[RPGM] Staying With Aunt Katie [v0.27] [Sid Valentine]


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Apr 5, 2017

Here's the intro for Staying with Aunt Katie. I can't stress enough that this is just the intro -- so depending on your reading speed will probably be over in five minutes or so. It stops right before where I plan on putting the tutorial.
A couple of other things about this:

The game uses regular maps for now but I plan on eventually switching over to how Cohabitation is, with an image representing each room and tags to click on. Needing roughly four images for each room (daytime, daytime with Katie in it, nighttime, and nighttime with Katie in it) is time consuming due to having to render them. Hopefully, by the time I upload the first real version of the game, they'll be done.
In the last image, Katie's robe has some noticeable clipping issues. I'll eventually re-do it in hopes of fixing those problems but it isn't a high priority. In those last two kitchen images you'll probably notice they're more grainy than the others. For some reason scenes in the kitchen are extremely heavy renders -- the other images took maybe 30 minutes to finish completely at 100% but those two didn't even get to 50% after an hour of rendering. I'm guessing it's due to the more complex lighting and shadows but I'm still working on getting better at scene optimizations so I'm not entirely sure.
Thread Updated: 2019-08-13
Release Date: 2019-08-13
Developer: Sid Valentine
Censored: No
Version: 0.27
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other game:
3dcg, Big ass, Big tits, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Male protagonist, Milf, Shota

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "game.exe" to start playing.

- Willing handjob event. This should automatically activate during the Afternoon period once you've seen the Masturbate Together affection event and have your Scholastic Improvement stat to 42 or above.
- To see the repeatable version of the above just click on Chris' bed during the Afternoon period, select 'Call Katie', and then 'Handjob'.
- Finger Katie event. This should automatically activate during the Midnight period once you've seen the above handjob event and have Katie's affection stat at 35 or above.
- The repeatable version of the fingering scene is viewable by clicking on Katie in her room during the Midnight period then selecting 'Finger Katie'.
- Fixed some typos I noticed in older content.

- You can now masturbate onto Katie by the pool. To see it you need to have seen the regular masturbate onto scene and then go to the pool during the Afternoon period when Katie's out there. The 'cum' material used for this scene isn't great. For some reason when I finally updated Daz3D from 4.10 to 4.11 it broke the material I usually use, so I had to use something new.
- Repeatable version of the above. After seeing the original version you can choose to either grope or masturbate onto Katie when you interact with her near the pool during the Afternoon period.
- The small chat scene with Katie during the Morning period in the kitchen will now change once your affection with her reaches at least 25. The picture for it is new but is mostly the original one just with Katie looking happy rather than miserable.
- Once your affection with Katie reaches 20 a scene in Chris' bedroom will trigger with him asking her for help with his school work. Afterward you can choose to study with Katie during the afternoon period in Chris' room. You have a 50/50 chance of Katie being knowledgeable about the subject, which will change how effective the study session is.
- New status menu. When you click on 'Menu' and choose 'Stats' you'll now get an entire screen dedicated to your stats. It's not quite as slick and flashy as I originally envisioned it but it's a lot better than the dinky plain textbox.

Fixes a black-screen bug with the repeat 'Masturbate Together' scene

Fixed black screen bug with second friday event. Fixed issues with several variables.

- Fully nude grope & masturbate onto reward. To see this you must have already done the affection kissing event and have your scholastic improvement to 28 or above. Once those requirements are met the event should trigger automatically during the Afternoon period in Chris' room.
- Repeat of the above. Once you've see the original you can do the repeat version by clicking on Chris' bed during the Afternoon period and selecting it.
- Masturbate together. After you've seen the above masturbate onto event and Katie's affection is at 20 or higher then this should trigger automatically once the Midnight period begins.
- Repeat of the above. Once you've seen the original you can do the repeat version by visiting Katie in her room at Midnight, clicking on her, and selecting it.
- Morning masturbate onto. After you've seen the above then in the mornings when Katie is in the kitchen, click on her and select to grope her. This new event will play out.
- Repeat of the above. Once you've seen the original then when Katie's in the kitchen during the morning, choose to grope her and during the event you'll get the choice to either continuing just to grope her or to masturbate.
- Changed the text size to 32. I tried to find a plugin that'd allow the player to change the text size either in-game or via an external .ini file but couldn't find anything. So, if it's still too small then tell me so down below and I'll up it even more. I ran through a few events with the next text size and they seem to work but it might still have broken something somewhere, so if anyone notices any problems with it just report them below and I'll try to fix them.
- Went back through some of the old events and added a message telling the player about the various stat changes caused by the event.

- Kissing affection scene. During the Midnight period in Chris' room an event should automatically play once you've seen the groping reward scene and Katie's affection is at 10 or higher.
- Repeatable version of the above. After seeing the original scene you can choose to do it again by interacting with Katie in her room during the Midnight (final) period.
- Repeatable version of the original groping scene. After seeing the above kissing event you can choose to grope her again in Chris' room by interacting with his bed during the Afternoon period.
- Breakfast with Katie event. During the morning period you can see this by interacting with her in the kitchen.
- Morning groping event. After seeing the kissing event you can then interact with Katie when she's in the kitchen during the Morning period. Has a repeatable version with some text differences.
- Poolside groping event. After seeing the kissing event you can then interact with Katie when she's at the pool during the Afternoon period. This also has a repeatable version with slight text differences.
- Some cleanup of typos and other such crap.
- Intro (I redid all the images from the old preview version I released months ago and re-wrote some of it)
- All currently planned mechanics implemented plus an explanation for them.
- All currently planned maps with their backgrounds.
- A handful of daily events to raise your various stats.
- A scholastic improvement reward event. Get this stat to 14 and this event should then play during the next afternoon period automatically.
- Coerced handjob event. After you've seen the above event then once your Arousal stat hits 100 this should automatically play at the next Evening period. Your arousal stat won't go above 49 until you've seen the above event.
- Repeatable version of the coerced handjob event. To see this once you've seen the first version of it then when your Arousal hits 100 it'll automatically play during the next Afternoon period.

I'd recommend making a save after you've seen the scholastic improvement reward event and starting from there when I release the next version. Otherwise you might get your stats up too high and have a ton of events firing off right as you start the game.

This isn't quite the grand first release for this I originally hoped for. A lot of work did go into it but the majority of it was background stuff - building the mechanics and not only getting them to work but to work well with each other. Getting all the tags on the maps set-up was also a fair amount of tedious, repetitive work. I also had to re-do old images due to a gulf in quality between them and the new ones, plus I changed the look of some of the locations. I'll upload some stuff below showcasing the changes. This would've been v0.10 but I couldn't decide on a good title picture (I had one of Katie on the sofa but her laying there alone was kinda bland) and I couldn't complete the breakfast event in time (the robe she wears in the morning is a complete pain in the ass to work with, having a lot of problems with clipping, but I like the look of it too much to give it up).

I have all the content planned out, including what stats you need at what level to unlock them, plus the general flow of the game (which will be: scholastic improvement reward > affection event > opening of repeatable versions of the previous two plus other events tied to them > next improvement reward), so work and updates on the game should be fairly smooth. Being that this is the beginning of the game Chris' and Katie's relationship is still tepid, so the events between them will get lengthier as the game goes on.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy what's available and look forward to more. I'll do another post on the second Friday of next month laying out whatever I have planned for February.

Win: - - - -

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

NewIntroCouch001.png NewIntroBedroom001.png EveningKatieChrisTV2.png NewIntroDoor001.png NewIntroKitchen001.png NewIntroKitchen002.png
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Aug 6, 2016
IKR? People are worried about that when there's 5 whole renders in this game. What's nice is that he's using Daz instead of staying with HS models. There's a mixed track record with that. Some do good and some don't. I wonder which way sid's gonna go?
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Apr 18, 2017
Not a bad Demo. Wished it was longer and a bit more naughty but it was nice and straight to the point. I've got a lot of naughty ideas that Chris can ask for as rewards from his Auntie.... I hope the gestapo on Patreon don't find this game for a long time.

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Jan 4, 2017
I like the premise, and how the Aunt is already set up to make the rewards believable. She's got a sweet figure, its nice to see a curvy woman in one of these games. If this ends up with Cohabitation like scenes this could be a great game.
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Dec 5, 2017
IKR? People are worried about that when there's 5 whole renders in this game. What's nice is that he's using Daz instead of staying with HS models. There's a mixed track record with that. Some do good and some don't. I wonder which way sid's gonna go?
I loved Cohabitation in spite of it being HS and RPGM so I applaud the move to Daz, I just wish Sid would move to renpy as well. Those silly little figures in RPGM really put me off. Its supposed to be an adult game and instead it looks like something aimed at a two year old.

Sorry to say I won't be playing this one.


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Jun 4, 2017
Don't get me wrong but he needs immediately to remove the title of the game at his Patreon page. Preferred; use SWAK, then the Patreon police won't recognize it.


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Sep 7, 2017
Wonder if there will be other girls to go after and if you can choose to do or don't do stuff with the aunt. If it'll only be auntie flabby patty then I'll pass.


Jun 18, 2017
I like the look of the aunty, if this game gets animated sex scenes with a decent story, I will definitely give the dev a few of my dollars.

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Sep 29, 2017
I'm not saying I can read the future, but here's a line from this game's walkthrough.
" you enter the kitchen and talk to auntie, if you decide to investigate, you'll notice she's drunk"
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Aug 6, 2016
Models look good, but is this one of those games using rpgmaker as a walking simulator?