the most important parts of the game, Rowan serving them willingly and becoming more corrupt is supposed to be a choice. A choice undermined because there's an imbalance between them. See both are the ones you work for and storywise they both give you a lot of power. The problem is while Jezera seems to actively want and tries to corrupt the player morally and sexually even if that means giving him power over others. Andras on the other hand seems to want Rowan to betray them by keep been a dickhead. A couple of scenes where Andras and Rowan kick ass in a battle together or fuck someone together wouldn't go amiss. If you're going to work with them in the game there has to be a reason to do so for both twins.
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    I tried this game encouraged by very good early scenes art and have to say it's epithome of cuck gay spirit. Not as insult but as a matter of fact. Only lacks incest for holy trinity.

    I was the most disappointed with character writing, especially MC wife, her being pretty much just fetish trigger slobbering over guy who ruined her life, killed/burned everything she knew and is, for all that she knows in the beginning of game, actively trying to kill her supposed "love".

    Random events on world map serve to artifically prolong the game while failing to build any sort of gameplay. There's a reason why people dont't actually play this game. Art Goes from great in few opening scenes to ok later, and as of now there's limited number of illustrated scenes.

    Overall ambitious but bad game, art being the best and gamplay the worst points. Add 1 star if gay ntr (mostly submissive) style is your thing. And if it's not don't waste your time on this game, because that's 80% of content and main storyline.
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    The art work and story is very good. So many choices that lead to different scenarios. Although, I'd really like to see more of Alexia, the game still has enough content to keep me interested in future development.
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    Good art style but as soon as the game shifts from the VN style in the prologue to the management game it becomes hot mess. The UI is basically terrible, a lot of the features appear to not be fully implemented and despite paragraphs of introductory text it is never that clear what you actually have to do.

    The writing is good but overly verbose. for example there is a whole scene setting up a tour of the castle when a quest indicator and things being functional would have been much better and simpler.
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    Great artwork. One of the best developers in terms of consistency. Honestly I think this guy is criminally underfunded. He always puts out great work in a timely fashion. I like that he has a wide variety of fetishes involved, all of which are avoidable. Story is good too. 10/10 game.
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    I love the art style and the general premise of the game. It is refreshingly unique to only be able to make bad decisions and having to choose to lesser of two evils.

    Characterisation shows great promise already and it would be great in the future to see this being implemented further with character choices having big repercussions to their convictions and morality.

    Plus Alexia is waifu material
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    I mentioned in the thread i'm not a fan of playing the bad guy but it works here.

    The world building and characters are all really well done and the choices presented have meaning.

    It's not a game that gives you a choice between good or evil it only gives you a choice between being a bit of a dick or an all out bastard.

    I even found myself warming up to a character I started out hating. Personalities aren't static, characters change as you go on. Change isn't the right word, they grow or open up more if you get my meaning.

    It's well worth a play anyway. Even the management side of it doesn't feel too grindy,
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    This game has great art, both erotic and not. The erotic scenes are well written and the story is incredible. The game also features a plethora of fetishes and orientations, so there is something for everyone. Really, there is nothing else like it.
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    Lot of great ideas in the works with a pretty decent 'game' at the moment. I find myself eagerly waiting what the next .01 patch will include. Though I am biased cause of best girl Alexia. I just wish it didn't take as long to add new scenes. But since I can't putting money in the patreon I won't complain.
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    A good game. 4 Stars.

    I am rating with four stars because we all know that there are things that need to be fixed.

    Arioch has hired a new writer who I feel will 'Right wrongs' over time, and the major one dealing with Rowan being 'overly' submissive will hopefully be amended or changed.

    Certainly, the Developer could have clarified better on the description, but the fact that a fellow reviewer downgrades the game because they don't like the director is disingenuous in my opinion.

    You should also note that the main developer also cites influences such as the Witcher and Berserk. The world certainly isn't bright.

    Of course Rowan is 'pathetic', but could this just be because he is supposed to be 'puny' and 'pathetic' in comparison to the two demons he is forced to work for? I can certainly feel that there is a Berserk-esque vibe in the story. You can certainly get that 'Eclipse' feeling, especially when Rowan is forced to decide between killing villagers or killing the old man.

    As such, If Rowan were to raise his sword against the demonic duo, he would be splattered on the floor with relative ease.

    In this manner, the developer is sticking to the 'dark world' Berserk-esque vibe whereupon we are powerless and have little to no control over things. Y'know, because big fucking demons with magical powers and shit exist in the setting!

    So we are thus nestled with your main character, Rowan. He is the right hand man and is in charge of the comings and goings of a castle on a week-endly basis. He Is not the big-bad-guy... But admittedly you are capable of burning down villages and can possibly allow for orc rape-gangs to continue doing their thing, so you aren't exactly a nice guy either.

    On a Weekday basis, Rowan's out there doing some adventure-y shit, like exploring, cheating on his wife with an orc girl, getting blowjobs from scantily-clad village women or capturing villages, Or destroying them because hey, He works for an evil duo of demons, that kinda stuff.

    But what if Rowan were to rise above?

    What is Rowan were to raise up his own army through some means or circumstance? Forge alliances among orcish tribes. Could things change perhaps?

    And this is the problem. We can't get there yet... but I am sure, as of the time of writing this review, on the late night of the 19th of January on the year of 2018, that the developer has already planned such things.

    Who knows, I could all be wrong, perhaps I am spouting shit from my lips. Perhaps this game might fail, but here and now all I can do is give verdict on an unfinished game, not on the Director who makes it.

    Certainly, My problem isn't that Rowan is weak, it is that he is written to be 'overly' submissive (Sexually speaking) and I do not like this.

    It would also do the game some good If the focus changed from NTR content and back onto the story.

    The story so far is well written but I feel that we do not have enough backstory or information on the characters yet, and this could certainly use some expanding.

    To Anyone on the fence about trying this game. Give it a year and see where it goes. Certainly, this game has the hallmarks to be brilliant, once sufficient work and care are put into the game.

    Let me depart on these words.

    "In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will...," Berserk Manga.
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    One of the few games where the game play and story line are fun enough to keep you engaged between the H-scenes. I'd even play this without the adult content.... But let's not go to far. It has a good mix of different fetish. You get warned so you can skip content you can't stomach. But who would want to pass up 3somes with 4 armed futa monster girls?
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    Excellent blend of VN and resource management, great characters, and a rich story. Beautiful art, sexy scenes, and a game interesting enough to make you want to play for it's own merits. Definitely worth a try if you want more than a fap-fest.
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    This game has a very wide and diverse array of content, some of which is off-putting to many players. Luckily, it allows you to skip most of sexual content you would like to avoid (eg. ntr, m/m). It's artwork is highly detailed and excellent. It has a well written and entertaining plot. It even has some okay gameplay. What it doesn't have is much content. Each release has been and continues to be substantive though, so I look forward to its future.