[Unity] The Forest of Love [v0.99] [Carrot]

  1. 5.00 star(s)


    Nice little game, all fluffy and likable !
    Lots of Love but never gross : refreshing !
    PS : I LOVED the Flower
    A bit short in this state, but with a very good potential to become a great game
    Thank you and keep the good work
  2. 5.00 star(s)


    The game has great potential, I love how smooth it runs and the dialogues are cute and edgy at the same time, which is a big plus for me.

    Though, I would advice everyone to wait for future builds, because it is kinda sad to get interupted in the middle of the story.
  3. 5.00 star(s)


    For a super early demo this game has a lot of promise, and the one scene we do get in it is quite good.
    The team also seems to have a timeline set for themselves and at least some vague goals to accomplish so right off the bat we have a much more professional undertaking than a large majority of Patreon projects I've seen come and go.
    I'm cautiously optimistic about it, hopefully it ends up doing well and finishing.