Sep 21, 2017
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Always look at the changlog first before posting and you would have seen this.

  • Day 33: Fix Mrs. Smith Discreet path availability
  • Day 33: Fix unavailable scene with Mrs. Smith for those on romance path only
  • Extras: Removed artefacts from Iris' forehead in two renders
  • Spelling and grammar fixes (thanks to MRMIdAS2k)
So as you can see yes there is something new in that it fixed the missing scenes with the mom.
basically nothing. got it. just a fix update.


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Sep 13, 2018
Content with pregnancy starts from the next update. I know who and how exactly, but the developer asked not to tell, but this is not the one who considers it


Jan 30, 2019
perverteer 22:23

Last summer.

Development was halted because of the death of the developer's father.

As for SL: story is nearly done for v0.18. But I still need to create over 60 renders.

And those are mostly sex renders, which are more time-consuming.
This is really sad news and sorry for the loss of the developer's father
I believe that it is not easy to face the death of one's father in any culture

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