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Aug 5, 2016

Roman empire.. 20 A.D... very hard times. NO! Not for you! For the slaves! You are a damn Roman! You can do whatever you like. YOU are a god among men! And... men (and women) are here for one reason only. To serve you and other Romans.

It's not all fun and games however. For decades, your family was bringing the best slaves in the republic. You are mostly known for your ability and knowledge in training the most hard, stubborn northern women and bending them to the will of the empire! However, with the last war, money ran out. Now that victory has been achieved on the northern boarders, slaves are pouring in again and you... you know just what to do with them. It's time to fill your purse (and your dungeons) with new toys. And YOU, my noble master.. you know just how to do that.

Thread Updated: 2019-08-31
Release Date: 2019-07-20
Developer: Biggus Dickus Games - -
Censored: No
Version: 0.6 $15
OS: Windows
Language: English
3D game, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Slaves, Prostitution, Vaginal sex, Simulator, Female domination, Male domination, BDSM

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "SlavesofRome.exe" to start playing.

  • New Quests – 5 new quests! Some, are pretty complex so it's actually about 10.
  • New Feature: Missions! – You can now send your slaves to missions and play the slaves during the mission!
  • New Feature: Cooldowns – New feature where there is a cooldown if the slave is too tired.
  • New Feature: Reputation – The v0.5 new stat "Reputation" now will allow you to unlock game branches and story lines for special quests!
  • New Characters – 3 new characters.
  • Story Lines – New, story-lines have been added and old story lines developed from previous builds.
  • Bug Fixes – Fixed a lot of bugs, biggest of which is the "all characters nude" bug. The "Fetal Error" upon launch bug still present but game works even if it shows up.
  • Player Stats Screen – You can now press 'c' and see your player stats, quests, etc'.
  • Improved Save System – Saves work a lot better now. Still not perfect but should be all done at 0.7 and after that saves should move between versions.
  • New Sex Positions/Skills – 2 new positions/skills (licking, standing up) you can now unlock and play.
  • New Punishments – New punishment menu and 2 New punishments skills (Public X-Cross punishment and 'Shave Slave's Head' shaving the head works but with some problems we'll fix soon).
  • Quests and Story! – 2 new quests and story lines as well as a few hidden ones ;).
  • New Feature: Skin Color – You can now change the slaves skin color in the Temple of the Gods.
  • New Characters – A new slave and 3 new characters with story lines (that will continue as the builds progress).
  • Reputation – New stat "Reputation" that will allow you to unlock game branches and story lines in the future – it doesn't do much yet but you can start getting a taste of how it works.

Slaves of Rome is an adult RPG training simulation game with a strong emphasis on consensual BDSM.
You can also be a nice master, form a real bond with your slaves(each, with unique back story and personality) or more of a "average" Roman master have a more dominating personality.

You can play both male and female, as it is important for us to make the game LGBTQ+ friendly and to correctly reflect history.

Each slave is unique and will be shaped in your shadow with a unique story and a unique skill tree built by you after the training sessions.

Win: - - -

Thanks to Moo8 for sharing!

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May 14, 2017
How much content is in the "game" atm? Is it playable or like just a tech demo?


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Jul 13, 2018
It is only a Demo. You can buy a slave, talk to her, whip her, and screw her (missionary only). That is the entire Demo. You can cheat and buy the other slaves too, but all you get for it is another body to screw. Infact all the slaves look and sound very similar during the sex act.


Feb 28, 2018
Am I the only one that is getting the classical Russian-Cashgrab vibe out of this?
The name (both author and game), the description, unreal engine, 3d renders. It adds up perfectly.

I have to admit though, their patreon is set up in a way that it looks like there was an actual effort, aside from the fact they call their game AAA worthy.
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Jul 8, 2017
"Slaves of Rome is an adult RPG training simulation game with a strong emphasis on consensual BDSM."

I must have missed something - what part of being a slave in ancient roman times was "consensual"? Someone's really trying to cover their ass! But hey, they put the LGBTQXYZ approval tag in there, so maybe the social justice pansies that run Patreon+Paypal will overlooks this one, seeing as how it's so "consensual and inclusive"! :D

Having said that, this looks great, if it pans out. However, given the high fidelity level they're going for (with Unreal engine and all) I doubt it will ever reach a finished state. Hell, look at how many Ren'Py "creators" abandon/restart their games - and there's FAR less of a workload using that engine than a full fledged 3D one. In the few years I've been playing adult games, I'm pretty sure only 3 I played were ever completed from start to finish - Dreams of Desire, Lab Rats, and Snow Daze. For those 3, there were probably 40 more that were abandoned in some state or another.
2.10 star(s) 8 Votes