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Jun 8, 2017
Is the patreon really trying to tell us all the slaves are slaves voluntarily? I don't think I can even roll my eyes hard enough. Must be because of Patreon appearances, I hope.
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Jul 15, 2017
7767 or Papa Ernie

There is a change log on the patreon page.

Main New Things This (v0.5) Build Features:
  • New Sex Positions/Skills – 2 new positions/skills (licking, standing up) you can now unlock and play.
  • New Punishments – New punishment menu and 2 New punishments skills (Public X-Cross punishment and 'Shave Slave's Head' shaving the head works but with some problems we'll fix soon).
  • Quests and Story! – 2 new quests and story lines as well as a few hidden ones ;).
  • New Feature: Skin Color – You can now change the slaves skin color in the Temple of the Gods.
  • New Characters – A new slave and 3 new characters with story lines (that will continue as the builds progress).
  • Reputation – New stat "Reputation" that will allow you to unlock game branches and story lines in the future – it doesn't do much yet but you can start getting a taste of how it works.

Coming to Next Build (V0.6):
  • Full Save System – We hope to have the saving system finished and fully working
  • On-line System! We will hopefully (finally!) have the saving system in place and then we'll be able to do the on-line trading
  • Quests – Adding a lot more quests and creating a story through them
  • Slave Missions – You'll be able to send your slaves on missions (and play the missions!)
  • Player Stats Screen - you can now press 'Tab' to follow your quests, inventory and progress!

We are growing fast, and we expect to have those upgrades within about 6 weeks. An official date will follow.

Might be worth adding a link to the undertow forum, its where the dev posts

Canto Forte

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Jul 10, 2017
They are not at the level Project63 with this on hold project:
Ancient World Gods and Men

Get the 1.7 version and have fun.


Sep 1, 2018
So... has this gotten any better? I played an early build where I felt like I was spending most of my time walking into walls or losing perspective.
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Oct 16, 2017
The worst optimization I have seen so far from erotic games, I managed to fix Breeders of the Nephelym and a few others that are Unreal Engine based, but this fatty resists all attempts, meh. I guess this game>Witcher 3.
2.10 star(s) 8 Votes