[VN] - [Ren'Py] - [Completed] Sister, Sister, Sister [Virtual Indecency]

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    -Too much of the game doesn't even require the MC's presence. It's mostly other people having sex with each other.
    -When the MC does get some action, there isn't much choice or choices are either ignored or don't make sense.I did not want to have sex with the mom! I intentionally avoided it but later it was assumed that I had done it. There's an option to sleep with her and then say you want to go back to the way things were but why not an option to just say from the start that I don't want to do it at all? It looks like the sequel continues to ignore choices made here.
    -Character models are really not my cup of tea with a few exceptions, but the exceptions were mostly not among the few chances for the MC to actually participate in sex.
    -Some of the scenarios and "dirty talk" were really hot.
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    Treacle Dog

    This is a strange one.

    The game is really obviously about incest (It is called "Sister, Sister, Sister") so if you don't like that or don't think it is realistic, you won't like this game.

    Within the genre of incest games, this still obviously (though slightly less so until you play the first 5 minutes rather than read the title) is about mind control. If you don't like that you also won't like this.

    So let's say you like the idea of playing a game that revolves around incest and mind control (you sick fuck. I only played through all 15 chapters for review purposes...honestly....). Within those parameters is the game any good?

    Well, really, it is OK. You will get a lot of mind control incest based sex scenes and there is some crude animation, so there is plenty to get you off.

    The character models are all over the place. Even for the same character. Many of them look like they come from different games. Sometimes the characters look freaky, and not in a good way.

    The animation is often only rapidly flicking between a few stills and is often more annoying than sexy.

    And the sound is just a few isolated slaps in hours of silence.

    But I give the game props for the variety of models chosen. Some will have issues with the voluptuousness of the mum. Some will have issues with the little girl look of the MCs twin sister. Some won't like the barbie doll, very different from the rest, look of the older twin sisters. But there is something there for virtually everyone. And as an appreciator of variety, I liked pretty much all of them, sans the freaky moments. Though with my standard caveat that they all look pretty much the same as in every other game between the legs, which is a shame. I haven't a clue how hard it is to do, but a pussy or two in an adult game that doesn't just look like every other shaved, little innie look, would be nice.

    If you like to work your mind out in between working your genitals, the plot is not likely to help you. The editing is so bad and the plot so hard to follow given how simple it really is, you may indeed get a workout for your mind, but it won't be satisfying.

    The characters rarely show much depth outside of how much they can be mind controlled or how much they want to fuck each other or the MC. You hardly feel any emotional connection with any of them, though the neighbours having domestic issues felt like the most human and therefore realistic characters.

    The kinky roleplay between the older twins in the first few chapters was cute, and I wished there could have been more of that through the game.

    There are complaints about the repetitive truth or dare game, though I didn't mind it as it was about the only point any attempt at character building was attempted, though it was mostly just comparing how coy vs how adventurous the different characters were.

    The interface is tricky, the save game menu was not intuitive and no roll back meant I often skipped dialogue by accident that I couldn't get back to without loading from a while back.

    Overall, this game feels like the designer has just shown us their mucking around experimenting with modelling and Renpy. It is as far from a polished or professional looking game as you will see, outside of other people's similar attempts that they usually abandon after a chapter or two.

    So playing this is not really a fun experience.

    But I give the designer credit for sticking with it and learning, and sharing it with us so we could enjoy the bits we wanted to out of it. The designer could have kept it all to themselves and for many people, they probably wouldn't feel worse off. But I did enjoy some of the scenes, and even the story and characters when I could find a trace of development of them.

    And I liked seeing the variety of characters that are in this game.

    I can't really "recommend" this for most people, except to say give the first chapter a try, and know that it really stays as messy as that for 14 more chapters. If you got off on any of that start, you'll like some of the rest, and if you didn't like it you probably won't be rewarded for perseverance.

    TLDR: Nice variety of models, cute roleplay scenes at the start, lots of sex make for some good moments. The game is about mind control and incest, so if you don't like that, you won't like this. The nice parts are broken up with sections full of poor images, bad editing, and inconsistent story arcs. This is pretty good as someone's first experimenting, and pretty poor as a well developed game.
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    This game is mostly for subs but you do get a choice near the end to start being less of a wimp.

    Mc is dumb as a bag of rocks and seems to like it that way.

    The "choices" dont do anything other than see the sex scene or not and either way it has very little impact on the story.

    Limited saves, no roll back, clothes appearing/dissapearing, random text in the wrong place plus several other errors in game.

    A pointless "free roam" which wont finish until you do everything and a couple of multiple choice games that if you fail and have to restart so why bother with this? if picking a "choice" has no effect it is useless.

    The writing is not consistent, the twins say MC needs to talk to girls more and have more confidence but when MC shows it by asking, the girls shut him down then the story does a 180 and suddenly
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    Art is quite good althrough the backrounds could use some work, sex scenes are good but given how quickly and frequently everyone gets naked and does stuff it does gets boring and i found myself skipping scenes early on.

    The story for the most part is essentially to get MC and his twin to have sex but does turn stranger near the end, to get MC to have sex in this game its way too one sided, usually its 2-3 people trying to do something without everyone else knowing but in this game its everyone(really everyone) trying to get 2-3 people to do something.
    To get you to have sex you have
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    Story: okay I guess.
    Characters: Some are good, Jenny is even believable (the rest not so much, but that goes with the theme of the game
    Graphics: it goes from "okay" to "meh" to "creepy" and over "horrible" to "outright bad"

    Not the worse game I played, but faar from the best
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    The story was a positive surprise. After the opening with a mind-control trope I expected an any-hole-is-a-goal plot. But it fleshes out, with decisions that make a difference.

    The characters were also a pleasant surprise. The doll-lookalike twins came across as plastic, but I thought the third sister and the mother had depth to them and were likable - same with the protagonist you play as. And again, decisions steer you to who you desire.

    The dialogue was believable... well, with the people I cared about. Some characters were outlandish so I blocked their existence out of my mind.

    The sex scenes were hot to me. Despite janky animations, the dirty talk made up for it.

    And in closing, do know that my experience came from a fan-fixed version.
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    This game was.... weird and crazy. I thought the story wasn't bad or interesting. I think what attracted me to this game and made me want to finish it was the two twin sisters. The scenes were not great but not bad.

    I felt like the characters were really unique not the way they looked but the characters personalities. IMHO the twins basically made this game.
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    There are some VNs that feel like slideshows where you just don't care about any of the characters, don't have any agency about what's going to happen, or care, and just want to hold CTRL.

    This is one such game.

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    Since the last two updates this game has become fun to play and the MC isn't a douche bag. It's not heavy on the incest so far, but it is still a part of the game. The game is getting better as it progresses and it shows in the game play and story line.
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    Starts of good with an decent story and decent images. But half way into the game it looses focus and just becomes a mess with some bugs more spelling problems and unexplained happenings. Also some images gets lower in theur quality. Feels rushed towards the end.
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    You, your entire family and your crush are puppets to an NPC. It is massively NTR but because most of it is lesbian driven its ignored by most but for me watching entire family and love interest twisted and used outside my control was not enjoyable at all. You are forced into sex with many characters even if not interested, I did not find mother attractive in any way yet no matter what path you try you forced into it.

    Animations are very basic and amateurish.

    Renders are decent but nothing outstanding.

    Story is interesting but I rather not be playing as the victim watching entire family on strings of an NPC puppetmaster.

    I do admit I quit game after Alessia mind controlled Jennifer and maybe there was twist later that made me a player not a puppet but after so many chapters with zero control and watching all the characters becoming toys for Alessia I had enough.
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    I think this game is superb for kinematic novel itself. The title is speaking for itself – yes, its incest, and yes, I’m exited of role of sexual molester of my own sister and have to add: in my imagination only. This is dark fantasies I’m talking about. The fantasies you can never put in your life and for my dark side this game is did ALL to entertain me.

    I love the model of little sister, its great design.

    The other roots of a family were OK, but I keep pursued the main root and this was great.

    Many thanks for developer. Excellent work.
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    I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to think about this game, it started out pretty weird, then it got better and in the end it was weird again.
    I guess my biggest gripe about it is the fact that at no point it seems like you're in control of anything, nothing happens because YOU want it to happen, it's pretty much always someone else who is in charge of pushing the story forward.
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    Finished playing once, skimmed through it a couple more times trying to solve problems and get different endings.

    What I found is that this game has just too many problems.

    First of all, this isn't really choice-based game, and you have almost no control of how the story develops. Choices are mundane, the good choice results in a scene (maybe) the "bad" choice doesn't. But you don't get to decide whom you like and whom you don't, whom you want scenes with and whom you don't.
    For example, an attempt to sleep with a particular character; you'll attempt it, whether you, the player, want it or not.
    Another example is whether you liked a scene you were shown at some point, with two choices; Yes (truth) or No (lie). You, the player, don't get to decide it. The protagonist, which isn't you, has his own opinions. You control what he says, but not what he thinks.

    It's disappointing with little to no immersion.

    Second problem is that even though it isn't really a choice-based game, there are plenty choices, and multiple endings. Not knowing which choice affects the ending (and how) means without a walkthrough or going through the code and piecing it together, the average player (raises hand) has no chance of getting it all by themselves.
    That's a problem in and of itself, but would be fine if there was a proper walkthrough.
    There isn't.
    There's a sort-of-walkthrough which mostly covers 1 route and just mentions others, and still this one is faulty and incomplete also.

    Third problem is Alessia. Aliessa. "Mistress".
    If I had to describe this game in a sentence, I'd say "It's about a mind-controlling nut of a woman screwing around for shits and giggles" because that's what this game's really about, her, and how she controls you/your family, and twists them to her liking. Every event and every scene can be traced back to her from the very first to the very last.
    It's not about the protagonist, it's not about the player, it's about her and her only. And we're never given a good reason why she's doing what she's doing either. She's pointless, annoying, empty, she has no story to speak of, she has no plans, no background, but at least the whole fucking game revolves around her.

    4th problem is the fantasy itself. "Hypnotism" or being able to perceive and convince is one thing, but what she does goes way past that. It wouldn't be that much of an issue if the story was about such superpowers, but it isn't, it's served as something "realistic" when it's anything but, and it isn't explained either, which makes this X-Men telepathic mind-controlling bullshit an unnecessary distraction, and it makes the story wholly unbelievable on any level.

    Graphics isn't THAT great an issue. It's mediocre, but it gets the job done usually. Although using 2 image gifs as "animations" is pretty fucking amateurish. I'll not consider this a problem per se, but it can be very off-putting.

    However, the sound is, or rather the lack of it, so make that the 5th problem.
    No music, and no sound effects for minutes, then one slapping sound effect to scare the shit out of you, then nothing again for hours. At least put some generic music in the background, or drop the sound effects altogether if you don't plan on using them consistently.

    6th problem, no scrollback. Many choices, many wrong choices, but even accidentally skipped dialogues. Scrollback is pretty much a must, and is available for most ren'py games AFAIK. But not here because reasons.

    7th, story, pacing. It's inconsistent as shit, jump from 1 scene to the next abruptly, it's a mess.

    8th, bugs. There are still are bugs which renders even that rudimentary walkthrough useless.

    9th, the ending scenes (before the selectable ones, and the selectable ones themselves) were just rushed and terrible, hell, some endings were simply inconsistent with the previously experienced story and didn't even try to make sense.

    The game may be entertaining for some, and it's not all bad. Up to ch 8, maybe ch10 (can't recall where it started going down the drain) it was mildly entertaining, but it got worse and worse, hitting a new low at the end. I won't give it 1 star. It's better than nothing, but barely.

    Not recommended.
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    I get the feeling that most people who have scored this game has not gone past the first chapters.
    First of all this game does not have the best graphics, does not even have animations, and also has several bugs (solved by the community), but the simple fact that it has such a deep history is something to admire .
    It is also quite rare to see a game today with a well structured ending.
    Looking forward to the next game, which will be a continuation of this one, and if it improves on the aspects discussed above, with even a better writing quality can be a magnificent work.

    In short: Not the best game out there, but If you like a story driven game, play it.
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    the story is not realistic not believable every one in the family have an incest relationship ... the graphic is very old even the choices aren't enough to make you control the game ..why would anyone make a game like that ??
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    While I enjoy the game, I absolutely LOATHE the Alessia character. I honestly wish that she had only been mentioned in passing in the twins story and then just never showed up in the game at all. She serves no honest purpose in the story, as it was the twins idea to corrupt their little brother and I think it would have been rather served if it had just been them doing all the work, rather than bringing the Alessia character in to try and help them.

    I absolutely hate her and I have seen that you have posted a sequel to this, but I hope she won't show up in this one.
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    Overall this was an enjoyable game of decent length.

    On the good side, the story was interesting, actually putting some effort into elaborating on the mind influencing elements. There was a good amount of anticipation and pacing was good. The sex scenes were reasonably hot.

    On the bad side, the character models were generally poor. Some improved greatly in the last couple of chapters (especially Gwen who looked positively awful for most of the game). Also some just seemed out of place with all the others, particularly the older sisters.

    I was expecting the final chapter to be much longer to tie up all the various sexual relationships, but unfortunately, it was quite short and just let you select from a bunch of narrow options.

    Despite that, I felt the author was improving with time and I'm looking forward to future projects from them.
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    I think the story is interesting and the women are well done. The concept is fairly unique and blends a couple different fetishes. The history function did not work for me so I was unable to go back and review the question being asked. It would have helped if the questions were still visible. I am hoping the next story adds more animation.
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    What began as an interesting story fizzled out pretty badly near the end, still an above average game in my book !

    Story 3.5/5 - The story is perhaps the strongest point of this game, up to chapter 8 or 9 its very interesting, and leaves you wanting more... However from 10 and on, its obvious the mysteries wont get resolved, and you'll get a bitter sweet end at best.

    Characters 3/5 - Characters are interesting at the beginning, but most fizzle out alongside the story. Development happens to the least interesting ones, while the ones you care about remain stagnant throughout... you get some backstory on two that you wish you could return them to, only to find out you cant.

    Graphics/Animation 3/5 - The models used here are quite different than the regular daz3d models used in most games, and thats a good thing as they fit the setting of the story perfectly. Varying body types also are utilized which is a good thing... The only thing that costs it some points in this category is that some animations are pretty choppy, and sometimes some of the models look nightmarish when they are supposed to look cute.
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    ending is a big let down and feels rushed. The story progression is pretty good though. The models are very inconsistent. Mainly, the twins look like they belong in another game. Not a fan of Gwen's boyish look. Overall its worth a play i'd say.