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  1. 2.00 star(s)


    No freedom of gameplay. Very mediocre lewd images. No story whatsoever. A total snore to play. Its shovelware, that's why it was removed from the dlsite store. Its a low quality game where you can only find lewd scenes via a walkthrough, RUN FOR THE HILLS! Avoid this game!
  2. E
    1.00 star(s)


    Game would be better if they explained you what the point of the game is
    Checking the cams you mostly see empty rooms
    If you managed to see a girl in her bedroom while checking cams you can undress her take a picture and sell it .
    You can patroll the bedrooms somtimes see one of the girls but you only get thet i was just checking dialogue
    You can check the girls there bedrooms find toys but not sure if you can pick them up