Apr 23, 2018
That was pretty great. I'm alright with a linear telling, particularly in the early going, but can see where branching paths will be appreciated soon. Having more than one way to deal with Victoria seems important, as while some players may want a mini-femme fatale domme, I'd be looking for an opportunity to get her back under control. I also hope the game doesn't treat Max/Chloe like endgame content while letting us enjoy the side characters, so I'm very interested in the next update's car ride.


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Aug 6, 2016
Jefferson is a bit too meek here, you'd think he'd be a little more aggressive or manipulative. His weak, foppish personality was a ruse, a fake persona. Why play as the bad guy if you're not going to be dastardly? Let's cum on faces after promising not to. Let's tell poor dumb Kate she can't get pregnant on her first time.
Jun 26, 2018
DAMN , epic game/novel for sure, amazing animations ,beautiful renders/art style story that just draws you in and the characters leave you wanting to follow them and not just use and discard, this game/novel/w.e just went to the top 5 of all stuff I have found on this forum, anxiously awaiting the next update. I have been drawn in for sure.
Likes: MorahZamora


Jr. Uploader
Feb 24, 2018
This is GOLD, everything is so good, references like "Oh, Hi Mark!" make this one of the most promising games ever made! I still kinda hoped that Rachel would have give you something like a footjob under the table while at the cafe with Chloe, but still, this could become the best game ever made.
Likes: LocJaw

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