[VN] - [Ren'Py] Taboo Stories [v0.3] [SLim Games]

  1. 4.00 star(s)



    +Amazing characters and design. Let's just say the characters are unique. Definitely not for everyone, i myself am not a furry, but the design themselves are great!
    +Okay storytelling. The stories are straighforward and short. Porn-logic stories if you will. The game consists different short stories with each different plots. Don't expect rich story and grounded lore, its porn-logic short stories.
    +Adult scenes are SUPERB. All adult scenes are beautifully animated. The characters' movements are smooth, and they even provide different view points for each scene! In my opinion this is a strictly one-sided fetish game, I played this game with a "im not gonna like this" attitude, but i got to admit the adult scenes are great.
    +Gameplay is okay. It's what you would expect on a Visual Novel. You're just playing thru the developer's story. I like how they made the chapters selectable as well. That way you can choose to pass on the chapters you don't want to see.
    +If you're looking for a quick wank, this game is for you


    -Soundtrack is non-existent.
    -If you're not into furry and beastiality stuff, this game will be jarring for you.
    -If you're looking for a well-deserved awaited wank, after investing time in story/characters playing, this game isn't for you

    Again i cannot stress this enough, this game is a very fetish focused game. If you don't like those fetishes, don't play the game. I myself isn't a furry but i do love animal/monster girls. What's the difference you asked? Well animal/monster girls are humans that look like animals, while furry girls are animals that look like humans. IDK if that made sense, but that's just how i roll :ROFLMAO: The game was jarring for me, i could've quit the game early but the animation was really the main thing that kept me playing. The animations is gooooooood.

    8/10 Weird game. Would touch Elli's ears again!
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    This is my Rating for this Novel (v0.2) :


    - Fantastic Rendering
    - Fantastic Story
    - Fantastic Animations
    - Very Colorful Figures
    - Multi Story

    - No Auto forward

    Just Loved this Novel,Simple Menu, great Story without beating around the bush, very horny scenes, no damn grinding story.

    Last Words:
    I would just cancel all my support for alot of games out there for getting more of these stories, its one of a kind up to this date and I just Loved it.
    This is A1 Fab material in my book.

    Whoever doesn't download this doesn't know what is good for him.
  3. 5.00 star(s)


    Good game overall.
    I might be biest because of my appreciation of furry art but the game looks awesome, great and refreshing CG in comparison with what you can find around , even better animations and all around good game. worth looking into even if you're not a particular furry fan.
  4. 5.00 star(s)


    Awesome animations, main character is adorable, writing leaves a bit to be desired as it's along the lines of pizza delivery guy here with extra sausage, but the renders and animations make up for it well beyond expectations. Can't wait to see what else is coming.
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    Awww, Elli is absolutely and utterly adorable- although I don't know why she wasn't called "Cat-herine" or "Kat-rina". Lol

    I can only imagine how wickedly hot and dry her "meow-th" was- assuming she went full-on transformation and got the sand-papery tongue. *shudder* That's a confusing boner, right there. :p

    This fun a fun, cute, short, and well put together game. I appreciate that she wasn't treated like a pet- it was more of a sweet and gentle love story. We, definitely, need more games like this.

    "I tawt I banged a puddy tat. I did, I did bang a puddy twat." :D