[VN] - [Others] The Anomalous Dr Vibes [v0.3.2] [DrVibes]

  1. 5.00 star(s)


    characters: really good.

    story: really good.

    draws (cg): good.

    gameplay: goo.

    scenes (all of them): well done.

    conclussion: with well done and funny characters, and a good story. this game
    is a nice way to spend your time. and also the factor "whats is going on?" is really strong too.

    this game TOTTALLY deserve you time and money.
  2. 4.00 star(s)


    I am a little tired of this platform as the models tend to be repetitive game to game but I definately make an exception for Dr Vibes. Interesting storyline and entertaining gameplay along with plenty to enjoy in the characters. Very immersive experience. Looking forward to the next update.
  3. 5.00 star(s)


    What an absolute treat this VN has been! I've played through to the end of v0.3.0 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Story and dialogue:
    I'm especially enjoying the dialogue in this one because it soon became apparent that Dr Vibes, like me, is Australian.
    Reading a story written by an Aussie might throw a few people when it comes to terminology, descriptions, and references, because we're equally well versed in American and British pop culture, not to mention our own home grown idioms that I saw a few of in this VN that will have people going "what the??"

    Relationship development is a slow and steady build up. There are a couple of necessary task that need to be repeated, but its not really what I'd call a grind because you vary what you're doing as you progress. You'll find yourself forwarding time a lot in the early stages. More activities come along as more characters are introduced.

    This VN does need some patience. Its not recommended for those who just want to get their rocks off. It is more an erotic comedy sci-fi mystery for an audience that like an intelligent story and don't mind taking their time.

    They start out looking like a default selection for a VN of or similar to this genre: hot milf mum (not yours, this isn't an incest story), eager loving younger daughter, bitchy older daughter, horny as hell neighbour, mum's insatiable and flirty best friend, etc., but the characters in this game have more spark and colour to them. They've got more depth, more involvement with a bigger picture story which makes them more than just prospective fuck toys for the MC.

    Honey Select models aren't among my favourite as they tend to be a bit all the same, but Dr Vibes has done what no other dev (that I know of) has managed - He's done a lot to customise and un-Japanese his models! They look much better than most Honey Select models we see in games.

    General graphics quality in this VN is very good. There are only a few animations so far, but they're smooth and natural movements.
  4. 5.00 star(s)


    Very good start for a 0.1. Lots of humour here and there, interesting plot, plus really good looking girls. Its Honey Select but they are made in high top quality, which was a very nice surprise. The game has free roam/sandbox which i usually dont play, but the greatly done and entertaining women and interesting story, made me make an exception.