[Others] Shame of Thrones [v0.0.16a] [Voodoo Tribe]


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Oct 28, 2018
someone has to change the OP language to "engrish" because it's very bad and it is not translated I can see menus in russian
Also, what about the peasant houses and the hunting? if it is not developed why put there? and the link opening internet without a warning? this game almost crashes my computer
Catelyn does not even look like her and her face is very akward
May 26, 2017
some lines are ok and then suddenly come a bunch of words that has no meaning. this game needs someone who speaks english before it becomes enjoyable to play


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Jul 22, 2017
when the visuals have nothing to do with the thing it tries to parody but the names.... just go for something original. Would be easier and spare the disappointment.

I dont mind the concept and teased mechanics at all, but this has nothing to do with GoT and adds another game to my "damn. And yet again i was denied a proper GoT porn game" list

1800 Mr. Tourture

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Jun 10, 2017
Ill keep an eye on this. Catelyn was always one of my favorite characters, same with Cerseiā€¦ Hmmm, maybe I just have a thing for bitchy milfs


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Mar 18, 2018
Another GOT game with male protagonist. Shame... I need one GOT game with female heroine, from some trustworthy developer [I have nothing against Voodoo Tribe].
Likes: LaPein


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Aug 25, 2017
Godammit, why are the Russians so insistent on making these trainer games? The art's great, but it never gets to a level where it's actually a "game." Most of the "playerbase" don't even care about the gameplay, they just want the nudes and sex scenes! Is there a law preventing them from making porn comics, or am I just missing out on a lot of Russian porn comics?

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